Kim Dotcom Claims Evidence Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks’ Source.

By Jerry Alatalo

nternet personality Kim Dotcom has delivered a statement on his website asserting he has evidence showing the late Clinton campaign staffer Seth Rich was involved in the leak of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails to WikiLeaks. Kim Dotcom said he is prepared to testify before the United States Congress and provide proof.

His highly anticipated announcement was made on Tuesday May 23, but lost nearly all media coverage after the Monday May 22 bombing event in Manchester, United Kingdom grabbed 24/7 worldwide attention. Some have theorized the Manchester bombing might have been engineered to divert world attention away from what would have been a major, front-page category global news event – at least on independent media platforms and the internet.


Either Kim Dotcom has genuine evidence or he does not.

The question becomes: “Why hasn’t there been a response to his proposal from the Trump administration or Democratic members of Congress, and why haven’t arrangements been made to facilitate Kim Dotcom’s testimony?” When somebody offers evidence on one of the most consequential, controversial and divisive political situations in recent U.S. history, how can responsible government leaders ignore that offer?

It would be a simple and very inexpensive matter to allow Kim Dotcom to testify before Congress via electronic communications and live-stream, so refusal to allow his testimony because of exorbitant costs associated with travel to and from New Zealand where he resides have no merit. Such a format for his testimony is an excellent option, spares the U.S. government from possible embarrassment, and prevents wasted expenditure if Mr. Dotcom has zero evidence.

But… What if Mr. Dotcom does have credible evidence as he asserts, and that his potential witnessing does indeed prove Seth Rich – not the Russian Federation – was the WikiLeaks source? Here is the problem. If Mr. Dotcom does not receive the go-ahead, arrangements and/or other legal, manifested successful steps to hear him out from U.S. officials, then perhaps the only option for him is going it alone and publishing his information (testifying) on the internet.

Thus far, after 10 months since allegations of Russian involvement in the WikiLeaks DNC situation began, no U.S. intelligence agency has provided any evidence proving the allegations of Russian involvement. In a recently published book, “Shattered”, authors Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes describe how 24 hours after Hillary Clinton’s concession speech Clinton campaign manager John Podesta and staffer Robbie Mook led engineering of the Russian-hacking narrative to deflect attention away from DNC’s stealing of the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders and Clinton’s poor campaign.

Kim Dotcom wrote on his website…

Corporate media has seemingly gone far out of its way to discredit the Kim Dotcom story and those who advocate for his testifying before Congress. The following screenshot comes from “CNNMoney” YouTube channel, and its video trying to downplay, and even ridicule as a “conspiracy theory”, that Seth Rich was part of the WikiLeaks revealing of DNC emails.

Please take note of the number of likes (156) and dislikes (3,523) on this video, in what seems a clear indicator of where people around the Earth stand on this matter.

Were Kim Dotcom to testify before the U.S. Congress and prove Seth Rich had involvement in transferring DNC emails to WikiLeaks – defeating an incessant “Russia-gate” narrative that has lasted 10 months – the ramifications would be of historic, worldwide magnitude.

(Thank you to RT at YouTube)


8 thoughts on “Kim Dotcom Claims Evidence Seth Rich Was WikiLeaks’ Source.

  1. Dotcom can’t set foot in the US unless he’s granted official immunity from the US charges against him. The NZ high court ruled he should be extradited – but this ruling is under appeal.


    1. Stuart,
      How are you. With all the real-life facts, circumstances, etc. it seems at times a world-class novelist couldn’t imagine what’s occurring on planet Earth. Whether in person or electronically, let the man present his facts, or lack thereof, to Congress and the American people. Those who scream “fake news!” will be satisfied if Kim Dotcom has nothing; if he has the truth, then the world’s people can at least breathe a sigh of relief that “Russia-gate” hysteria was to a considerable extent diminished. Extraordinary times… Thank you.


    1. Hello Susan,
      That was a very enlightening and concerning article about Robert Mueller and the FBI. Thank you for sharing it, especially as Mueller is the “special prosecutor” for the so-called “Russia-gate” investigation. One can only imagine the levels of corruption at the highest plateaus of U.S. government. After reading that piece, and considering Mueller was FBI head during the 9/11 false flag operation, successfully carrying out his part in covering it up – the chances of Kim Dotcom testifying seem remote.

      That is… unless public pressure continues building to the point where it cannot be further delayed or denied. Thanks, again.


  2. Fred Skolnik

    I see, Jerry, that you jumped right in to have your say on Prof. Falk’s latest blog entry concerning myself. Why didn’t you provide a link so that people could see our entire exchange for themselves? Are you afraid that people will discover that you are a bit of a fake?


    1. Fred,
      We didn’t “jump right in”, but simply conveyed truth. With regard to the rest of your commentary, at a certain point men and women become exhausted from directionless, harmful arguing and getting nowhere. Peace be with you, brother. Sincerely.


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