When Pictures Are Worth Millions Of Lives.



6 thoughts on “When Pictures Are Worth Millions Of Lives.

    1. Hello Marley,
      How are you. Yes, the rapidly growing analogy to describe United Nations Security Council meetings on Syria in the past few days is Colin Powell’s lying at the UN about Saddam Hussein’s so-called “weapons of mass destruction” before Iraq War in 2003. Curious to know if you could elaborate on your perception that “Wesley Clark was almost telling the truth”. Please enlarge on that comment, as others (including myself) who pass this way could become more aware of the historical and current situation. Thank you.


        1. Marley,
          That admission by Wesley Clark has certainly gone viral and meets all the measures of a historical “classic”, seen by many millions of people around the Earth… What he spoke there should rightly be in every young person’s history books, because the information is an essential aspect for teaching students what really happened during that time.

          Because history books do not include this specific, astonishing Wesley Clark revelation, those books are clearly factually incorrect through omission and prevent students who read them from gaining true knowledge. In addition, sadly, there are many other examples where actual historic facts are not included in those same history books, but perhaps that’s why the internet was invented. 🙂 Thank you.


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