Historic Yemen Peace Rally Draws Sea Of Humanity.

By Jerry Alatalo

Saudi-led war crimes, destruction of Yemen and its people reaches two years

ne can’t help but wonder about the nature of U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration’s response to images of  hundreds of thousands of Yemeni people in Yemen’s capitol city of Sana’a, gathered in protest against continued Saudi war crimes, and calling for peace.

Perhaps Mr. Trump will go to his Twitter account and comment on the massive gathering, which looks from video recordings to surpass one million in attendance, with something along the lines of: “Fantastic rally in Yemen! The size of the crowd must have broken the record… Super organizers! Just fantastic and beautiful..”

People will remember Mr. Trump leading the way in what he described as a “record” length of applause during a presidential address to Congress, and that the applause record related with recent U.S. military events in Yemen. One might not become surprised or disappointed if Mr. Trump has very different perceptions of the one record (set inside Congress), and the other – an absolutely massive gathering of Yemeni people demanding an end to the war.

Similarly, one has to wonder how British Prime Minister Theresa May and her people responded to images of the overflowing Sana’a crowd. Perhaps, like Mr. Trump and his administration, Ms. May’s group will remain silent for fear of people raising their voices to end weapons sales to Saudi Arabia’s royal family (you know, the owners of the country).

It is highly unlikely Donald Trump or Theresa May offers any approving, encouraging commentary – or responds at all – on the massive number of people gathered to demand peace after enduring two years of war. Unfortunately for the people of Yemen, both Ms. May and  Mr. Trump perceive their historic peace rally event as bad news and negatively.

Unfortunately for Ms. May and Mr. Trump, those who are following developments in Yemen perceive such an enormous display of human unity – focused on peace – as a positive development having the potential to inspire millions of others around the world.

“The Donald”: (Record applause…)… “Make Yemen great again!…”

But this is so much more serious…


War crimes, up to and including genocide

Saudi Arabia – with the full knowledge, criminal assistance, and weapons from the United States, Britain and others under Donald Trump, Theresa May, etc. – is guilty of the crime of genocide against the Yemeni people. Help bring peace soon to the suffering men, women and children of Yemen.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Historic Yemen Peace Rally Draws Sea Of Humanity.

  1. Hear, hear Jerry. Barry Grossman describes a reality that is so repellant it becomes surreal. I think of Guernica and Picasso’s excruciating image. Wikipedia explains:

    ‘A tapestry copy of Picasso’s Guernica is displayed on the wall of the United Nations Building in New York City at the entrance to the Security Council room. It was displayed first from 1985 to 2009, and returned in 2015. It was commissioned in 1955 by Nelson Rockefeller, since Picasso refused to sell him the original.[38] The tapestry was placed on loan to the United Nations by the Rockefeller estate in 1985.[39] The tapestry is less monochromatic than the original and uses several shades of brown.

    On 5 February 2003 a large blue curtain was placed to cover this work at the UN, so that it would not be visible in the background when Colin Powell and John Negroponte gave press conferences at the United Nations.[40] On the following day, it was claimed that the curtain was placed there at the request of television news crews, who had complained that the wild lines and screaming figures made for a bad backdrop, and that a horse’s hindquarters appeared just above the faces of any speakers. Some diplomats, however, in talks with journalists claimed that the Bush Administration pressured UN officials to cover the tapestry, rather than have it in the background while Powell or other US diplomats argued for war on Iraq.[3] In a critique of the covering, columnist Alejandro Escalona hypothesized that Guernica’s “unappealing ménage of mutilated bodies and distorted faces proved to be too strong for articulating to the world why the US was going to war in Iraq”, while referring to the work as “an inconvenient masterpiece.”[17]’

    The criminal arms trade is behind this despicable atrocity in Yemen, flagged up as part and parcel of the Saudi/Iranian proxy divide. Obama’s fingerprints are all over this ghastly crime scene.. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/apr/22/us-saudi-arabia-weapons-arms-deals-foreign-policy

    I don’t deploy the term ‘evil’ lightly; but Jerry, I live in the UK, a country that is deeply complicit in this horrendous trade in death-dealing. What does that make us?


    1. Hello David,
      Gary Null’s interview of Vanessa Beeley on Yemen was very good in identifying the root causes behind the 2-years old war crime against the people in that country.


      Not surprisingly, the primary motivating force is control of oil/gas resources and the pipelines and infrastructure for selling and profiting from it. Distill it all and one is left with a group (the “love of money” group) wishing to make themselves rich and powerful, and the other group wishing good lives for all people. Unfortunately, the “love of money” group is willing to kill without limit to attain their desires and agendas. People see confirmation of the truth contained in the phrase “the love of money is the root of all evil” before their eyes – challenged to choose sides and engage in the perennial battle between good and evil. Thank you.

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