Exposing the Real Deep State

Tony Cartalucci contends the idea that President Donald Trump and his administration are somehow waging war against America’s “Deep State” is a delusion.

“Ultimately, sidestepping the crass, unsophisticated but highly provocative and alluring strategy of tension created around the Trump administration and the alleged “deep state” it is supposedly fighting, is essential in identifying and confronting the real deep state that is orchestrating both sides of this charade.”

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

March 13, 2017 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – Many both within and beyond America’s borders labor under the delusion that US policy is determined by the nation’s elected representatives amid a careful balancing act between the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government. In reality, the inner workings of US policy resemble nothing of the sort.

In reality, an unelected deep state controls the United States, its resources, government, and people. However, the term “deep state” has been overused and intentionally abused, particularly since the election of US President Donald Trump in an effort to continue concealing the real deep state and divert public attention away from what is becoming an increasingly obvious continuity of agenda from one presidency to the next.

Uncovering and understanding the nature of the real deep state is in fact elementary, but essential in understanding the genesis and perpetuation of US policy. It…

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4 thoughts on “Exposing the Real Deep State

    1. Andreas,
      Share your view that persons interested in getting to the history and origination of the so-called American “deep state” will need to research and invariably discover the Dulles brothers. You may already have taken in the lectures of renowned attorney Daniel Sheehan, whose legal career includes intimate involvement with many of America’s most infamous legal proceedings – including Watergate, the Pentagon Papers, the Iran-Contra scandal, the murder of Karen Silkwood, and others. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Sheehan, there are a number of posts on this platform sharing his talks and lectures, plus one can spend valuable time listening to his astonishing lectures as professor of World Affairs at University of California-Santa Cruz by going to “Romero Institute” on YouTube. Mr. Sheehan’s lectures certainly “cut to the chase” on the deep state and America’s real history for any man or woman wishing to learn the total truth. Thank you.


    1. Stuart,
      Unfortunately Donald Trump knows precisely what the military is doing in Syria and Yemen, and that should both worry and energize peace advocates the world over. Millions of determined men and women across the Earth saw through the criminal lies, then organized protests to prevent George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney et al from invading and destroying Iraq in 2003. Those historic protests were the first mass antiwar actions taken BEFORE war began, but sadly weren’t successful in stopping the war criminals. One senses a similar pre-war global protest action might be necessary – however this time circumstances are more intense, requiring the participation of hundreds of millions in cities around the Earth.


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