Laugh, Or Cry? The Tale Of Limpopo And Gabon.

By Jerry Alatalo

limpopo(Photo: | Somewhere in Limpopo, South Africa)

Well, why not with all the strange happenings in the world’s news recently? Commentary on this comic and tragic, humor-based story will be short, only to say: laughter is the best medicine. What gets said during the prank phone call pretty much says it all; there simply is nothing to add.

The following video records a prank of longtime California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. While listening to the phone conversation, at first it didn’t seem possible that an elected member of the U.S. House of Representatives was taking part in the call. But, unfortunately, that is the case. One feels a little guilty (and sad) for having laughs at another person’s expense, but in this (hopefully) extremely rare situation, providing laughter also provides a public service.

You had a good run, Maxine – but it’s time to hang up the politics thing. If you’re undecided on where to retire, take some good advice: as a retirement destination – one might want to consider the attractive features of Limpopo. Here’s hoping readers experience one of those really good belly laughs – the kind with nasal snorts, side-splitting, and tears of .. joy?… sadness? Or…?

Oh, my goodness…

(Thank you to Russia Insider at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Laugh, Or Cry? The Tale Of Limpopo And Gabon.

    1. Stuart,
      Perhaps Maxine Waters won’t feel quite as sad and embarrassed after learning these same young fellows prank-called Senators John McCain of Arizona and Lindsay Graham of South Carolina as well. The legal consequences (Logan Act of 1799) are hard to assess – these politicians certainly had the INTENT of dealing with foreign officials of Ukraine, but the law has no provisions or rules for when the foreigners are “fake”. International embarrassment for each of the politicians, especially when the videos of these phone calls go viral, might serve as plenty of “punishment”. Wow, is right…

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