Rumors Of Wars: CIA Awards Saudi Prince Medal For ‘Anti-Terrorism’?

By Jerry Alatalo

RethinkAlphabet While a lot of men and women observers of world events have begun using references to George Orwell’s classic Twilight Zone-meets-authoritarianism novel “1984” lately, seeing the United States Central Intelligence Agency give the “George Tenet Medal” to a crown prince of Saudi Arabia has those men and women searching for something beyond Orwell – if such extreme, never-before-used descriptive words are even available, or within the realm of possibility.

As Dr. Kevin Barrett correctly notes in his short PressTV interview, the event is one which generates a state of mind where one can’t decide whether it’s better to laugh or cry. Laugh – simply because the level of “chutzpah” and straight in-your-face audacity to pull this off with a serious face is off the charts. Cry.. because the level of desperation necessary to descend to such a deceitful level, sadly and pitifully attempting public relations’ damage control over increasing Earthly awareness of who the sponsors of terrorism are.. signals war is fast approaching.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous dog-and-pony show for international public relations purposes is far from laughable, but represents the most serious and potentially deadly of matters. Consider this comes along just after the controversial Amnesty International “report” painting the Syrian government and President Bashar al Assad as mass-murderers of prisoners – most notably without Amnesty International providing any legally useful evidence whatsoever.

These efforts to shape public opinion the world over by disseminating high-quality production, false reports are not carried out for ordinary purposes; they are conducted to shape public opinion into favorable perceptions/acceptance of war entered for so-called “humanitarian” purposes, or as part of fighting the “Great War on Terror”.

Can anyone name what the crown prince and Saudi Arabia have done to deserve a prestigious award for fighting against terrorism? Can anybody name Saudi Arabia’s major accomplishments – any successes against terrorists – since September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center mass-murder events, in the now over 15-year “War on Terror”?

The people of the world have heard and seen enough “fake news”. The people of the world shall from this day forward demand, insist on, and accept no less than the truth.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)


29 thoughts on “Rumors Of Wars: CIA Awards Saudi Prince Medal For ‘Anti-Terrorism’?

    1. JoAnn,
      How are you. For the international bankers and friends at the apex of power, the Middle East represents their most important customer and natural resource wealth base. Sadly, they’ll choose mass murder to maintain those customers, control of the natural wealth, and their power.

      Tolstoy said it best: “The writers of universal history will only prove themselves of real value when they are able to answer the essential question of history: ‘What is power?’ ”

      Agreed on the war break idea as humanity has been going without any “vacation” for too long. Afraid it may be too late to reverse both climate change and Fukushima extinction level events. Sorry to say that as it’s clearly depressing, but when one has decided on honesty at all times it’s impossible to paint a false picture to others… Keeping the faith. Thanks.

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          1. Great comments and an excellent post Jerry. What a hideously sick joke this is. I mean, we may as well recommend Netanyahu for a Nobel Peace Prize just to keep him on a par with Obama….

            That said, frankly, I don’t think it’s any kind of secret that the infanticidal Israeli ‘White Sheikh’ of assassins is deeply uncomfortable around dark-skinned folk….apartheid being so close to his heart ‘n all that….so I dare say he’s pretty miffed about so many medals and prizes being handed out to ‘lesser races.’

            On a more serious and salubrious note, I heartily concur with your salient description of real power. It is entirely true. Profanity is what the world is made of, but the Sacred is what Reality consists of. The author Priscilla Stuckey (Kissed by a Fox) revealed a great truth in my estimation, when she described her first encounter with authentic Natural Intelligence, as the purest realization that Spirit and Instinct are really one and the same (…not just symbiotic…) thing.

            I have thought about this a great deal ever since, because it was a fantastic epiphany for me when I first heard her talk about that deep experience. So I think it is worth taking very seriously; or even better, meditating upon such a profoundly rich, but deceptively simple, way of understanding the greatest indigenous mystery of all, the Sanctity of Life Itself.


            1. Hello David,
              Your description of Ms. Stuckey and her personal experience creates a desire to check out her writings. It seems there are rumblings of a movement toward collective epiphany occurring, so maybe people should prepare for high levels of sacred surprise. Now’s as good a time as any for historic and positive evolutionary change. Thank you for sharing Priscilla Stuckey’s and your deep personal experience. Many people, unfortunately, shy away from talking about such fascinating and essential matters.


            2. “sick joke this is. I mean, we may as well recommend Netanyahu for a Nobel Peace Prize just to keep him on a par with Obama….”

              This is not s sick joke. Hussein Obama received a prize before he even started do anything towards “peace”. At least Bibi has been begging Abu Mazen to come to the peace table for over 10 years and he still refuses to negotiate. Certainly Netanyahu has done more for peace then all the other interlocutors put together.


              1. Aaron,
                You might want to think twice before challenging David, Aaron. It could turn very embarrassing… But on the other hand, perhaps a sort of “miracle” could occur here in the discussion if some solution(s) for the war-weary Middle East people were identified. That depends on the good intentions of the “interlocutors” here, of course. 🙂


  1. Very well stated, Jerry. But considering the CIA’s track record, and the fact that such “spy” organizations exist for the purposes of inventing false realities, masterminding coups for regime change for the elites and mastery of fact denial, this does not surprise me. Attributed to Voltaire: “Mentez, mentez, il en resteras toujours quelque-chose. Il faut mentir comme le diable, non pas timidement, non pas pour un temps, mais hardiment et toujours. (Translated, roughly thus: Lie, lie, some of it will always stick. Lie like the Devil, not hesitantly, or for a time, but powerfully, and ceaselessly.) Goebbels: “The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.” Machiavelli probably had something to say about that too. Americans, basically the entire “democratic” western world, has been sleeping since WWII, unaware that these tactics have been used all along, and with enormous success for banksterism and corporatism. Strange how Americans have completely eradicated the McCarthy era from their minds! Governments of relatively stable democracies have been overthrown while “ours” have been systematically co-opted into the service of the 1% elites. Now some express shock because they were asleep at the wheel somewhere between McDonald’s and Walmart and the Trump train whistle has rudely awakened them. Like Rip Van Winkle, they can’t believe what’s happened to their world. Those who have yet to awaken will do so in the “Blade Runner” dystopia… The world has caught a nasty fever, a sort of civilization smallpox and it’s got to burn itself out. Some will make it through, changed and scarred, many won’t.

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    1. Sha’Tara,
      How are you. Thank you for the considered commentary. One senses an imminent civilization breakthrough about to occur, and that while a certain portion of the changes will have negative effects, for the most part the changes will result in better conditions for people everywhere. It’s that old rose colored glasses syndrome kicking up, with perhaps a touch of smallpox Sha’Tara. 🙂 One group is trying like hell to prevent covert history, secrets and all the skeletons from emerging, while the rest of us are trying like hell to prevent world war. One thing for certain is people will soon be unable to avoid choosing which side they’re on. Thanks, again.

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  2. this is absolute bunk..conspiracy theorists abound.
    Having the Iranian proxy TV network interview a loser liar such as Barrette is like having the inmates run the jails.
    Whereas it’s true that Saudia is just another terrorist financing state, so is Iran!! The whole concoction dreamed up about collusion with Israel is another junk media provocation. The only thing that might unite the Israelis and some Sunni states is their common enemy…Iran.


    1. Aaron,
      It’s no conspiracy that Saudi Arabia – who you describe as “just another terrorist financing state” – was honored by the new CIA chief Pompeo, for its “anti-terrorism efforts”. While calling Dr. Barrett a “loser liar” for describing Saudis in essentially the same manner as you do, the issue seems more about hypocrisy than any type of “conspiracy theory”. Saudis are state sponsors of ISIS terrorism, they publicly received honors from the U.S. intelligence head, and it was reported on around the world. No conspiracy theorizing here to see, whatsoever. We do give you credit for trying though, Aaron – at distorting the sad reality of the criminally-brutalized Middle East people.

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      1. “It’s no conspiracy that Saudi Arabia – who you describe as “just another terrorist financing state” – was honored by the new CIA chief Pompeo, for its “anti-terrorism efforts”.”

        I agree. I wonder what the quid pro quo was. Certainly bad optics.

        “We do give you credit for trying though, Aaron – at distorting the sad reality of the criminally-brutalized Middle East people.”

        No distortion. The reality is the brutality of Arab regimes on their own people. At least in Israel the Arabs have a better chance at freedom, democracy and human rights in spite of the Paleo/Israel political divide.


        1. That last military pounding of Gazans by Netanyahu’s government called “Operation Protective Edge” (Summer 2014) illustrated that “Netanyahu has done more for peace than all the other interlocutors put together”, despite the over 2,000 dead blown away from this Earth – with zero chance at “freedom, democracy and human rights”. Quid pro quo?… As always throughout history – ego, land, power and money.


          1. You are drinking from the wrong Kool-Aid machine. The so called “2000 dead” were killed by Hamas, not Israel.
            Go back and play back the real footage… not the ones from Hamas supervised fixers and guards.


            1. Aaron,
              So, you are asserting that Hamas was behind 2014’s “Operation Protective Edge”, bombing Gaza into World War II rubble (Ban Ki-Moon’s description), and killing over 2,000 Palestinians – not Netanyahu’s Israeli military? It seems you are making that assertion, and at the same time flipping reality on its head by accusing essentially the entire population on Earth of drinking the “wrong Kool-Aid”. Keep the absolute nonsense hasbara coming Aaron, so everyone who passes this way can see it up close. Just curious… do you believe human beings are held accountable for their actions after leaving this Earth?


              1. “Just curious… do you believe human beings are held accountable for their actions after leaving this Earth?”

                Not sure what you mean here. A bit cryptic?

                “So, you are asserting that Hamas was behind 2014’s “Operation Protective Edge”

                Yes. I and thousands of Gazan’s witnessed it.
                First Hamas launches hundreds of rockets aimed at Sderot and the rest of Israel.
                They are launched mostly from civilian areas.
                Most of them (thank G-D) land in open areas.
                Some hit their target.
                Israel retaliates and aims towards the launchers.
                Israel first warns the civilians to evacuate. Some try to and Hamas forces them to stay (victims are great for the optics!).
                Civilians and fighters die as a result hence the disproportionate deaths on the Gaza side.
                Hamas stores their arms in school and hospital basements.

                Some online evidence:

                “The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay accused Hamas militants of violating international humanitarian law by “locating rockets within schools and hospitals, or even launching these rockets from densely populated areas.”The European Union condemned Hamas, and in particular condemned “calls on the civilian population of Gaza to provide themselves as human shields.”Confirmation of this practice was produced by correspondents from France24, The Financial Times, and RT, who respectively filmed a rocket launch pad which was placed in a civilian area next to a hotel where international journalists were staying, reported on rockets being fired from near Al-Shifa Hospital, and reported on Hamas firing rockets near a hotel. In September 2014, a Hamas official acknowledged to an Associated Press reporter that the group had fired rockets from civilian areas.

                While the Israeli government repeatedly stated that many civilian casualties were the result of Hamas using the Gazan population as human shields several British media organizations (including The Guardian, and The Independent) dismissed such claims as “myths” and the BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen likewise said he “saw no evidence of Hamas using Palestinians as human shields.” Additionally the London-based NGO, Amnesty International, dismissed such claims, stated it was unable to verify them and emphasized that even if they were true the IDF would still have a responsibility to protect civilians.

                The statements fall into two categories: using civilian structures like homes, mosques and hospitals to store munitions in or launch rockets from, and urging or forcing civilian population to stay in their homes, to shield militants. Israeli soldiers have also said Hamas operatives directly employed women and children as involuntary human shields to evade pursuit, while Hamas and others have said such accusations are false. Asa Kasher, who helped to write the Israel Defense Forces’s Code of Conduct, argued that “Israel cannot forfeit its ability to protect its citizens against attacks simply because terrorists hide behind non-combatants. If it did so, it would be giving up any right to self-defense.”

                “Use of civilian structures for military purposes

                In a 2015 report,[414] Amnesty International states that “There are credible reports that, in certain cases, Palestinian armed groups launched rockets or mortars from within civilian facilities or compounds, including schools, at least one hospital and a Greek Orthodox church in Gaza City. In at least two cases, accounts indicate that attacks were launched in spite of the fact that displaced Gazan civilians were sheltering in the compounds or in neighbouring buildings.”.

                Israel has stated that many mosques, schools and hospitals were used to store weapons. The IDF spokesman said that mortar shells were fired from a boys’ school that served as a shelter for refugees. There were reports of the use of mosques to store weapons, and having launch sites very close to civilian structures. Gaza’s Greek Orthodox archbishop has said that Hamas used the church compound, which sheltered 2000 Muslim civilians, to launch rockets into Israel. France 24 correspondent Gallagher Fenwick reported that a Hamas rocket-launching pad was placed in densely populated neighborhood of Gaza City, about 50 meters from the hotel where the majority of international media were staying and 100 meters from a UN building. Fenwick said that “children can be seen playing on and near the rocket launcher”.

                Israel released footage of Palestinian militants launching rockets from a school and a cemetery. In at least one case a cemetery was targeted by an Israeli airstrike.

                According to Shabak, the Israeli internal security service, some militants, when interrogated, admitted using civilian buildings for military purposes. The admissions included more than ten mosques that were used for gatherings, training, storage of weapons, tunnel activities and military observations. During interrogations, one militant said that he was instructed in case of successful abduction using a tunnel to take the victim to a kindergarten located near its opening.

                Explosives were allegedly two steps away from a baby’s bed in Gaza during the war.

                On 24 August, Israel released part of what it says is a Hamas training manual on urban warfare, which states “the process of hiding ammunition inside buildings is intended for ambushes in residential areas and to move the campaign from open areas into built up and closed areas” and “residents of the area should be used to bring in the equipment…take advantage of this to avoid [Israeli] spy planes and attack drones.” The manual also explains how fighting from within civilian population makes IDF operations difficult and what the benefits of civilian deaths are. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri dismissed the document as a “forgery…aimed at justifying the mass killings of Palestinian civilians.”

                On 12 September, Ghazi Hamad, a senior Hamas official, acknowledged for the first time that Hamas did fire rockets from civilian areas and said “some mistakes were made”.”

                Of course, the Kool-Aid machine is spiked so that in the mind of the addict, this is all a conspiracy theory not unlike your 911 distortions.



                1. Aaron, The “cryptic” question is one which pertains to Israelis, Palestinians, Americans, Russians, etc. and every human being, meant to focus on the philosophical and spiritual meaning of our lives on Earth before passing into eternity, the answer of which holds the key to ending wars – where humanity only harms itself. In other words, the point is there is no other but all people, all life and all things are sacred and equal aspects of the oneness. Believe it or not you and I are brothers, while all people are members of the human family. When that fundamental understanding becomes the guiding light and principal of people the world over, the historical violence, unnecessary harming and these kinds of consequent divisive debates will end.


                    1. Aaron,
                      First the movie is pay-for-view at $3.99. Second, the proven war propaganda organization “White Helmets” won the Academy Award Oscar for short documentary. Please share the names of men and/or women who appeared in the documentary, what they said, and why you feel their statements and the film’s overall message proves your contention it was Hamas, not the Israeli military, responsible for the deaths of over 2,000 Palestinians, thousands injured and massive damage to property. If possible, please provide the numbers of Palestinians who perished compared to Israelis, the number of Palestinians injured compared to Israelis, and the total dollar amount of damage to Palestinian property in comparison to Israeli property during “Operation Protective Edge”.


  3. I don’t want to “beat up” on anyone commenting, but I must say that your reply is on point, and you are sadly correct when you conclude with, “distorting the sad reality of the criminally brutalized Middle East people” – a massive war crime that would piddle away to local conflicts if the US military would just back off, and the US government stop arming dictators and oppressors so they will continue to play the corporate game according to US rules. Through massive propaganda, subterfuge, mis-direction and outright lies, the US has build itself into a world dominating empire which even today most Americans find an unpalatable truth, hence resorting to massive denial.

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    1. Sha’Tara,
      It becomes at a certain point in everyone’s experience incontrovertible the decision on perceiving, or making it one’s highest goal to find out, whether all life is sacred must become faced squarely and honestly. The uplift or downturn of the human condition depends on both the individual and collective (humankind) decision regarding ultimate questions of the sanctity of all life and all things – where the variety of perceptions, positively or negatively consequential, become known in comments areas like these.

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      1. Quite so Jerry. Personally I find it very difficult to square the notion that human sacrifice reflects the sanctity of life. Of course, life that is sacred must encompass all sentient existence, not just the human; that said, I don’t think I could live up to the extreme reverence that some Jains aspire to, where even a small insect should bring a train to a halt.

        That does not seem practical to me, but neither does it seem kind, considerate or intelligent to disregard the existence of even the smallest organisms, to dismiss these as meaningless or irrelevant, so far ‘beneath’ us or below our estate they are unworthy of respect or attention. Such an attitude is base and ignorant. With such a limited purview, the science of microbiomics could have never developed.

        I do not think it is within the spiritual compass of mere mortals to be able to evaluate the costs and consequences of great slaughter. Small men often do great harm. Great men will always avoid harm wherever it is possible. What the gods may perceive as necessary, cannot in any way be reduced to the limited calculus of a clerk or a salesman.

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        1. David,
          It was revealing to find Donald Trump singling out the widow of Navy Seal Owens killed in Yemen, stating that his memory if forever etched in eternity, and apparently finding it unnecessary to mention the estimated 12,000 Yemenis killed since Saudi Arabia, US and UK military actions began some two years ago. It was shocking to see the President of the United States agree on featuring the new widow of a fallen soldier in front of millions, then leading the applause to achieving, as he noted in the speech, “a new record”. And then, topping it off with what many religious scholars perceive as Christ’s most enlightened statement “Greater love hath no man, but one who gives up his life for his friends”. Add to that Trump’s repetition of the 9/11 false flag, lying narrative and one felt they were looking at the actual antichrist. Trump is the most dangerous human being on Earth.

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          1. Thanks Jerry, it’s all so excruciatingly hypocritical…or in plain (Old) English ‘plum-bob daft’ ~ although in Trump’s case, unlike Obama, I think we may assume privileged ignorance is the culprit.

            It’ll be interesting whether the extreme fanatics that he has empowered, try to prevent him from listening to people who actually know (something about) what they’re talking about…I mean, really learned specialists ~ wise folk, of either gender/or.

            So, it’s hard to tell (yet) whether he is just playing a macho celebrity game of blindman’s buff, or really fancies himself turning into the very Janus he pretends (not?) to be ~ a full metal jacket nightmare, facing in both directions simultaneously.

            So, good! We await the outcome of Mosul….



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