Rumors Of Wars: CIA Awards Saudi Prince Medal For ‘Anti-Terrorism’?

By Jerry Alatalo

RethinkAlphabet While a lot of men and women observers of world events have begun using references to George Orwell’s classic Twilight Zone-meets-authoritarianism novel “1984” lately, seeing the United States Central Intelligence Agency give the “George Tenet Medal” to a crown prince of Saudi Arabia has those men and women searching for something beyond Orwell – if such extreme, never-before-used descriptive words are even available, or within the realm of possibility.

As Dr. Kevin Barrett correctly notes in his short PressTV interview, the event is one which generates a state of mind where one can’t decide whether it’s better to laugh or cry. Laugh – simply because the level of “chutzpah” and straight in-your-face audacity to pull this off with a serious face is off the charts. Cry.. because the level of desperation necessary to descend to such a deceitful level, sadly and pitifully attempting public relations’ damage control over increasing Earthly awareness of who the sponsors of terrorism are.. signals war is fast approaching.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous dog-and-pony show for international public relations purposes is far from laughable, but represents the most serious and potentially deadly of matters. Consider this comes along just after the controversial Amnesty International “report” painting the Syrian government and President Bashar al Assad as mass-murderers of prisoners – most notably without Amnesty International providing any legally useful evidence whatsoever.

These efforts to shape public opinion the world over by disseminating high-quality production, false reports are not carried out for ordinary purposes; they are conducted to shape public opinion into favorable perceptions/acceptance of war entered for so-called “humanitarian” purposes, or as part of fighting the “Great War on Terror”.

Can anyone name what the crown prince and Saudi Arabia have done to deserve a prestigious award for fighting against terrorism? Can anybody name Saudi Arabia’s major accomplishments – any successes against terrorists – since September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center mass-murder events, in the now over 15-year “War on Terror”?

The people of the world have heard and seen enough “fake news”. The people of the world shall from this day forward demand, insist on, and accept no less than the truth.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)


12 thoughts on “Rumors Of Wars: CIA Awards Saudi Prince Medal For ‘Anti-Terrorism’?

    1. JoAnn,
      How are you. For the international bankers and friends at the apex of power, the Middle East represents their most important customer and natural resource wealth base. Sadly, they’ll choose mass murder to maintain those customers, control of the natural wealth, and their power.

      Tolstoy said it best: “The writers of universal history will only prove themselves of real value when they are able to answer the essential question of history: ‘What is power?’ ”

      Agreed on the war break idea as humanity has been going without any “vacation” for too long. Afraid it may be too late to reverse both climate change and Fukushima extinction level events. Sorry to say that as it’s clearly depressing, but when one has decided on honesty at all times it’s impossible to paint a false picture to others… Keeping the faith. Thanks.

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          1. Great comments and an excellent post Jerry. What a hideously sick joke this is. I mean, we may as well recommend Netanyahu for a Nobel Peace Prize just to keep him on a par with Obama….

            That said, frankly, I don’t think it’s any kind of secret that the infanticidal Israeli ‘White Sheikh’ of assassins is deeply uncomfortable around dark-skinned folk….apartheid being so close to his heart ‘n all that….so I dare say he’s pretty miffed about so many medals and prizes being handed out to ‘lesser races.’

            On a more serious and salubrious note, I heartily concur with your salient description of real power. It is entirely true. Profanity is what the world is made of, but the Sacred is what Reality consists of. The author Priscilla Stuckey (Kissed by a Fox) revealed a great truth in my estimation, when she described her first encounter with authentic Natural Intelligence, as the purest realization that Spirit and Instinct are really one and the same (…not just symbiotic…) thing.

            I have thought about this a great deal ever since, because it was a fantastic epiphany for me when I first heard her talk about that deep experience. So I think it is worth taking very seriously; or even better, meditating upon such a profoundly rich, but deceptively simple, way of understanding the greatest indigenous mystery of all, the Sanctity of Life Itself.


            1. Hello David,
              Your description of Ms. Stuckey and her personal experience creates a desire to check out her writings. It seems there are rumblings of a movement toward collective epiphany occurring, so maybe people should prepare for high levels of sacred surprise. Now’s as good a time as any for historic and positive evolutionary change. Thank you for sharing Priscilla Stuckey’s and your deep personal experience. Many people, unfortunately, shy away from talking about such fascinating and essential matters.


  1. Very well stated, Jerry. But considering the CIA’s track record, and the fact that such “spy” organizations exist for the purposes of inventing false realities, masterminding coups for regime change for the elites and mastery of fact denial, this does not surprise me. Attributed to Voltaire: “Mentez, mentez, il en resteras toujours quelque-chose. Il faut mentir comme le diable, non pas timidement, non pas pour un temps, mais hardiment et toujours. (Translated, roughly thus: Lie, lie, some of it will always stick. Lie like the Devil, not hesitantly, or for a time, but powerfully, and ceaselessly.) Goebbels: “The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed.” Machiavelli probably had something to say about that too. Americans, basically the entire “democratic” western world, has been sleeping since WWII, unaware that these tactics have been used all along, and with enormous success for banksterism and corporatism. Strange how Americans have completely eradicated the McCarthy era from their minds! Governments of relatively stable democracies have been overthrown while “ours” have been systematically co-opted into the service of the 1% elites. Now some express shock because they were asleep at the wheel somewhere between McDonald’s and Walmart and the Trump train whistle has rudely awakened them. Like Rip Van Winkle, they can’t believe what’s happened to their world. Those who have yet to awaken will do so in the “Blade Runner” dystopia… The world has caught a nasty fever, a sort of civilization smallpox and it’s got to burn itself out. Some will make it through, changed and scarred, many won’t.

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    1. Sha’Tara,
      How are you. Thank you for the considered commentary. One senses an imminent civilization breakthrough about to occur, and that while a certain portion of the changes will have negative effects, for the most part the changes will result in better conditions for people everywhere. It’s that old rose colored glasses syndrome kicking up, with perhaps a touch of smallpox Sha’Tara. 🙂 One group is trying like hell to prevent covert history, secrets and all the skeletons from emerging, while the rest of us are trying like hell to prevent world war. One thing for certain is people will soon be unable to avoid choosing which side they’re on. Thanks, again.

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