Peace Message From Damascus.

By Jerry Alatalo

P1000889-1Alphabet United States representative to Congress Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii traveled to Syria recently along with former member of Congress (and candidate for President) Dennis Kucinich of Ohio. The current and former U.S. politicians went on a fact-finding four-day mission, visiting and discussing the tragic situation there with Syrians from all walks of life – including a personal meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The four young Syrian women Ms. Gabbard met in Damascus recorded in the video below were in the 12-14 year age range when the tragic violence, killing and destruction of their home nation began nearly (6) six years ago. Given the seemingly inestimable, endless levels of reconstruction which is going to become necessary once peace finally returns to the country, it is somewhat remarkable – a supreme irony, certainly – that two of the young women are studying architecture while another studies civil engineering.

One becomes hesitant to comment further for fear of detracting to any extent from the powerful message delivered by four kind and pleasant young Syrian women to the American people. Their heart-felt unanimous message clearly comes through loud and clear, leaving nothing else necessary to say…


(Thank you to Vanessa Beeley at YouTube)

10 thoughts on “Peace Message From Damascus.

  1. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is incredible – independent, peace-seeking, rational, honest, caring. We are so blessed to have her.

    With all the chaff that floats to the top (that somehow doesn’t blow away), it’s so important to honor and support the work of our sustaining politicians who fight the right fight day in and day out.

    Aloha, Jerry.

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    1. JoAnn,
      Ms. Gabbard’s efforts for peace in Syria might be more understandable in the context of her spiritual leanings toward Eastern traditions of the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, etc. famously embraced by Mohandes Gandhi. Like Arjuna in the Gita, Tulsi Gabbard has decided to battle against duality thinking and/or spiritual ignorance – the source of all human suffering. How Donald Trump responds (if at all) to Ms. Gabbard’s actions can be perceived as a form of acid test of his sincerity and genuineness, where his true colors of character become shown for all to see. Thank you.

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      1. I have seen no response from Trump regarding Gabbard’s fact-finding trip to Syria. I would think he’d dislike such independent political action… unless they possibly discussed a Syria trip when the two met for the Sec of State interview?


  2. Small steps can lead to great results. Congresswoman Gabbard is a shining example of such wise determination. Moral initiative is still possible, albeit met with suspicion by those who have been corrupted by a climate of thought that trivializes radical greatness.

    The prevailing dogma of the ‘behind the scenes’ aggressors, is all about criminal means to achieve spurious, ideologically conditioned ends; murder and wholesale destruction are entirely justifiable and necessary according to this ‘PNAC’ logic of immoral hypocrites who do not live in the real world, but in an insulated, deceit-lined bubble of bigotry, prejudice.and disinformation.

    We shall never change the diseased minds of individuals who possess no faculty for discrimination, for intelligent analysis, nor even the capacity to seek a representative moral compass that actually correlates to facts of life that are generally acknowledged to be, at least reasonably consensual, and therefor plausible ~ even though absolute certainty can never be guaranteed in any philosophical sense of a scientific methodology that is infallible.

    We build our understanding from experience, interrogated fearlessly & with reflexive thoroughness ~ by summoning a generous measure of sincere honesty adequate to the task. If we start with dogmatic assertions and outright lies, it is impossible to engage in any kind of coherent process of rational & ethical inquiry, because the conclusions are already foregone and therefore preempt the possibility of discovering something hitherto unknown or unrecognized.

    A closed mind is one thing, but a restricted attitude that precludes even the opportunity for judicious cognitive reflection, is something that should never be allowed to influence or even inflect public life.

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    1. David,
      Your skill at putting the finger on it remains. Perhaps public service should require some form of moral or spiritual test. Imagine if men and women seeking their nations’ highest, most powerful offices were required to engage in multiple lengthy debates on philosophy and/or religion-spirituality. The “closed minds” you mentioned would never again influence or inflect public life. Thank you, sir.

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    1. Stuart,
      Yes, the “safe zone” idea seems to rhyme with what happened in Libya-2011. You’d think those multi-generational bazillionaire family members of the world oligarchy would have used their 24/7 leisure time to concentrate on world peace. People around the Earth are shaking their heads and rolling their eyes, asking themselves, “what next?” Never a dull moment.. 🙂 Thank you.

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  3. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is a truly inspiring example of integrity, courage, and compassion, as are the young woman who were willing to share their powerful messages about peace. Thank you for sharing this powerful message of hope, Jerry.


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