Latest Middle East ‘Disinformation, Propaganda, Fake News’…

By Jerry Alatalo

World Map1Alphabet After hitting the “publish” button on over 970 posts on this blog, it seemed remarkable to consider how many of those posts likely match the criteria described in the “Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act” – recently passed after being inserted into the over-$600 billion 2017 U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Many journalists and writers – especially those associated with the near-200 organizations defamed by the Washington Post recently – believe the new, truly Orwellian law establishing a real-life “Ministry of Truth” has been given the wrong name; many feel the better term would be the “Countering Truth Act”.

Given retired economics Professor Rodney Shakespeare’s passion and outspokenness during a short interview on Iran’s Press TV on the bitter and scandalous reality in the Middle East, it might be safe to say Mr. Shakespeare feels the same disdain toward censorship laws now being enacted in both the U.S. and Europe. Perhaps those who view Mr. Shakespeare’s energetic effort to convey his version of the truth would do well to see his example as something to emulate, or use as a personal action template, going forward into 2017.

It may also serve some benefit for those who listen to Mr. Shakespeare’s talk to compare the size of consequences to human lives his words convey to that of Hillary Clinton in her recent “fake news”/Harry Reid-retirement public address, where she made a pathetic attempt to connect a lone armed man’s walking into a pizza restaurant (and where nobody was hit by bullets or severely injured) to the need for media censorship legislation – “soon” – to combat so-called “fake news”.

“…especially those who serve in our Congress. The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year – it’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real world consequences. This isn’t about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk. Lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, to contribute to their communities. It’s a danger that must be addressed, and addressed quickly. Bipartisan legislation is making its way through Congress to boost the government’s response to foreign propaganda (emphasis added), and Silicon Valley is starting to grapple with the challenge and threat of fake news. It’s imperative that leaders in both the private and public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives.”

Hillary Clinton made a major error in logic by trying to equate domestic (possibly) criminal affairs in Podesta emails to foreign propaganda. Ms. Clinton and her friends the Podesta brothers apparently didn’t find it necessary to respond publicly to WikiLeaks emails suggesting potential acts of pedophilia, even though they all knew for certain the scandalous story – whether describing real criminal actions or not – had become mega-viral around the Earth on the internet.

Should anyone find it surprising that one of the millions of people who’d become aware of the emails, explosive publicity and reports about the pizza restaurant (along with media, Clinton, and Podesta silence) would end up going to the actual scene? As far as reports thus far have seemed to gather, neither Hillary Clinton or the Podesta brothers have responded to the implications of criminal child sexual abuse in WikiLeaks emails many have expressed concerns about.

Responsible leaders would have immediately clarified the matter(s) which were clearly causing confusion and concern among the citizenry of the nation, precisely to minimize to the greatest extent possible any possibility of violent actions taken by persons who were vulnerable to “fake news”. Clinton and the Podesta brothers chose, instead of clarifying the matter, to remain silent.

The lone armed man who walked into the pizza shop – and who Hillary Clinton used to warn the American people about the “dangers of fake news” – didn’t shoot anyone. In his talk about the Middle East on Press TV, Rodney Shakespeare refers to hundreds of thousands killed in Syria over the past six years, along with millions who’ve become refugees. For any man or woman paying attention, it is clear that Mr. Shakespeare is speaking the truth – and by comparison Hillary Clinton is the morally bankrupt purveyor of “fake news”.

(Thank you to PressTV News Videos at YouTube)


5 thoughts on “Latest Middle East ‘Disinformation, Propaganda, Fake News’…

  1. We are really getting to the crux of the ‘argument.’ The root of these ostensible disputes is allegedly religious. How can this be? The very idea of religion or spiritual morality or righteous coherence & purity of intent must necessarily transcend all differences, else it is a mere caricature of holiness and incarnated truth ~ truth lived and demonstrably made manifest through one’s purity of result.

    Is Obama ‘religious,’ or Netanyahu, or any ascendant but ‘oh so humbly’ professing potentates & psychopomps of populist, preposterous, hypocrisy? Never mind fake news ~ “ha ha ha” ~ these so-called leaders or representatives of collective integrity, the pious pretenders to grand estate & learned respect, are merely egregious opportunists.

    Such deluded claimants to destiny’s fatal tryst are for the most part impostors; addicted to pompous grandeur who are totally fake and flake ~ ‘whole cloth’ manufactured, self-anointed, approved and selected by the masters and shapers of investment capital.

    Why? & how is this possible? Because they are ‘putineta’ or sleazy puppets who do not have the moral courage to be independent, authentic or honest, let alone wise. The prevalent convention is that a ‘professional’ politician must lie. Whomever or whichever or whatever dresses the part and has the determination to seduce the benefactors & does the best impersonation of sincerity gets the vote. Hurrah.


    1. David,
      Your description of the situation as related to the so-called leaders in the political realm is true and, sadly, persuasive. On the positive side, many are becoming more aware of the intentional deceptiveness and cruelty practiced by the “fake” wise ones, which allows for some justified optimism going into 2017. Keeping the faith.. Thanks again for your always insightful observations, and best wishes for 2017.


      1. Thank you, Jerry. I agree with you completely ~ and have to say I too am cautiously optimistic; because there are so many experienced, proficient and highly motivated change-makers working tirelessly to make a real difference, not just pose and posture, and play tenured political games.

        In truth, I cannot recall an occasion in my lifetime when the moral stakes were so widely articulated with such great perspicuity and genuinely understood by so many, as they are today.

        We’ve always had great minds, extraordinary fora and powerful thinkers, but the Internet has provided us with unprecedented access and opportunity for coherent, interdisciplinary and spiritual discussion; abundant lucid expression is thriving ~ especially from so many exceptional women from such a vast diversity of cultural contexts.

        It really is an extraordinary time to be alive and kicking!


        1. Yes, David, the intellectual level of young and old has come a long distance since the advent of the internet. Was watching a Deepak Chopra talk the other day and he talked about his 5-year grandson’s in-depth, far beyond his age understanding of the universe, where Chopra mentioned coming to directly ask the young man, “where did you learn this?” Pretty cool optimism-inspiring stuff, for sure.


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