Clinton’s Teflon Cannot Stop WikiLeaks ISIS Revelation.

By Jerry Alatalo

OKEEFEAlphabet While Hillary and Bill Clinton have become the focus of accusations, speculation, debate, allegation and simple gossip related to legal hot water over her emails while Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation, their ability to come through unharmed during the 2016 election process has led to her becoming labeled “Teflon Hillary”.

Of the massive dump of Clinton emails conducted by WikiLeaks, Julian Assange considers one more important, and damning to Clinton’s bid to become elected the next President of the United States, than all the rest. Mr. Assange shows the email to John Pilger in an interview which will air on Saturday, November 5 on RT.

The email was sent in September 2014, after Hillary Clinton stepped away as Secretary of State, from her campaign manager John Podesta to Ms. Clinton. In that email Podesta describes how the governments – repeat: governments – of Saudi Arabia and Qatar were providing money and logistical support to ISIL: according to the Obama administration the gravest, overarching threat to America and the world.

The obvious question coming from this September 2014 email arises: “Why didn’t Hillary Clinton immediately and strongly advocate cutoffs of any arms transfers to Saudi Arabia and Qatar, along with the toughest sanctions available for punishing and stopping further criminal actions of/by sponsors of terrorism? Admittedly, the metaphorical layer of teflon surrounding Hillary and Bill Clinton is thick and (thus far) effective, but one would find it perhaps impossible to imagine a way Ms. Clinton can avoid, ignore, obfuscate away or escape from this scandal.

Fundamentally, law and order at local, regional, national and international levels recognize that failing to act or speak out while aware of, knowing the truth about, crimes and their perpetrators is “aiding and abetting” – itself a punishable aspect of the criminal act. Mr. Podesta is also obliged to respond to this revelation, in particular why he along with Ms. Clinton failed to speak out or otherwise take right action.

In legal jargon, incontrovertible evidence identifying guilty parties of crimes when discovered, unearthed and verified becomes referred to as the “smoking gun”. In the United States laws against terrorist activities, including assisting or otherwise supporting terrorists, went into effect after the events of September 11, 2001. Those laws are still on the books, applicable, and enforceable against any American citizen.

As it pertains to Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and/or any other person(s) aware of Saudi Arabia and Qatar government support for ISIL as outlined in this email, it does not require legal training to fully understand they are all guilty of crimes. All the teflon in the universe will not stop that truth from becoming known to all.

(Thank you to RT at YouTube)


6 thoughts on “Clinton’s Teflon Cannot Stop WikiLeaks ISIS Revelation.

  1. This is all about major war crimes and egregious abuses of privilege; there are many in high places who are implicated directly by association. This is only the beginning of a great unraveling that is ahead. It’s all either going to end in mutual destruction or in the ICJ ~ in which latter case, US “exemption from prosecution” may be shredded.

    Whatever the outcome next week, I cannot see this tangled web miraculously disappearing any time soon.

    The indictments should be coming thick and fast. If not there will likely be civil anarchy in the US.

    One cannot but suspect however, that the biggest cover up and most attractive method of concealment for the guilty parties, will be the obfuscating smokescreen of ever more heinous acts of martial aggression.

    Things are not looking too healthy for the Land of the Brave. Of course from a different moral perspective, this could be the best thing that has ever happened, and may just prevent our home planet from suffering any further devastating abuse at the hands of these demonstrably rogue ‘interests.’


    1. Hello David,
      Has it ever entered your thoughts that events might constitute a form of second coming? Exposure of the “war on terror” charade with all the horrific harm it’s inflicted in recent years seems to parallel, though not in a physical manner most imagine – Jesus Christ descending from the sky – but bringing about the same results/effects. There is a massive righting of massive wrongdoing occurring here, historic in nature, on an international level touching every human being, and does from the moral perspective look like an unprecedented shifting and the best thing to happen. Add to that what’s occurring is also absolutely timely, considering the worrying situations on Earth. Then, consider how this is happening: it came like a thief in the night. Nothing less than amazing… We could indeed be witnessing unimaginable spiritual power operating, David. Thanks, as always for your wise insights.


  2. Great post. Jerry, you say, “impossible to imagine a way Ms. Clinton can avoid, ignore, obfuscate away or escape from this scandal.” You would think, at last, the truth is revealed and the logical consequences will play out. But deferred hope, unenforced laws, ignored principles, and circumvented logic is making America ill, crazy. My guess is that Teflon Hillary slides again.

    However. Maybe Christ returns in the way you describe in the previous comment. “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven.” Let there be sanity and peace on Earth. And love. In my mind’s eye, I can see the faces of Donald and Hillary lighting up when they see Jesus. (No sarcasm intended. That’s a prayer.)


    1. Hello JoAnn,
      How are you. The “official” view count of Assange and Pilger’s interview at last check is around 80,000. My hunch is that it’s probably 1 million, and that the people at YouTube are intentionally messing with the numbers to protect Clinton. Assange is dead on in saying the email showing she knew in 2014 that Saudi Arabia and Qatar governments – but did nothing – is the most significant or damning. One has a hard time imagining a scandal of greater magnitude, which when exposed will lead to many more powerful men and women being called to account. In other words, one cannot overstate how (to borrow Sanders language) huge the revelation is – it’s gigantic, with “logical consequences” as you state which are global and ultimately paradigm-shifting. Thanks. Peace.

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