Will 43 Million Americans With Student Debt “Flip” The 2016 Election?

By Jerry Alatalo

cubsAlphabet If most Americans by now know the Chicago Cubs broke a seemingly unbreakable 108-year “curse” and won baseball’s World Series, how possible is it that 43 million Americans will learn (before election day, Tuesday November 8) of Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein’s proposal to wipe out student debt?

The Chicago Cubs’ remarkable sports accomplishment and story will no doubt become reported today by every corporate media outlet across America, the Cubs are today the talk around water coolers in every workplace, many of those employees, their family members and friends have student debt – but what percentage know about Dr. Stein (born and raised in Chicago, by the way) and her plan to free them of their education debts?

In contrast to Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson being excluded from the three (3) presidential debates (the “World Series” of politics?) between Clinton and Trump, one wonders how the people of Cleveland and Chicago may have reacted if their professional baseball teams were denied the chance to compete and make it to the World Series.

Only in the imagination – because the American people were denied the chance to learn of Dr. Stein’s student debt proposal by her exclusion from nationally televised debates – can one ponder whether her idea would have risen to the same saturating level as the Chicago Cubs today in the public’s awareness. The Chicago Cubs got their chance and accomplished what is judged by some as a “miracle” of sorts, winning the World Series, and now everyone knows about it.

Perhaps in the next five (5) days the American people will become as aware of Dr. Jill Stein’s idea on cancelling the student debts of those 43 million holding it across the nation, and, like the remarkable story of the 2016 Chicago Cubs baseball team, water cooler talk everywhere will have student debt cancellation as its focus. In the view of Dr. Jill Stein 43 million votes is enough to “flip” the 2016 electoral process, meaning she and Green Party Vice-Presidential running mate Ajamu Baraka would win the election.

If that miraculous “flip” of the 2016 U.S. presidential election were to happen, and if the legendary Chicago Cubs play-by-play radio/TV announcer Harry Caray were still alive, Mr. Caray undoubtedly would deliver his most memorable, famous line – “Holy Cow!!”

For 43 million Americans, cancellation of their student debts could produce the same ecstatic, jubilant effect as individual Chicago Cubs’ players, coaches and loyal, long-suffering fans felt after winning the World Series. In a sense, voting day on November 8 can become perceived by those 43 million Americans as their own personal World Series Game 7. The outcome is in their hands.

(Thank you to TruthDig at YouTube)


12 thoughts on “Will 43 Million Americans With Student Debt “Flip” The 2016 Election?

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    1. Rosaliene,
      How are you. A Stein/Baraka win on November 8 would represent the greatest political upset in history, for certain. Her forthright student debt proposal would need to go very, very viral, and very, very fast to reach all voters. Thanks.


  2. Stein will be lucky to receive 2% of the vote. I, of course, do hope she receives 5% so the Green Party can have ballot access and matching funds in 2020. In my state, she needs 2%, so maybe in other states, too.


    1. Lo,
      How are you. Perhaps Jill Stein will receive a strong endorsement from Mr. Assange during his inevitably viral interview with Mr. Pilger Saturday on RT. Did you notice the puzzling absence of Dr. Cornell West since the Green Party convention in Houston? Seemed rather unusual… You know me, Lo. – the wild-eyed irrationally optimistic Utopian. 🙂 Peace.


  3. Jerry, I also talk about this on my facebook page, Friends of the Green Revolution.
    I even made a Teeshirt and advertised it on Facebook Nobody bought it. Setting aside rigged polls, go to Youtube and see how many people are viewing this issue and the Green party in general. It is in the single digit thousands, not the 100’s or thousands or millions that we need to see. I agree with you totally, but the fact is that while fraud Sanders was able to marshall millions of votes and get 10’s of thousands to his rallies, Stein is getting maybe 1000 to her rallies. Why is a good question, since her positions are better than Sanders’. It shows how enmeshed in layer after layer of lies, obstruction and repression is inherent in the US political system.


    1. Ericarnow,
      Hello. We’re in the same choir. Unfortunately, the public speeches of Dr. Stein and Mr. Baraka, though certainly conveying positive, transformation-focused proposals, didn’t reach the same high-level oratory of a Martin Luther King, for example. Lacking that inspirational, visionary, and/or soul-moving character, their speeches failed in generating the enthusiasm necessary to catch up in the race. Another way of looking at this problem is to say they, for whatever reasons, failed to recognize the importance of speaking directly from their hearts with the greatest intensity humanly possible, which people generally appreciate and strongly support in leaders. Dr. Stein’s best talks were the one-on-one’s or to a very small number of interviewers, but the same positive exhibited qualities became diminished in talks to audiences. But, then… there’s a lot of that going around. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your insights. Peace.


    1. Stuart,
      How are you. While disappointed Sanders was robbed, he didn’t join Jill Stein in what would have been a highly competitive ticket, that Stein and Baraka were unable to resonate with voters sufficient to catch up with Trump and Clinton, that they were blocked out of debates/media etc., it might be the case that they emerged early, ahead of their time. What a world, what a time… Thanks.


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