Syria “Fact Checker”: U.S., West Assertions Defy Reality.

By Jerry Alatalo

steinAlphabet Peter Ford, Britain’s Ambassador to Bahrain (1999-2003) and Syria (2003-2006), holds a different perspective of Syria than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Perhaps Mr. Ford can act as one of Ms. Clinton’s “fact checkers” so she’ll share the full truth with the American people during Wednesday’s 3rd (Jill Stein-free) and final presidential debate with Mr. Trump. Why does it feel as if a lot of otherwise well-informed people don’t see that occurring, and, for the majority of Americans totally uninformed and/or lied to about Syria – couldn’t care less?

George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair and their war criminal accomplices lied the world into war with Iraq in 2003. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, David Cameron, Hillary Clinton and their respective war criminal accomplices lied the world into destroying Libya in 2011. Despite the clear evidence of a pattern of major criminal deception by America’s “deep state” – described and referenced a million times since articulated by U.S. General Wesley Clark, attacking and overthrowing “seven countries in five years” – expect the same deception from Clinton and Trump in “debate” #3.

Neither Clinton or Trump will mention Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and U.S./Western support – from the start of the war on Syria in 2011 until today – for ISIS, al Nusra (al Qaeda) and dozens of other mercenary terrorist groups, with fighters coming from some 80-100 countries outside Syria. Do not expect either Clinton or Trump to place the blame for the humanitarian catastrophe inflicted upon the people of Syria where it belongs: foreign fighters/terrorists and the war criminal leaders in nations responsible for paying, arming, training, supplying and directing them.

Clinton calls for a no-fly zone in Syria which straight out means war with Syria and Russia. Most Americans will hear Clinton’s no-fly zone proposal and think: “Hey, that’s good… no more bombs raining down on the kids in Syria…” Donald Trump will fail, again, to correct Clinton’s twisted no-fly zone narrative and tell the American people it means war with Syria and Russia, possibly escalating to world war, the use of nuclear weapons, and the unthinkable.

Absent a political miracle in the remaining 22 days until election day where Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka pull off the greatest upset in U.S. presidential election history, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will become the next President of the United States. That both deny legitimate candidates having the mathematical chance of winning the opportunity to debate, and that both will likely continue to flat-out lie about Syria to millions of Americans watching the final debate – should result in a lot of people in the U.S. and around the Earth putting forth serious prayers seeking the miraculous.

(Thank you to GoingUndergroundRT at YouTube)


5 thoughts on “Syria “Fact Checker”: U.S., West Assertions Defy Reality.

    1. Very good Andreas! brilliant quote.

      Thanks for sharing the Peter Ford interview, Jerry.

      Ra-ra, right-on !! the “West” against the “East…” The prevalent polarizing Pentagonal logic is a trifle flawed isn’t it? Unless the known world really is flat and finite and black and white, to boot.

      Do they really believe public opinion is going to cheer as the US grandstands its aggressive enthusiasm for shooting itself in the back?



      1. David,
        Wonder if the Ambassador Ford interview was the reason for RBS Bank to end RT-UK’s accounts. It’s a severe criticism of UK/US Syria policy, and when combined with other similar revelations creating near to a kind of checkmate condition where all understand the “game is over” – time to end the criminal charade. Thanks.


        1. Good point, Jerry. Nothing PNAC supporters try to pull will surprise me. It’s a very bad state of affairs altogether, but a strong sign that this criminal establishment is on the ropes, what with Julian Assange being denied internet access; the BDS furore etc.

          Wikipedia says RBS Group “received significant support from the UK government, which, as of August 2015, holds and manages a 73% stake through UK Financial Investments (UKFI).”

          I’m no fan of Putin, but this crazy demonization of Russia is simply iniquitous.


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