Clinton, Trump “Debate” #2: More Syria Lies.

By Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet During their first Dr. Jill Stein-free debate, the topic of Syria was fundamentally non-existent for candidates Clinton and Trump. It’s most likely their 2nd “debate” will have the same results when it comes to the hugely important story of Syria: none. Let’s put it this way… If the positions on the Middle East advocated by Dr. Jill Stein and her vice presidential running mate Ajamu Baraka, known by the term “peace offensive”, receive so much as even a mention tonight – many will experience something amounting to more than simple surprise. Sadly, the millions of American voters tuned in will not remember after tonight any mention by Clinton or Trump of “peace” in Syria, the Middle East, and/or North Africa.

Tonight’s “debate” will not become in any way a platform for discussing possible options toward bringing peace to Syria, and in the process defeat both terrorists and state-sponsorship of terrorism. To sum up, don’t expect Clinton or Trump to bring forth their brilliant proposals for establishing peace on Earth. Neither one of them are interested, so “debate” #2 is going to, once again, blow any opportunity for serious discussion about peaceful resolution of international disputes.

But – then again, why would the managers of a very important debate meant to decide the next Commander-in-Chief of the entire, vast, human and physical resources of the United States military even consider including the issue of peace? Perhaps that question explains the reasons why Green Party candidate for president Jill “Peace Offensive” Stein received, again, zero support from either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton to participate in this debate.

Both Ms. Clinton and Mr. Trump have experienced negative poll movements after their respective personal scandals hit the media recently. The scandals surrounding the devastating multi-year mercenary terrorist wars in Syria are far, far more important to Americans, Syrians, people of the Middle East, and all humanity – but unfortunately won’t become discussed. That’s the real scandal…

(Thank you to PublicEnquiry at YouTube)



2 thoughts on “Clinton, Trump “Debate” #2: More Syria Lies.

    1. Stuart,
      Certainly many are in the same boat, in full agreement with your sentiments. Apparently, those Wall Street transcripts of Hillary’s paid talks show she’s one of the world’s foremost experts on Abraham Lincoln, and the talks were really just history-focused lectures on the life of President Lincoln. 🙂 On Syria, during the “debate” ISIS, al Nusra and the rest of the mercenary killers received a free pass from Clinton and Trump – as if terrorism hasn’t been a factor. Thanks.


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