American People: The Truth About Syria.

Alphabet Dr. Henry Lowendorf and Mr. Gerry Condon recently traveled to Syria on a fact-finding mission with other men and women intent on finding out the true details of the war and humanitarian crisis in that nation. The group talked to numerous Syrian people, including religious leaders, government officials, and ordinary citizens. What they learned will shock and disturb Americans –  who’ve been subjected to the “…greatest propaganda, psychological military operation ever.”

Dr. Lowendorf is an Executive Board member of the U.S. Peace Council. Mr. Condon is Vice President of the Executive Committee of Veterans For Peace. After their return from Syria, they revealed vital facts about the situation there to Progressive Radio Network’s “Progressive Commentary Hour” program host Dr. Gary Null.

The rarely-reported information shared in this critically important, honest, timely interview provides Americans the insights necessary for better understanding the historic realities of the Syrian war, potential world-devastating consequences, and the dark future for humanity should disastrous U.S. foreign policy decisions persist.


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