Green Party’s Ajamu Baraka On Syria Crisis.

By Jerry Alatalo

Baraka-1Alphabet If not mistaken, in their first presidential debate neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump became questioned on, or voluntarily presented, their views on the globally important situation which is Syria. In the debate Americans found non-opinions on Syria by the two major candidates in what everyone routinely sees as the every-four-years battle of ideas on vital domestic and international issues of the day, and finding the two persons believed to hold the power for winning the election not even discussing the greatest military and humanitarian crisis on Earth.

It would be interesting to find out what percentage of Americans watching the debate (estimated at 100 million) either didn’t notice the omission/non-discussion of Syria or didn’t care because they know zero about what’s really been going on there since 2011 – because Western corporate media has fed them virtually nothing but lies or distortions. Whether the American people have no awareness of Syria because of media omission (as illustrated with the debate) or routine, incorrect facts, misinformation etc. received through their corporate “news” sources, the way events in Syria become reported in America and the West compared to the rest of the world, the severe difference in narratives, is astonishing.

If one had to place a bet both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump know precisely the truth about Syria, had the chance to tell the American people the full disturbing truth, but consciously chose not to. The truth they intentionally kept from Americans watching their debate is that the U.S.’ role along with its Middle East and European allies has been nothing less than one long, horrific, military and psychological operations crime against humanity – in particular against the men, women and children of Syria.

Unfortunately the situation in Syria has become so dangerous that there is no time for delay in putting the truth on the table for all to see. For a peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis to become reality, there is no other possible route to get there but that the nations and leaders who’ve, since 2011, been sponsoring (state-sponsored terror) the mercenary soldier/terrorists destroying Syria and its people will have to confess to humanity for their crimes. The hard, brutal and terrifying fact about the current situation in Syria is that there are two (2) possible outcomes: 1) the just described mass confession by the state sponsors of terrorists who have since 2011, and are now, operating in Syria or 2) escalation of violence, likely leading to world war.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s lying by omission in the debate by not telling the American people the full (any) truth about Syria makes the preferable option, universal confession of state crimes, unfortunately, look unlikely. The seeming committed unwillingness of the Obama administration, America’s European and Middle East region allies to “find God”, their stubbornness in recognizing that their massive pretense is evaporating with each passing day as more people are coming to know the truth… are more reasons for people to feel pessimistic.

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein and her vice-presidential running mate Ajamu Baraka call for a Middle East “peace offensive” that includes a weapons embargo, firm measures restricting the flow of money to terrorists, sanctions against nations sponsoring terrorism, strict adherence to international law, and high-level, intense diplomacy.

Despite the deeply negative implications of the personal moral shortcomings of those responsible for the catastrophic conditions in Syria and their seemingly impossible-to-reverse personal positions, considering the exponentially harsher – unimaginable – reality of world war brings about an intensifying of sobriety, concern and sense of urgency rarely felt or experienced in all of world history. There seems no other way of describing the state of Syria and the world today but to say humanity has arrived at an existential, immeasurably important moment of decision, perhaps most clearly conveyed in the words of the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy (1917-1963):

“Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind.”

(Thank you to Press TV News Videos at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “Green Party’s Ajamu Baraka On Syria Crisis.

  1. “…the way events in Syria become reported in America and the West compared to the rest of the world, the severe difference in narratives, is astonishing.”
    ~ Our zombie-nation will be driven into a nuclear war, unaware of who our real enemies are.


    1. Hello Rosaliene,
      Barack Obama faces almost the same situation on Syria John Kennedy faced with Cuba: high-ranking officials in the Pentagon, CIA, etc. carrying out military operations without authorization from the Commander-in-Chief. In the time of JFK there were generals, admirals and others in top power positions who were literally calling for nuclear war with Russia, carried out the Bay of Pigs invasion against the express orders not to do so by JFK, and resulted in JFK’s firing of CIA madman Allen Dulles. Obama is either going along with war plans or is opposed. His failure to fire Defense Secretary Ashton Carter over the intentional attacks on Syrian soldiers, his silence in light of extreme statements coming from Carter (U.S. first strike stance), State Department spokesman Kirby (Russians in body bags, terrorist attacks on Russian cities, etc.), makes the case that Obama is on board with world war. It’s possible Obama knows full well why the deep state murdered JFK and hasn’t the level of moral courage necessary to speak out against dangerous rhetoric, act swiftly to remove those persisting in such dangerous talk, defeat those leading the march to war and defuse the Syrian situation. It’s probably safe to say the stakes for humanity haven’t been this high since the Cuban Missile Crisis, so pray Obama and Putin can replicate the actions, coordination, and communication between JFK and Krushchov to avoid nuclear disaster. Thanks.


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