Prosecute The Sponsors Of Terrorism.

By Jerry Alatalo


Alphabet Journalist for RT Caleb Maupin had a brief interview of Syria’s United Nations Ambassador Bashar Jaafari in New York City recently. The Syrian people’s six (6) year nightmare continues, and it remains unknown whether a sufficient percentage of humanity will learn the truth quickly enough to act in preventing the potential outbreak of world war. For most men and women who’ve been paying attention to the horrific events and conditions experienced by the Syrian people starting in 2011 until today, it is clear that terrorist militias who have created a literal hell-on-Earth in that nation are in fact paid mercenaries traveling from some one hundred (100) countries.

If any man or woman reading these words were to pay others to destroy the property of their neighbors, inflict upon them severe physical and/or psycho-spiritual injury, or outright murder them in the most gruesome manner imaginable, that man or woman would face arrest, prosecution and severe punishment matching the level of the crime(s). For some reason, if groups of criminals pay others to carry out the same harmful actions on an exponentially larger scale, as has occurred in Syria for nearly six (6) years, it seems calls for swift justice are nowhere to be heard.

ISIS, al Nusra and the hundreds of other paid mercenary killing groups (estimated at 100,000 fighters) operating in Syria since 2011 have allegedly received training, arms, pay, sustenance and other aid from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel the United States and nations in Europe. Astonishingly, in the months and years since 2011, no individual(s) or groups have become identified, arrested and prosecuted for sponsoring the terrorists – who have engaged in a violent death-and-destruction rampage throughout Syria. Are the world’s most highly respected intelligence and investigative agency professionals that substandard or incompetent in the battle – the so-called “War On Terror” –  against the oft-stated greatest threat now facing civilization?

A truly immeasurable, historic, criminal deception has become foisted upon the world’s people. There are millions of men, women and children of Syria who have suffered incalculable horrific pain, injury and death as a result. Prosecute the sponsors of terrorism.

(Thank you to Caleb Maupin at YouTube)


10 thoughts on “Prosecute The Sponsors Of Terrorism.

  1. You have a lot of Chutzpah to include Israel in your list of “alleged” supporters of the killing groups in Syria.

    If anything, Israel is one of the few if any countries providing humanitarian aid to Syrian victims of the aggressions.


    1. Hi Aaron,
      Hillary Clinton said “Assad must go” while Secretary of State, her and Donald Trump both met recently with Netanyahu, the U.S. just guaranteed Israel the largest military package ($38 billion) to date, Dick Cheney, former CIA Director James Woolsey, Rupert Murdoch, Rothschild, etc. are major shareholders in a company looking to tap big energy in Golan Heights, top Israelis have said in public they’d prefer ISIS to Assad, etc. Perhaps the more descriptive term than chutzpah is analysis. Thank you.


    1. Hello Ray,
      The situation there is truly concerning for certain. Let’s hope the truth can come out with enough force to overcome the years of disinformation, thereby preventing major escalation of violence. Wonder if the disturbing truth reaching the world’s people might represent in some actual form a second coming – without World War III? Thank you. Peace.


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  3. It’s important to lend support to this initiative to counter the insipid propaganda being promoted in the English speaking media. Last night Radio NZ carried this ridiculous story by their (CIA) security consultant about Russia and Syria taking advantage of the breakdown of the ceasefire to “punish” civilians in Aleppo. I haven’t heard this kind of garbage reporting on New Zealand national radio in nearly 10 years. I had to turn it off because it was making me sick to my stomach.


    1. Hello Stuart,
      Rupert Murdoch is reportedly one of the major shareholders of an energy company, with Cheney, Rothschild, Woolsey, seeking large oil/gas extraction profits from a recently discovered massive field in the Golan Heights. Perhaps that explains the (now years-long) disinformation campaign in this human catastrophe, where (once more) big money/power is driving the war on Syria. Thank God for the internet and independent media; can we imagine how much worse off the world would be without the ability to battle the lies? Thank you.


      1. You have no proof of this. Their only known involvement is in an advisory capacity.
        Furthermore, the greatest resistance to drilling will come from Israel itself due to the environmental risks caused by fracking the shale oil.


        1. Aaron,
          Despite suppression/censorship in western media, reports on these facts are all over the internet. Now explain how ISIS, Al Nusra and the other terrorist mercenary groups killing and destroying in Syria have obtained their arms, money, training, supplies, etc. for over five years. Attempt to obfuscate further if you wish. Thanks.


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