Syria President Assad On Country’s Condition.

By Jerry Alatalo

assad-1Alphabet In a just under half-hour interview with Associated Press, President Bashar al Assad of Syria discussed worrisome, long-suffered details related to recent events and the situation in the country. His words were rather direct when describing his perceived view of United States’ (un)willingness to fight terrorism, in particular ISIS-Daesh in Syria and the Middle East:

“I believe that the United States is not genuine regarding having cessation of violence in Syria. The United States doesn’t have the will to work against al Nusra or even ISIS, because they believe that this is a card they can use for their own agenda. If they attack al Nusra or ISIS they will lose (a) very important card regarding the situation in Syria, so I don’t believe the United States will be ready to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria”.

Asked if he thought the American-led coalition attack on Syrian army forces in Deir ez-Zor where 80 Syrian soldiers were killed and over 100 sustained injury was intentional, Bashar Assad answered that – yes – he thought the attacks were intentional. He explained that there were (4) four war planes involved at Deir ez-Zor, that the compound or base covered a large area, and that the attacks went on for 50-60 minutes, therefore signifying intentional actions.

Responding to often-mentioned allegations of chemical weapons use by his government and army, Assad noted that the United States has opposed Syrian initiatives to bring in United Nations chemical weapons experts for investigations after such weapons became unleashed in the past. Assad explains American opposition to chemical weapons investigations as fear on the part of Americans that rebels would become identified as the chemical weapons criminals, and not the Syrian army.

Responding to similarly oft-used, long-term accusations of Assad that “he kills his own people”, Bashar al Assad conveyed to the Associated Press reporter that “We don’t kill civilians… Who (then) is going to support us?” On somewhat of a side note about media coverage in America, after the September 17 (Saturday) attack by American-led coalition planes killed over 80 Syrian soldiers and injured over 100, the news program “Democracy Now” failed to give the Syria situation any measurable attention, time segments or reporting whatsoever.

Some have claimed that “Democracy Now” – because of their financial backers, foundations, etc. – performs the role of what some refer to as “gatekeeper”, meaning the substance, content and issues covered, reported on, and the organization broadcasts around the world (Dish, DirecTV) become limited to only those approved by their money providers. This “limited hangout” label stands out in particular when it comes to Democracy Now’s reporting on Syria. What can explain Democracy Now’s  (4) four days of non-Syria coverage when veteran journalists and world affairs experts express great alarm over events there, even hinting of World War III?

Democracy Now anti-Syria bias aside, Associated Press asked Bashar al Assad about the U.S. presidential election: “The problem with every American candidate regarding the presidency, I’m not only talking about this campaign but elections generally, that they say something during the campaign, and they do the opposite after the campaign”.

“So, you cannot judge these people according to what they say, you cannot take them at their words. To be frank, we don’t listen to their statements, we don’t care about it, we don’t believe it… We have to wait until they become president, we have to watch their actions, policies, behaviors. We don’t have a lot of expectations – we never had. We have hopes we can see rational American presidents, fair, obey international law, deal with other countries according to mutual respect, parity, etc…”

Syrian President Bashar al Assad concluded the interview: “But, we all know that this is only wishful thinking and fantasy”. Pray for peace in Syria. Pray for peace on Earth.

(Thank you to Syrian Presidency at YouTube)


11 thoughts on “Syria President Assad On Country’s Condition.

  1. That appears to be a very honest interview. Well done. I agree with Mr. Assad, especially about the US attack of Syrian forces. The very first time I heard of it I knew it was deliberate. When dealing with US military we’re not dealing with snake oil salesmen, we’re dealing with venomous snakes.

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    1. Sha’ Tara,
      One can find many videos from 2014 after Assad won the presidential election by a landslide and see Syrians joyous, even dancing, in streets across the country. The U.S. has as much concern for Syrians as they did for Iraqis, Libyans, Afghans, Vietnamese, etc. before them – ZERO. The Syrian people have from 2011 until today been subjected to war crimes of the highest order – the kind which became prosecuted at Nuremberg. All apparently over natural gas pipelines to Europe and the petrodollar. Thank you.

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    2. Sha’Tara,
      If you’d like to join the discussion with Sarah and I (that is, if she agrees to participate) and are willing to be included in the eventually published post, you are hereby offered an invitation, and more than welcome.


      1. A sincere thank you for the invitation, Jerry, but time constraints due to the business suddenly booming (Spring and all that!) and the fact that I have no real FACTS to contribute, only strong opinions on certain events and movements throughout the earth… I don’t see how that could be very useful. I will read the interview, certainly and follow the comments. Thank you again.


  2. Great article. I’m a Syrian American that writes frequently about Syria as a citizen journalist. I got tired of seeing all of the lies and propaganda on msm and took it upon myself to give Syrians in Syria a voice in the West. I am glad to see that you’re not spreading the “regime change” NATO/US narrative in your article. I will be following your site and reading your articles. Thank you!


    1. Hello Sarah,
      Thank you. After reading your comment, the thought of collaborating on a post, me as interviewer and you as interviewee, came to mind. If that sounds like a potentially positive idea, and you would like to proceed in that direction (a raw, unfiltered discussion) we can create the post here and now. Perhaps the end product will make a good difference. Reading your latest writing it’s clear you prefer getting to the truth and omitting the irrelevant and/or distracting. So… if you’re agreeable to, say, a 4,000 or 7,000 or 20,000! word discussion (or until either of us, or both become exhausted and want to conclude…) I will ask you this: “What are the true, nuts and bolts, root causes for the now 6-year warring in Syria?”

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        1. Sarah,
          We sent you an email, but either you didn’t receive it or now are uninterested in the idea … Please reply if you didn’t get the email.. Things in Syria have truly transformed in the three weeks since making contact. My advice is strongly focusing on efforts designed to force Donald Trump into showing his “evidence” (or absence of..) that Syrian forces were responsible for the Idlib chemical atrocity. Best regards.


          1. Hi Jerry, sorry been very busy. There are different narratives flowing about as to why Trump ordered the tomahawk missiles. One is that he was given inaccurate information and took an emotionally charged action. Another is that he did this intentionally to quiet the war mongers that are looking to do more damage in Syria. So it really depends on who you want to believe. What we know for certain is that the previous chemical attacks were not done by Assad or the Syrian Arab Army nor was this one.


            1. Sarah,
              People might want to trust their intuition on this Trump criminal action… Those who spend a lot of time listening to interviews, reading articles, etc. develop a sense on when people are being truthful or lying. My intuition says Trump is a liar, starting with his appearing in election commercials endorsing Netanyahu, then further confirmed by his meeting with the 30-something Saudi director of genocide in Yemen. Pardon my taking an “out there” position on Trump, but at times, particularly when he seems to practice deceptive, dark spirituality when bringing God into public addresses on Yemen and Syria, the idea of antichrist comes forth.

              Example #1: Trump’s address to Congress where he led the “record length” applause when recognizing the widow of the Navy seal who died in Yemen. My first impression said he was practicing black magic, plausible seeing he expresses no remorse for the Yemeni people’s severe crises. Example #2: His concern for the “beautiful babies”, when again no expression of concern for innocents who’ve perished elsewhere in Syria, Iraq, etc. He, like Obama before him, have gone along with covert terrorist financing, evidenced by no public statements about the need to find and prosecute sponsors of terrorism, whether private or state.

              Nikki Haley told CNN’ Tapper that the Trump administration had the “evidence” proving Syrian forces carried out chemical attack in Idlib, that Trump has seen the evidence, but that nobody else can see it because it’s “… naturally classified”, and will become declassified on an unspecified future date. Where the lying, criminal Trump administration is most vulnerable is on the “evidence” they claim to posses, but can’t share with the people. This is where to attack, because intuition says they possess zero evidence. Peace.

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