Kerry Pitches No-Fly Zone Over Syria: Another Libya 2011?

By Jerry Alatalo

April6-4(The moment in 2011 when then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heard that Libya’s leader Muhammar Gaddafi was murdered, upon which she “joyously” exclaimed, “We came! We saw! He DIED!”)

Alphabet Perhaps John Kerry feels he somehow has earned or deserves a similar, career-capping  “Hillary: Gaddafi moment” like the one above, but that for Kerry it’s 2016 and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Perhaps U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry thought the power of suggestion was enough to bring the United Nations Security Council members to unanimously agree on a no-fly zone over Syria. In this instance, Mr. Kerry thought wrong… There is no possible way that the Syrian government, nor Russia or China – two of the Security Council’s permanent, veto-power member states, will allow the same military destruction and chaos experienced by the Libyan people from 2011 until today.

While fully agreeable with Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein over Syria, the Middle East and terrorism in general, intensifying the fight against terrorist mercenaries in Syria might help avert the nightmarish consequences of an even more reckless, dangerous and irresponsible series of actions like those on Saturday by coalition planes which killed 80 Syrian officers and wounded some 100 more. One senses great urgency, and that the time for crushing the terrorist threat in Syria is now.

This means giving a clear ultimatum to all militia groups inside Syria, including the Obama Administration’s “kinder, gentler, moderate head-chopper rebels”, that they are being given precisely 48-hours to give up their weapons and surrender, or, by refusing to surrender, understand they risk paying the ultimate price. Dr. Stein’s plan, if it became implemented, would eventually work and carry out the defeat of terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Libya and other Middle East-North Africa areas. Unfortunately time for implementing her proposals has become unavailable; the most rapid, direct route in defeating terrorists, especially in Syria, must now become chosen and traveled to the end.

The severe and powerfully dangerous risks associated with nuclear-armed nations becoming tangled up in warfare in the skies over Syria are clearly far too great to even consider. The Obama Administration will need to order their “moderate” terrorists off the field of battle, then, if Syria and/or Russia still respect some level of normal relations and trust the U.S. enough to coördinate militarily to defeat the terrorists, maybe U.S. forces will play a role in bringing down the terrorists. At this point, however, that means a big maybe.

John Kerry delivered a dark, foreboding ultimatum during his Security Council talk as well, when he suggested to the Council members that failing to establish the “no-fly zone” over Syria would result in greater violence and deaths, more destruction, more refugees, and an expanded field of war across the region. It is difficult to interpret his no-fly zone stance as anything other than a type of “final” U.S. offer – one with an extremely dire warning attached. Is it possible John Kerry just raised the stakes of world war and peace to their highest, greatest anxiety-producing level since 1945?

“You will give us this no-fly zone, or else!”…

One senses that is precisely what John Kerry did – raised the stakes sky-high, and that the peace-loving people of this world have been called to organize, join their voices, and literally stop World War III. Now – before it’s too late.

(Thank you to Press TV News Videos at YouTube)


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