9/11 Justice After 15 Years?

Mark Your Calendars for September 10-11, 2016…

Posted by Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet On Saturday September 10 and Sunday September 11 hundreds of researchers and activists will gather in the historic Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City. Will fifteen long years of ongoing efforts finally pay off and bear fruit, expose the truth and realize justice for the attacks that killed over 3,000 innocent victims – and continues serving as the pretext for the global war on terrorism?

For more information on this potentially decisive, vital, landmark historic event including the schedule of speakers, presenters and topics, how to attend in person or watch via live stream etc., please visit: http://JusticeInFocus.org.

(Thank you to ae911truth at YouTube)


2 thoughts on “9/11 Justice After 15 Years?

    1. David,
      The gravitas of the moral and wise men and women at this event should likely guarantee a major 9/11 truth breakthrough. The weekend of September 10-11, 2016 will “change everything”, but – when compared to negative world changes/developments (15 years worth) which came after September 11, 2001 – for the betterment and healing of humanity. This meeting is a major world crossroad event of enormous proportion, legal consequence and historic significance. Thank you.

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