Ending Impunity Stops World’s War Criminals.

By Jerry Alatalo

World Map1Alphabet Benjamin Ferencz is now age 96 and the only living, surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials conducted after World War II came to an end. Since that time, 1946, Mr. Ferencz has been on a mission to create the international law infrastructure necessary to bring about effective deterrence to stop person(s) or group(s) considering conducting war crimes, crimes against humanity, wars of aggression, or genocide.

Through history up until today, too often the world’s most powerful have been able to commit, with no accountability or negative consequences – with impunity – atrocities through initiation of illegal wars: 1) carried out without being attacked, without any justification for the reason of self-defense, and 2) without getting United Nations Security Council approval. Harvard Law School graduate Ben Ferencz has worked hard all of his life to correct/fix that undesirable, often destructive situation in the world.

His idea for global jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, where all nations unanimously agree to join the court and abide by its laws, is perfectly reasonable, simple to understand, yet the highest vision hasn’t been reached; some nations, including the largest, remain outside of International Criminal Court jurisdiction.

While Mr. Ferencz has worked for decades to create the global legal institution, become well-known in legal, academic, peace activist, non-governmental organization circles etc. and continued on with focused efforts, he admits being 96 years old doesn’t leave a lot of time for him to see his vision accomplished. It would be unfortunate if he wasn’t able to see it occur before leaving this Earth, because such an outstanding proposal should have, rightly, come into existence a long time ago.

Of the remaining candidates for President of the United States – Clinton, Johnson, Stein and Trump – the platform of Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein calling for U.S. foreign policy based on international law and human rights seems most closely aligned with Mr. Ferencz.

People familiar with Benjamin Ferencz know his phrase “law not war”. He’s known for his encouraging words at the end of talks (especially to university students) to those puzzled on persisting delays in establishing such a global legal architecture, and the great promise of extensively reducing instances of illegal wars: “Never give up.. never give up.. never give up.”

For a truly good man like Benjamin Ferencz, one wishes he’ll see his life-long efforts bear fruit and that his dream of peace on Earth comes true. Thank you, Benjamin Ferencz.

(Thank you to Nuremberg Legacy Channel at YouTube)

6 thoughts on “Ending Impunity Stops World’s War Criminals.

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  2. I introduced your article in my Public FB News Feed with these words;
    I never heard of Benjamin Ferencz before Today. For the younger people, he was the Chief Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials after WWII.

    I just watched the full video at the bottom of this article, of this 96 year old man appeal to us with passion and strength to do the Right Thing in our Times! This man still has all his agile mental faculties and to me it is admirable to see.

    It is possible to achieve if we don’t give up as he says.
    And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plow shares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.
    Isaiah 2


    1. Hi Ray,
      Same thing here – had no idea Benjamin Ferencz existed until a few months ago, despite the fact he’s an international law giant. The man’s ideas are so common sense and simple, both profound and potentially world-changing, yet he’s been working for near 70 years out of the public eye and consciousness. My guess for the media and political systems’ ignoring the man is that his ideas have the real potential for ending war as humanity has known it, the greatest possible outcome for the vast majority of people, but “harmful” to those who benefit from arms sales, financial profit, natural resources, etc. in militarily conquered regions. Thank you, Ray. Peace.


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    1. Stuart,
      Mr. Ferencz brings such a simple, straightforward solution to ruling elites’ impunity for the worst crimes imaginable. It’s incredible he’s been offering the solution for 70 years, yet the unanimity/agreement and implementation of ICC global jurisdiction has not occurred. Maybe someone from another nation will see this, tell their neighbor the nation’s UN Ambassador, and the ball will start rolling… Thanks.


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