Jill Stein: “Nationalize The Fed.” How Will Clinton, Trump, Johnson Respond?

By Jerry Alatalo

“A man is truly ethical when he obeys the compulsion to help all life he is able to assist, and shrinks from injuring anything that lives.”

The Philosophy of Civilization, Part II (1923)

– ALBERT SCHWEITZER (1875-1965) Alsatian-born physician, organist, philosopher

blogger3-1Alphabet Now that the dust is nearly settled after the Republican and Democratic party conventions, the remaining serious candidates are Clinton, Johnson, Stein and Trump. Now, with only three months until election day November 8, the presidential debates are ready to roll into high gear. Green Party candidate and inheritor of a large segment of Bernie Sanders supporters Jill Stein has initiated the debates by, among other proposals, expressing her view that the U.S. Federal Reserve should become a public, not private, institution.

It’s fair to say nationalizing the Fed is the boldest proposal coming from a presidential candidate in a long, long time. How will the three other presidential candidates – Clinton, Johnson and Trump – respond to Dr. Stein’s advocating for a policy of fundamental monetary reform? Third party presidential candidates have traditionally been marginalized and defeated due to intentional efforts by the most powerful and wealthy in America running the federal government like the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, outside the public’s view, in the shadows.

For the issue of nationalizing the Federal Reserve to become one in which the “Final Four” of the 2016 election have no choice but to fully address is truly historic. Citizens in the United States, European Union and all nations on Earth where privately-owned central banks exist can look forward to becoming educated on what is perhaps humanity’s issue of #1 importance. Even if Dr. Jill Stein doesn’t become the next (1st woman) President of the United States, bringing this massively vital issue to the world’s attention will result in her name being written in history books, and described as the person who sparked a major civilization-wide shift of thinking in the year 2016.

For the younger generation of men and women aged 45 and under whose lives were intellectually enriched through the internet and increased awareness of Earthly realities – and sharply contrasting those reported on corporate media, international banking with its various aspects – unspoken of and considered “taboo” by politicians and the media – is a subject of familiarity. The appearance of the topic in a presidential election was only a matter of time. Fortunately that time has now arrived, and a long-ignored and delayed, important and necessary conversation can commence.

The fundamental questions surrounding the idea of choosing between keeping the Federal Reserve system as it is or transforming it into a public institution will focus on comparing and contrasting the benefits and harms of each option, and the various models available should the people decide on major changes to the nation’s monetary system. The “cat is out of the bag”, the “genie is out of the bottle”, and there’s no possibility of concealing, obfuscation, avoiding, or sweeping under the rug the idea of beneficial monetary reform, ever again.

Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party’s proposal on the Federal Reserve isn’t the only intriguing idea she offers to voters for their consideration, but beyond any doubt it’s the one which will create the greatest “buzz” and/or impact in America and around the Earth. Ultimately, all issues in her party’s platform are inter-related, including those associated with:

  • the military industrial complex (warned about by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in his Farewell Address), war and peace – in particular the Middle East, reduced military expenditure, a foreign policy based on international law and human rights
  • the environment and a “Green New Deal” for renewable energy transformation of the country, 100% sun, wind, water, etc. power by 2030, for economic growth and jobs
  • cancellation of student debt, as the “economic stimulus of our dreams”
  • establishing a medicare-for-all universal health care system
  • a $15/hour minimum wage
  • bringing the rule of law back to Wall Street
  • moving toward greater diplomacy in international relations, to wisely decrease the possibilities for outbreak/escalation of conflict
  • dealing effectively with the root socioeconomic causes leading to problems in the criminal justice system, reversing privatization of the corrections “industry”
  • taking results-focused measures to combat climate change
  • reversing the Supreme Court Citizens United decision, getting big money out of politics …and more

So, Dr. Jill Stein has started the real debate of the 2016 presidential election. Would Ms. Clinton, Mr. Johnson or Mr. Trump like to volunteer as the first to respond?…

(Thank you to RT at YouTube)

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    1. Rosaliene,
      Looks like there was a hurried effort to get the interview out there… For those just learning Dr. Stein’s platform of ideas, the interview certainly gives them a contrast to Hillary Clinton; the two women have political ideas which couldn’t be further apart. Thanks.


  2. Great post, Jerry. If Jill can get into the debates, this will be an eye-opener, an educational moment for Americans. Not because we don’t know the Fed is in the shadows, but because nobody thinks we can do anything about it.


    1. JoAnn,
      No doubt about it… Talk about speaking truth to power.. her Earthquake of a proposal is taking on the largest money powers in the world. One can only imagine the level of courage Dr. Stein has, especially when considering the number of people murdered through the years after battling with the super-big money players. Thanks.

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  3. Actually the Federal Reserve should be OWNED by the individual citizens who make up the 12 Federal Reserve Districts, not by the government of politicians.

    We should be demanding that the Federal Reserve use its existing powers (Section 13, para. 2) to lift barriers to equal access and opportunities for the 99 percent to become direct OWNERS of productive, income-generating capital. We are sending the politicians a new message: Pass the Capital Homestead Act to build justice into our money and tax systems, and to grow a vibrant, sustainable economy. We should be calling for students and young people to join together to free all our citizens from wage slavery, welfare slavery, debt slavery and tax slavery, and to build a future that empowers every person. It is time to launch a new national objective: “Every Citizen an Owner.“

    Why We Should Rallying At The Federal Reserve

    To present how the Federal Reserve, without taxpayer money or adding to Federal debt, could create asset-backed money and interest-free, productive credit, as part of a new national strategy for building a “green growth” economy, eliminating government deficits, and creating a nation of capital owners.

    To show how artificial barriers in our tax and monetary systems could be lifted to create equal ownership opportunities to future capital assets for every citizen.

    To chart a step-by-step strategy for creating Capital Homesteading models at the community level, passing national legislation (the Capital Homestead Act) and developing global applications to provide every citizen of the world the means to become an owner of income-producing wealth.

    What We All Need To Know

    America and the world community face a continuing collapse of the money and credit system not seen since the Great Depression. Flawed policies of central banks like the Federal Reserve, which supported speculation in the stock market over production of real goods and services, were a root cause of this crisis.

    The effects of the global financial crisis are evidenced by inadequate capital credit for businesses of all sizes, and growing unemployment, poverty, and hopelessness among potentially productive Americans and citizens of other countries. Students are graduating with mountainous debt and shrinking prospects for a decent job to repay their loans. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve continues to ignore the obvious differences between productive uses of credit and non-productive uses of credit, pouring money into mounting government deficits and crippling future generations with debt.

    America can wait no longer. Now is the time for a comprehensive policy framework that would reform the financial system, democratize governance of the Fed, unify the nation and light a new path for the world.

    Taking inspiration from President Abraham Lincoln, the great Unifier and Emancipator, the coalition needs to call on President Barack Obama and the next president to introduce a new direction for Federal Reserve policy — a 21st century counterpart to Lincoln’s Homestead Act. Along with tax and other reforms, the proposed “Capital Homestead Act” would channel the Fed’s money creation powers to grow our private sector economy, and economically emancipate every child, woman and man in America through a direct and growing capital ownership stake in the new technologies and energy systems that America will need to compete in the global economy.

    The Federal Reserve Holds The Key

    The key to growing the economy and creating new owners of new income-producing wealth is the democratization of access to productive capital credit. The Capital Homestead Act would employ the Fed’s existing powers under Section 13 of the Federal Reserve Act and make the Fed’s money power accessible directly to every American.

    By reorganizing the Federal Reserve System and its twelve regional banks into a “fourth branch of government,” every citizen can become a shareholder of this basic institution of money creation. Why “End the Fed,” as some are calling for, when we as citizens should “Own the Fed”?

    No longer should the Federal Reserve and our tax system merely serve the special interests of a financial elite or become the tool of the Federal government for financing war and deficit spending. “We the People” must be empowered to hold the Federal Reserve accountable and to return it to its true social purpose. With changes in our tax and monetary policies, as embodied in the comprehensive economic plan called “the Capital Homestead Act,” we could create sound, asset-backed money for sustainable private sector growth, and liberate every man, woman and child as a direct owner of new productive wealth.

    Support Monetary Justice at http://capitalhomestead.org/page/monetary-justice.

    Support the Capital Homestead Act (aka Economic Democracy Act) at http://www.cesj.org/learn/capital-homesteading/, http://www.cesj.org/learn/capital-homesteading/capital-homestead-act-a-plan-for-getting-ownership-income-and-power-to-every-citizen/, http://www.cesj.org/learn/capital-homesteading/capital-homestead-act-summary/ and http://www.cesj.org/learn/capital-homesteading/ch-vehicles/.


    1. Susan,
      Thank you for sharing information about the Federal Reserve, privately-owned central banking around the Earth, and the importance of discussing the issue in the 2016 presidential election and debates. What some describe as “the money power” can no longer remain concealed from the people of America and the world, in particular the reality that control of money creation, supply and disbursement is owned by an extremely wealthy, powerful, small group of individuals in a global system of profound imbalance affecting the lives, health and well-being of billions. Monetary reform on a global scale is an issue which can no longer be intentionally obscured, hidden, or otherwise kept out of humanity’s awareness, as superior options more beneficial for mankind exist and are available for implementing. Thanks, again.


  4. Christine

    It’s now 2018 and I haven’t heard anyone talk about nationalizing the Fed. I just watched The Money Masters and Zeitgeist again with some young people who had no idea how money is created.

    Is there any kind of campaign / organized effort?


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