Dr. Jill Stein: Reject The Lesser Evil… Choose The Greater Good.

By Jerry Alatalo

keyboard7-1Alphabet Many are becoming aware that Hillary Clinton isn’t the only woman in the United States attempting to break the “glass ceiling” and become elected the first woman President. After Bernie Sanders exited the race many of his followers have urged him to join with Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who offered him the top position on the Green ticket, an invitation to join forces and continue the remarkable political revolution Sanders’ campaign had generated.

Now that he’s fully endorsed Ms. Clinton and declined Ms. Stein’s offer, many Sanders supporters – finding it impossible to back Hillary Clinton, and angered over recent Wikileaks revelations showing intentional sabotaging of Sanders’ campaign by members of the Democratic National Committee – have decided to continue to November 8 in support of Dr. Jill Stein.

If enough Americans join and support the presidential campaign of Jill Stein to reach 15% in the polls then the two woman looking to break the “glass ceiling” will stand on the same debate stage, and the American people will be given the opportunity to compare their ideas – along with those of Donald Trump, and quite possibly Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson – for solving the problems of the nation, and the world.

Not since Ross Perot ran as an independent in 1992 has there been more than two presidential candidates in nationally televised debates; in that 1992 election Republican George H.W. Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton and Independent Ross Perot stood together on the battle-of-ideas platform. In 2016, it’s very possible that for the first time four candidates – Clinton, Johnson, Stein, and Trump – will share the stage. Perhaps such an extraordinary political development would not be as dramatic as electing the first woman president of the United States, nonetheless it would dramatically increase political interest, discussion and active participation in all the 50 states.

Such a first in presidential debates will allow the people to hear the full range of political philosophy available in the nation, help tremendously with informing and contrasting the candidates’ positions, and generate thoughtful consideration before the eventual decision of voters on November 8. Perhaps the campaigns could even agree to four, or more, debates of 2-3 hours each – another first, and further benefiting voters who have yet to decide.

…And isn’t that what democracy is supposed to look like?

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11 thoughts on “Dr. Jill Stein: Reject The Lesser Evil… Choose The Greater Good.

    1. Greetings Lo,
      How are you. Just to clarify, and we’ve talked about this, I was always a supporter of both Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders. Of course it’s only speculation, but it’s possible that Sanders’ declining to accept Dr. Stein’s offer to join her on the Green Party ticket is related to death threats in the same league as KFK, MLK, RFK and so many leaders around the world through history. The theory that Sanders was always a sheepdog for Clinton and not a serious contender for the presidency is inaccurate in my view, and shown false when looking at the real punches he threw at Clinton during the campaign. One strong example was Sanders’ continuous public embarrassment of Clinton on her Goldman Sachs speech transcripts – an action one wouldn’t engage in had one been a “sheepdog”. People have to put themselves in Sanders’ shoes in the context of the very high power stakes involved, his full awareness of what really happened to JFK, MLK, RFK and the others through history, and knowing his very life depended on whether he continued with Jill Stein or endorsed Clinton. That is my honest analysis. There’s a lot more which could be said, but let’s leave it for now at praying the Creator protects and strengthens Jill Stein and her supporters going forward. Thanks. Peace.


        1. Lo,
          Sanders’ run has one of four explanations: 1) he was the “sheepdog” herding young voters to Clinton, thus making his the greatest political acting performance ever, 2) he only wished to shake the establishment up, never believing his campaign would get so close, 3) he wanted to win, got royally screwed, but endorsed her like he said, or 4) he wanted to win, got royally screwed, was set to join Jill Stein, but received a message which told him in no uncertain terms that if he took that action his destiny was as JFK, MLK, and RFK. Given the deep state indeed murdered JFK, MLK, and RFK, and that Sanders is aware of that fact, my hunch is that the 4th theory applies. Perhaps one day the truth will emerge, nonetheless now it’s “Jill or Bust”. Her announcement on nationalizing the Federal Reserve, speaking of shaking the establishment up, was historic. Thanks.


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    It would indeed be a great sign of our democracy to have four candidates – instead of just two – sharing the stage during debates for the best presidential candidate. When we only have the choice between two evils, we the people will lose.


    1. Hello Rosaliene,
      Thank you. Presidential debates between Clinton, Johnson, Stein and Trump should be universally welcomed as a shining example of the highest form of democracy, civilized discussion of ideas, all in the best interests of humanity; only those opposed to real democracy and speaking the truth would oppose such a moral and magnificent process. Peace.


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    There is a third way! The US Green Party offer a cleaner way of life, and Green is bright. If only more Americans could get on the Green Wagon and support her policies maybe we wouldn’t have to fear Trump winning.


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