The Collateral Consequences Of Hillary Clinton.

By Jerry Alatalo

“In public life, instead of modesty, incorruptibility, and honesty – shamefulness, bribery and rapacity hold sway.”

-SALLUST (86-34 B.C.) Roman historian

aaa-9Alphabet The Wall Street documentary expose’, “The Veneer of Justice in the Kingdom of Crime”, was written, produced and directed by Mr. John Titus. In the film he makes a strong case that the Obama administration Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder (the top law enforcement official in the United States), Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer and others from the department protected executives of Wall Street global giant Goldman Sachs from prosecution for major financial fraud – and prison.

For those men and women who view the film, it should become readily apparent the real reasons for Hillary Clinton’s firm resolve and still-persisting refusal to show the American people the transcripts of her three (3) $225,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs. At the same time, the level of concern over Ms. Clinton’s nondisclosure and total lack of transparency should rise exponentially, in a natural response seeing she’s, thus far, the favorite to become the next President of the United States.

Unfortunately, Mr. Titus’ outstanding film is a documentary based on facts – and not a work of fiction. The American people are reasonable in expecting a President Hillary Clinton to appoint the same caliber of legal minds to her Justice Department as Barack Obama, illustrated by Clinton campaign advertisements featuring Eric Holder giving her his “strong” endorsement. That Mr. Holder, Mr. Breuer and other Obama Justice Department attorneys now work at the Wall Street law firm Covington & Burling representing Goldman Sachs and other major “too big to fail/jail” banks should cause Americans to stop and think.

Americans might think again about Hillary Clinton, because in the eight years of Obama’s administration not one Wall Street executive went to jail, despite what many expert observers have concluded was major, epidemic financial fraud committed in the years leading up to the economic crash of 2007-8. The people of Britain recently voted to leave the European Union in what everyone has come to know as the “Brexit”. Considering Ms. Clinton’s unyielding secrecy over her $225,000 Goldman Sachs speeches combined with the film’s Goldman Sachs-specific revelations as associated with Obama’s Justice Department officials, the American people might start looking around for the nearest “Clexit” (Clinton exit).

At first glance, an analogy of “Brexit” and “Clexit” might seem somewhat silly or even ridiculous. But after further thought, both the British and Americans share the challenge of dealing with a handful of extremely wealthy, politically connected people operating from positions of massive centralized power, able to completely escape accountability from constraining legal or democratic means. In a real sense, Americans’ electing Ms. Clinton President of the United States is the precise opposite of Brits’ voting to leave the European Union – further concentration of power versus decentralization.

As Mr. Titus’ film points out, Eric Holder, Lanny Breuer and their Justice Department colleagues arranged for Goldman Sachs to commit crimes with impunity, conjuring up the excuse of sparing employees, the U.S. and world economy, etc. from negative “collateral consequences”. Holder and Breuer simply made up the “collateral consequences” argument to protect their friends at Goldman Sachs from going to prison.

However, the negative collateral (parallel) consequences of a Hillary Clinton presidency would be all too real, multi-faceted – including matters of war and peace, and cause for great concern internationally – only possible through attainment of one of the most powerful positions on Earth.

(Thank you to BestEvidence at YouTube)


7 thoughts on “The Collateral Consequences Of Hillary Clinton.

  1. Well put, Jerry. As I read, I couldn’t help think one of the best things would be Hillary Clinton getting indicted and, if found guilty, sent to prison. Something like that would draw a line in the sand for corrupt powers all around the world.


    1. JoAnn,
      Did you know Clinton as Secretary of State in March 2011 after Fukushima nuclear disaster warned her staff to stay inside to avoid the radioactive plume crossing the Pacific toward the U.S., but said nothing to warn the American people. Kevin Blanch found the released Clinton email to staff. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has been an “honored” guest on stage during Clinton Foundation events with Hillary, so one could guess she was aware of the DOJ treason described in the film. Then, there’s Scott Bennett’s experience of being ignored as a whistleblower by Clinton’s State Department and the DOJ of Holder and Breuer after he presented Swiss bank accounts of Saudis involved in terrorist financing. Bennett contacted dozens of members of Congress and nobody lifted a finger, then he was framed by Holder & company for a minor military paperwork error and sent to prison. Corruption abounds to the point where integrity is the rare exception in Washington, D.C.. Obama’s covering up Saudi – Bush guilt in 9/11 by not releasing the 28 Pages, covert supplying and protection of ISIS, and on and on it goes… Just trying to cheer you up, JoAnn. 🙂 There’s some good new after Brits dealt a blow to the fascists of the European Union. Thanks.

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  2. Very polished syncopated expose of the DoJ syndicated ‘Wall St Spinning Door Shuffle.’

    Mrs Clinton has been directly implicated by Seymour Hersh in Sarin-smuggling out of Libya:

    They are thicker than thieves; these sickening specimens of depravity.

    I’m pretty sure the majority of Brexit voters who pretend to ‘read’ Murdoch’s Sun and hold the Daily Mail close to their palpitating migratory hearts, had or have little real grasp of the degree of American complicity, culpability or cartel-collusion in the affairs of Europe; Yanis Varoufakis did a great job of pulling back the curtain, and together with Caroline Lucas and others argued heroically for Remain, predicated on the principle of direct action being more coherent than indirect reaction.

    So long as banks dictate their special ‘rules,’ that ensure the actual Rule of Law withers on the tortured Vine of Truth, Britain in or out, is only a matter of ‘inconvenience’ for the parochial, predatory ambitions of US ‘dynastics,’ who claim the empirical capital right, to run our psychotic world ~ right off that quant-ambivalent cliff-edge into the probabilistic (ballistic?) multiverse of chaos.


    1. David,
      One of these days (one hopes soon) some person of impeccable character, or some group of well-known and respected retired people, are going to find their souls, speak the truth and identify the criminals, and begin the process of bringing real morality to the forefront on this Earth. Nothing less than amazing the extent to which good people allow fear to overcome them, and preventing their speaking out against clear criminality and injustice. Agree with your sentiment on the lack of awareness over the origins of the EU, but thankful that the Brexit process has resulted in many recognizing the history and power-driven intentions of those who’ve designed the dictatorship. Thanks, David.


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