A Message For The 51 Seeking War.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-42Alphabet After 51 mid-level U.S. State Department officials called for the Obama administration to begin attacks on Syrian armed forces, it seemed beneficial to share a video of retired U.S. intelligence professional Ray McGovern explaining historical facts which might result in the 51 altering their perceptions. One has to wonder exactly why – as Syrian forces are getting ready to retake ISIS’ long-held self-proclaimed “capitol” city of Raqqa – these 51 individuals would call for such counter-productive action.

Ray McGovern starts by talking about the 1996 document: “The Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”, and identifying the “realm” as “greater Israel”. The plan consists of “blowing apart Syria”, the same for Iraq, then Iran, and was conceived by so-called “neocons” Richard Perle, Douglas Feith and other high level political people powerfully influencing events in Washington, D.C.. After 5,000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis perished, and while millions became refugees because of the Iraq War, the same groups set their sights on destroying Syria to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad.

After war commenced in early 2011, Barack Obama told the press in August 2012 that he’d “change his calculus” about use of military force in Syria were the Assad government ever to use chemical weapons. In August 2013, a chemical attack in the outskirts of Damascus occurred. John Kerry immediately pointed the finger at Assad forces in the chemical attack, American and European forces were on the brink of conducting a major attack on Syrian military and positions, but the attack was identified to have been a “false flag” carried out by the rebels. The false flag had been designed to draw U.S. and western allies into an operation on the same lines as the disastrous NATO attack in 2011 against Libya – pushed by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – transforming that nation into a failed state, and eventually a base of operations for the region’s terrorists.

U.S. intelligence professionals saw the false flag for what it was, and refused to issue an assessment contradicting reality (because “the evidence stunk”), but, in a “new genre” according to Mr. McGovern, the White House issued its own assessment created by “political hacks” attempting to place blame on Assad’s government. Ray McGovern admits astonishment upon hearing that in a meeting between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, that Putin said “John Kerry is lying, and that is very sad”, and that Mr. Obama had no corrective response because his intelligence chief had briefed him about the facts.

Obama and Putin avoided catastrophic war by agreeing with Assad on destroying Syria’s entire stock of chemical weapons, making neocons like Paul Wolfowitz and Joseph Liebermann angry because they “didn’t get their war”. The global independent media made a major difference during that tense time by flooding the internet with reports about the false flag, helping in no small measure to prevent another Libyan tragedy and turning the opinions of American, British, and the world’s people against any attack of Syria based on lies.

The war, violence and destruction in Syria has, sadly, only continued since August-September 2013, while attempts at negotiations have failed to stop the fighting. It is worth noting that opposition groups have declined participating honorably in peace talks, ISIS and other foreign-fighter mercenary groups continue receiving weapons and financing, and that no real progress has manifested in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting those aiding, supplying or enabling the terrorists.

Like the results of the Iraq War, hundreds of thousands of Syria’s people have died since fighting began in March 2011. While millions of innocent Syrian people have been fortunate enough to live through the warring, many fled their homes across the country to get away from the deadly violence, seeking refuge in Europe or in camps in countries just outside the borders.

The high number of refugees who’ve sought peace in Europe has resulted in the creating of stressing societal divisions in the various nations of the European Union (EU), so far as becoming a prime factor in the upcoming Brexit vote, possibly then – if United Kingdom citizens decide to leave the EU – leading to a ripple effect and breakup Europe-wide. The massive, historic negative consequences of the war in Syria make it even more urgent that efforts of the international community coordinate fully in defeating ISIS and ending the violence, so the process of starting to rebuild the country will allow Syrians to begin going home.

Perhaps the 51 State Department “dissenters” will soon offer detailed and reasonable explanations for their advocating more war in Syria, instead of calling for peace to finally come to that shattered land. Until they decide to explain their views, the 51 would be advised Mr. Ray McGovern has a message for them. End the war in Syria.

(Thank you to Regis Tremblay at YouTube)

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