The 28 Pages: George W. Bush Faces Big Trouble.

By Jerry Alatalo

393Alphabet George W. Bush has been silent on the “28 Pages” his administration classified during investigations into the events of September 11, 2001. After Bush left office in 2008, the new president Barack Obama promised to declassify the information, at the direct request of surviving family members of those who perished on that day. Barack Obama has yet to keep his promise, despite clear moral arguments that he do so.

The “28 Pages” have been the subject of discussions in America for years, only coming under much wider, global scrutiny after the popular CBS news magazine “60 Minutes” aired a segment on the controversial issue recently. One would have to talk directly to those at CBS with authority to air the segment to determine their intentions for giving it the go-ahead, but undoubtedly the Obama administration faces a situation most would find resembling “between a rock and a hard place”.

Mr. Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush finds himself in a “rock and a hard place” situation that is much more intense. With regard to the “28 Pages”, George W. Bush’s silence is part of the coverup over his inside knowledge of what happened on 9/11, and on the same level as his father George H.W. Bush’s stating he can’t remember where he was when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November 1963.

Former Governor/U.S. Senator from Florida Bob Graham and many others are right to urge a new investigation into September 11, 2001. Any good, decent, moral man or woman on Earth wants the “28 Pages” declassified, an investigation that is 100% transparent with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others testifying under oath with cameras rolling, and the long-overdue arriving at the truth.

While George W. Bush has never explicitly called for the release of the “28 Pages” or a new investigation of 9/11, his statements while president could suggest he’d favor current efforts to arrive at the truth. One would have to speak to George W. Bush personally to find out his current views on this matter. It could also be the case that Mr. Bush is no longer passionate about the truth, but that his artistic endeavors have become the greater focus of his days since leaving public service.

Perhaps those lingering questions will become answered in the near future.

(Thank you to Platos Cave at YouTube)


4 thoughts on “The 28 Pages: George W. Bush Faces Big Trouble.

  1. What good, decent and moral persons want, is exactly what everyone should want, Jerry ~ and demand! You expose that much evaded core issue in the US & globally today, the matter of the proper accountability of public officials to their electorate, or purported constituents. This question strikes at the very heart of the problem of government.

    Such administrative persons are public servants, not “masters.” The inversion of ethical governance is a neat trick, largely pulled off by PR prestidigitation in my view ~ that the French also call escamotage; a much appreciated word in my personal lexicon, as I particularly relish its evocation of the glib banality and ‘professional’ smugness of dissembling officialdom …..


    1. David,
      How are you. On the matter of 9/11 and other suppressed repugnant historic events, it’s a wonder there aren’t more examples of men and women exploding in righteous moral indignation. While cognizant of the need to discuss certain topics in a polite, reasonable academic manner, some certain issues are too important for accepting eternal irresolution in the face of clear evidence. How people who have the power to resolve important matters like 9/11 by speaking truth – or at least simply addressing concerns of sober intelligent people – choose to ignore efforts to clarify can look themselves in the mirror is incomprehensible. Keep the faith… Peace.


  2. I pretty much disagree about the real meaning of the “28 pages”. The “Saudi Connection” is an inbuilt line of defense against the understanding of the real Inside Job of the US Power Elite´s Neocon faction. The Point is not “inside knowledge”, but the Inside Job! “Inside knowledge applies to Israel´s power elite, out of which results blackmail power about the Neocons concerning the policy in Middle East for the time. And that is the next line of defense. First step to safe the Neocons is the wrong conclusion: “it were the Saudis!”, last line of defense would be: “it was Israel!”.
    „USA and Israel, the Helpless Giant and his Mad Dog: are there more dirty secrets?“

    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany


    1. Andreas,
      The Saudi “request”, right after Bush classified the 28 Pages, to publish was a collusion between Bush and the Saudis, where both knew the information was going to remain classified – probably for all time. The immoral Obama won’t make the information public because it starts the collapse of the house of cards (as you correctly describe) – the inside job. U.S. congressmen and senators have the option to speak on the floor of Congress about what they read in the 28 Pages, nullifying any law/gag order on divulging the information so facing no legal risks, but thus far none of them has the moral courage to do so. The truth has got to break out soon… Thank you.


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