California, June 7 Vote: Decisive For U.S. Political Revolution.

By Jerry Alatalo

Alphabet Tuesday June 7 is the day those Americans voting in their states’ Democratic primaries for either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton decide on the nation’s future. The most important of those states is California, where some 470 delegates are going to become divided between Sanders and Clinton. Depending on the outcome of the voting in California and the remaining states on Tuesday, what has become understood across the country as “The Political Revolution” will either lose or gain momentum.

For voters in California, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana who still haven’t heard of “The Political Revolution”, the following videos from Bernie Sanders rallies during the 2016 campaign provide very good visual illustrations – and at the same time might make some wonder how it’s possible for Sanders at this point to trail Clinton…


Thanks to Tom Masuga at YouTube for his video from February 2016 at Eastern Michigan University and the Sanders rally there, in 25-degree weather…

Thanks to Charlie DeLacey at YouTube for filming the lines of supporters at the Bernie Sanders rally in Evansville, Indiana, held in May 2016…

Thank you to doctornerve at YouTube for filming the crowd at the Sanders South Bronx rally in March 2016…

Thank you to Cha Li at YouTube for sharing this remarkable video from the Oakland, California Sanders rally just a few days ago…

Thank you to hecmmontes at YouTube for filming the May 21, 2016 Sanders rally in New Mexico…

Thank you to Big CT at YouTube for posting capture of the long lines at a Sanders rally in Utah from March 2016…

Thank you to accalade at YouTube for recording what it looked like at the Bernie Sanders rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the fine choice of musical cover, on February 24, 2016…

Thank you to jehofit’s channel at YouTube for the video, and moving musical selection, from March 30, 2016 and the Bernie Sanders town hall meeting in Madison, Wisconsin…

There are many more videos from other states around America showing the same levels of support for Mr. Sanders. Those aged 45 and younger have supported Sanders because they’ve chosen to get their news from the independent media over the internet where these videos became published.

Corporate media organizations have suppressed or outright censored the “Political Revolution” represented by these images, so the large percentage of older Americans who get their “news” solely from corporate media aren’t being given anything near the full and truly extraordinary story of election 2016.

Voters in California, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana might want to keep the images of those long lines of Bernie Sanders supporters in mind next Tuesday June 7 – before making their final decision.

12 thoughts on “California, June 7 Vote: Decisive For U.S. Political Revolution.

    1. JoAnn,
      Considering the obstacles Sanders has had to face since entering the race over a year ago – including near absence of initial name recognition, intentional media suppression – and media failure in reporting the lies about Sanders’ record told by Clinton, the fact she still hasn’t released the Goldman Sachs transcripts (essential to predict foreign policy actions if she were to become President), her very troubling role as Secretary of State in the destruction of Libya, Syria, voting “irregularities” etc., if the American people had known at the start what they know now Sanders would have become the Democratic nominee many months ago. Thank you.

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    1. Lara,
      How are you. The same extremely wealthy and powerful Goldman Sachs stockholders Hillary Clinton talked to secretly at $225,000 per speech also own the major media corporations. Those who run the media corporations for pay answer to the board of directors, who certainly have told top management to ignore or criticize Sanders, and broadcast reports engineered to create voter support for Clinton – “their girl”. Clinton can’t release the transcripts because, just like the Wizard of Oz, the American people would then reject her unanimously. If Sanders were wise he’d zero in on the Goldman Sachs transcripts, even holding a major press conference addressing the issue, because it is perhaps the major issue in terms of integrity and presidential characteristics Americans want. People around the world want the same. Thank you.


  1. Dear Jerry,

    As the writer/editor of the Argentum Post, I much appreciate what you are doing in your dedication to the pursuit of justice and transparency and I always find the content of your posts informative. Congratulations !


    1. Alfred,
      The appreciation is mutual. Sanders is a wise, courageous man who has volunteered to place himself at extreme risk for a greater Earthly vision. The profoundly historic nature of election 2016 thanks to Sanders’ moral efforts is perhaps impossible to measure. What people are witnessing and experiencing is more accurately described as a spiritual (r)evolution, running on fuel essentially non-material, yet more powerful than any nuclear weaponry. Thank you very much, sir.


    1. Rosaliene,
      Thank you for sharing events over the 2016 campaign clarifying with evidence the unreported massive support for Senator Sanders in his run for President of the United States.


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