A Message For American Voters.

By Jerry Alatalo

“Are you not ashamed of heaping up in the greatest amount of money and honor and reputation, and caring so little about wisdom and truth and the greatest improvement of the soul, which you never regard or heed at all?”

– SOCRATES (470-399 B.C.) Greek philosopher

aaa-13Alphabet While there is no debating with facts showing the 2016 United States presidential election is the most extraordinarily remarkable in the nation’s history, too often the din of political, media and citizen back and forth discussion ends up concealing or diminishing focus on important and essential topics, situations and circumstances.

Thank you to Mr. Jesse Brennan for producing the following moving video, distinguishing between essential and non-essential, and reminding the American people what presidential elections are fundamentally all about. Through his artistry, Mr. Brennan makes clear to voters that Senator Bernie Sanders has conveyed his personal philosophical and/or spiritual values to the people at a higher level than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, the two other remaining major party candidates.

Combining visual images and spoken word overlay, Mr. Brennan concisely creates a work of art which cuts through the whirlwind of loud noises and loud images dominating the 2016 election – to a great extent devoid of the human philosophical and/or spiritual dimension equating with morality, justice, and other shared tenets of all major religious traditions throughout history.

It’s up to those Americans in states yet to vote whether or not to take time in considering how important, how high on their list of preferred human qualities a good President should possess according to their current worldview, are a candidate’s positions related to philosophy and/or spirituality.

Perhaps the words of Athenian philosopher Plato (428-348 B.C.) spoken many centuries ago can help American voters on this matter:

“A man must take with him into the world below an adamantine faith in truth and right, that there too he may be undazzled by the desire of wealth or the other allurements of evil, lest coming upon tyrannies and similar villanies, he should do irremediable wrongs to others and suffer worse himself; but let him know how to choose the mean and avoid extremes on either side, as far as possible, not only in this life but in all that which is to come. For this is the way to happiness.”

“But to be at once exceedingly wealthy and good is impossible, if we mean by the wealthy those who are accounted so by the vulgar, that is, the exceptional few who own property of great pecuniary value – the very thing a bad man would be likely to own. Now since this is so I can never concede to them that a rich man is truly happy unless he is also a good man, but that one who is exceptionally good should be exceptionally wealthy too is a mere impossibility.”

“Do to others as I would they should do to me.”

(Thank you to Bud Meyers at YouTube)

8 thoughts on “A Message For American Voters.

  1. I love it when Bernie Sanders says, “I see all the connections!” Wonderful post about ethics, values and morals. And, of course, that we happen to have a presidential candidate who reflects the highest of them.


    1. JoAnn,
      Yes, he took charge when Matthews tried to steer him someplace (typically, corporate media) irrelevant. Jesse Brennan did a great job on the video, as noted – in particular bringing out deeper human qualities disappointingly absent from this and all elections. And, certainly the film is worth sharing. In my view it’s a highly commendable true work of art; Mr. Brennan has a promising future as a filmmaker if he so chooses. Thanks, JoAnn

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    1. Rosaliene,
      You’ll probably agree that certain creative works achieve such a high level of excellence that sharing with others is the only option, and that Mr. Brennan’s reached it. Thanks.


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