It’s Up To You, New York.

By Jerry Alatalo

On Tuesday April 19, the people of New York state vote for their choice of Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton as the Democratic party nominee for President. On the one hand there is Ms. Clinton, still unwilling to share the transcripts of her paid speeches to Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs. On the other there is Mr. Sanders, going to Rome after being invited by Pope Francis to speak on the world economy with other leaders at the Vatican, and the transcript made available for all to read.

Nobody knows what topics were covered at the Goldman Sachs meetings where Ms. Clinton gave her $225,000 “top-secret, classified” speeches; only those in attendance at the closed-door meetings could be certain. New York state voters might want to remember that Bernie Sanders’ talk in Rome was about the need for a “moral global economy”, dealing with record wealth inequality,  and that the meetings in Rome were the furthest one can imagine from being “top-secret”.

That one contrast between Sanders and Clinton alone should convince the large majority of voters in New York to go with Sanders, and help him win the New York election.

(Thank you to Bernie 2016 at YouTube)

4 thoughts on “It’s Up To You, New York.

  1. I’ve been really excited to see my daughter and son-in-law become interested in politics for the first time. With a new baby, they don’t have time to volunteer, but they’re supporting Sanders’ campaign financially.


    1. Stuart,
      Congratulations to your daughter, son-in-law and yourself on the new arrival. Thankfully the US election has given people someone to vote for in 2016. Perhaps New Yorkers will help Sanders’ win streak continue. Thanks.


    1. Cesar,
      How are you. There are reports of lawsuits in Arizona, New York and possibly other states over election fraud and cheating. If Sanders wins big Tuesday and in California, he still has a shot, though the wins must be decisive, in the 70% range. You never know if a Goldman Sachs transcript or two might “mysteriously appear”. 🙂 Those transcripts are in the same category as the “28 Pages”; all Americans want to read them, but Clinton and Obama have other, very different ideas about giving the people the truth.


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