Sanders-Clinton New York Debate: YouTube Math Explains Sanders’ Winning Streak.

By Jerry Alatalo

Sanders-Clinton Brooklyn Debate Tonight

Alphabet The idea for comparing, contrasting and compiling statistics on Bernie Sanders’ (Bernie 2016) and Hillary Clinton’s (Hillary Clinton) official YouTube (YT) channels came after realizing all but one of Clinton’s posted videos had zero comments from viewers. Most YT viewers are aware that when channel administrators decide to disallow comments, viewers will find the message “Comments disabled for this video”.

What was curious, besides the fact that Clinton videos with 100,000 – 300,000 views hadn’t generated a single comment, was noticing that instead of “Comments disabled..” the Clinton videos seemed “open” for comments. What seems likely is that the Clinton YT administrator has placed every comment from YT viewers into “comment awaiting moderation” status (as happens here at WordPress), then deleting every one of them. The easier, less time-consuming option for the Clinton administrator would be to simply disable comments altogether.

Instead, arranging/selecting YT video post discussion options to give the appearance of welcoming viewers’ opinions became chosen to essentially make it seem to unaware voters that Ms. Clinton is open-minded, all about free speech, etc. – while at the same time every comment gets deleted. What follows is a side-by-side, screenshot view of the ten (10) most popular YT videos from both the Bernie 2016 and Hillary Clinton channels.

Hillary Clinton channel on YT started on April 8, 2015, has 43,734 subscribers, and 10,802,971 views.

Bernie 2016 channel on YT started on May 24, 2015, has 124,127 subscribers, and 25,062,770 views.

What follows are screenshots of the ten (10) most-viewed videos from Sanders and Clinton, in ascending order from #10 to #1. Notice the number of views, the “thumbs-up”/”thumbs-down” ratios, and the number of comments in each.



Adding various aspects of each candidate’s top ten, most-viewed videos, we came up with these totals:

  • Number of views: Sanders: 10,510,007 | Clinton: 7,443,989
  • Number of comments: Sanders: 25,286 | Clinton: 14,505 (14,504 on her #1, oddly one (1) allowed on #7)
  • Number of “thumbs up” or likes: Sanders: 128,278 | Clinton: 50,525
  • Number of “thumbs down” or dislikes: Sanders: 10,663 | Clinton: 32,921
  • If YouTube views were “votes”: Sanders: 58.54% | Clinton: 41.46%
  • Ratio of “thumbs down” (negative) to views: Sanders: .0010 (1/10th of 1% / .1%) | Clinton: .0044 (4/10ths of 1% / .4%)
  • Ratio of “thumbs up” (positive) to views: Sanders: .0122 (1 and 2/10ths% / 1.2%) | Clinton: .0068 (7/10ths of 1% / .7%)

It’s humorously ironic that Sanders’ thumbs down/dislike to views ratio came to exactly 1/10th of 1%, the statistic he’s consistently pointed out for 11 months at campaign rallies to identify the wealthiest people and families, the billionaire class, in America.


If one considers the total views from inception of Sanders’ (25,062,770) and Clinton’s (10,802,971) YouTube channels – and “count” them as votes…

Sanders: 69.88%

Clinton: 30.12%

If Sanders and Clinton were running for President of the United Channels of YouTube, the race would’ve gone to Sanders long ago. The numbers help explain the strong support Sanders has received from men and women aged 45 and younger; they go to the internet for news, while people above that age go more toward television/cable and corporate media organizations.

Fortunately, tonight’s event in Brooklyn, New York… impossible to overestimate in importance – the debate between Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton is available on the internet, YouTube (Livestream) and cable TV.

Just a guess, but history could well record the April 14, 2016 Sanders-Clinton debate as the highest-rated, most-watched political event in American history. Make sure your family and friends tune in and focus on every second, especially if in New York State, because this particular battle of ideas is for all the marbles.

Sanders has a 7-state win streak coming into the New York State primary, although, listening to mainstream corporate media, one might not comprehend the magnitude of that accomplishment. The fact is that Hillary Clinton has suffered seven (7) consecutive defeats, eight of the last nine states have been won by Sanders, but no corporate media has uttered the words: “Hillary Clinton loses seventh state in a row”.

Because of the highly biased anti-Sanders narratives coming out of the mainstream media, exemplified by a near blackout on reporting of Democracy Spring – perhaps the largest civil disobedience campaign in U.S. history to get money out of politics, and absolutely aligned with Sanders’ campaign emphasis – Sanders in a real sense has two opponents in tonight’s debate, Hillary Clinton plus the media, and will need to effectively convey to viewers/voters the major differences between himself and Ms. Clinton.

Sanders has powerful momentum which is real and growing, despite attempts to spin it any differently. One could even say the ball is now in Ms. Clinton’s court, and she is the candidate who must clarify “evolving” positions on issues, misrepresenting Sanders’, and offer reasoned answers to legitimate questions many voters still have about her.

New York State residents vote on Tuesday, April 19.











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