Opposing Apartheid On Earth Is Now Illegal.

By Jerry Alatalo

PalestineAlphabet Is it an exact analogy to describe the Israeli apartheid nation with its decades-old criminal, dehumanizing, racist policies toward the Palestinian people as the world’s largest “gated community”? In an increasing number of the world’s regions, publishing the previous words represents a criminal act. This sorry state of affairs isn’t a scene from the book “1984” by George Orwell, but is actually happening in the real, nonfictional world today.

After decades of irresolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, advocates of freedom, equality and sovereignty for the Palestinian people have been left with only one option in fighting the good fight, the same successfully used to bring down apartheid in South Africa: Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). In France, it is now against the law to become involved in the BDS Movement; in France, it is now illegal to call for an end to apartheid on this Earth.

In the 2016 campaign for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), staying within the bounds of the “law” and trying to outdo each other in praise of Israel. Bernie Sanders didn’t attend the meeting, wanted to deliver his address to the crowd via video conference, but was turned down because “we don’t do that anymore”.

Sanders’ unique position among the remaining presidential candidates – essentially saying in a press conference/”AIPAC speech” days later that Palestinians are people, too – could have, if said in France, now Canada, gotten him into legal hot water for being “antisemitic”. If he were a professor in certain parts of California or other states in America, the mere mention of Palestinians as people like everyone else in the human family might get him censured or fired. In layman’s terms, on the issue of Israel apartheid it at times seems the world has gone stark-raving mad.

Unfortunately, the history of the Middle East revolves around the region’s tremendous natural resource wealth, in particular oil and natural gas, who controls it, and who profits from its sale – all people living in the region or a small group of the world’s extremely wealthy and powerful. Wars and violence of horrific scale have been carried out for the mentioned control and profit, resulting in the region’s innocent residents enduring indescribable suffering for what seems forever – including the people called Palestinian.

The psychological, philosophical and/or spiritual human characteristics of Clinton, Trump, Cruz and Kasich which prevents them from expressing an ounce of compassion or empathy toward the Palestinian people is hard to imagine, much less accurately describe. Year after year Israel continues annexing Palestinian lands, building more settlement communities, and every other year bombing Gaza to the ground – “mowing the lawn”, according to Israel’s less honorable elders. Year after year American politicians and their Western allies “scold” or “express concern” about Israeli actions, while doing nothing effective to resolve the situation equitably and honorably for the benefit of Palestinians and Israelis alike.

The Israel-Palestine conflict has become an eternal “Catch-22” situation, powerful and wealthy people seem opposed to resolution of the crisis, and immeasurable efforts of men and women of goodwill through the years has seemingly gone to waste. Human evolutionary movement feels glacial, war has yet to become abolished, but still there are reasons for being optimistic. Desperate attempts to criminalize the actions of people telling the truth about what’s occurring on Earth are perceived as just that: acts of desperation.

Lies told by corrupt leaders and politicians get caught and disseminated around the Earth in minutes or hours, therefore providing billions of people with the truth required for right action – an evolutionary development, a giant leap forward, in a process which in the past took years or decades. From such a perspective events take on a new, more positive meaning and assures civilization’s road ahead moves onward and upward.

While in 100% agreement with author Max Blumenthal and his statements during a recent interview on The Real News Network, it seems important to clarify one minor misinterpretation of Bernie Sanders’ words by Mr. Blumenthal. During the MSNBC interview Sanders, in talking about the BDS movement, mentioned with regard to antisemitism that there was “some of that” and later “some level of antisemitism” – not, as Max Blumenthal described Sanders’ remarks: “…lot of antisemitism out there”.

It’s highly regrettable that using one’s free speech right in fighting for the basic, God-given human rights of other men, women and children inhabiting the Earth has become a crime in certain circles. Israel is an apartheid state. From any reasonable perspective such a situational reality in the year 2016 is the real crime.

(Thank you to TheRealNews at YouTube)


16 thoughts on “Opposing Apartheid On Earth Is Now Illegal.

  1. Since this is the world’s largest “gated community”, those gates will get crashed one day in the not distant future. And when that day happens, it won’t be pretty. Many on both sides will be harmed and we’ve no one to blame but ourselves. The US props up Israel as the beacon of the Middle East, it’s not. Under the false guise of “security” for the Jewish people, the US and its allies allowed a nation to suppress another and when they retaliate, they are called terrorists. The most dangerous people are those who’ve nothing to lose.


    1. After half-jokingly referring to Israel as a nation/gated community, came across an article stating that Netanyahu wants to build a wall around the entire country of Israel – making it indeed the world’s largest gated community. Sanders offers the only hope among the remaining presidential candidates in the major parties to bring about any necessary positive change in that horrific situation. People of New York state, if they truly want peace in the Middle East, must understand the critical need to help Sanders beat Clinton. Thanks and keep the faith.

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  2. Fred Skolnik

    Dear Jerry

    You are using a lot of uncomplimentary words about Israel that it is very easy to find in the dictionary in order to apply them to people or countries you don’t like without really knowing very much about the Middle East. I will hazard to say that you have never been in the Middle East, do not speak any of its languages, get all your information from second- and third-hand English-language sources that you are unequipped to evaluate or verify, and know as mush about Israel as you know about China or the far side of the moon.

    The conflict is simpler than it seems. The Arabs claimed sovereignty over the entire Middle East by virtue of conquest. The Jews made a counterclaim by virtue of their historic attachment to the Land of Israel. The UN offered a compromise which allotted one small corner of the Middle East to the Jews. The Arabs rejected it and attacked Israel, in 1948 and again in 1967. They lost both wars and paid the price. Their response was the Khartoum Declaration: no peace, no recognition, no negotiations. This has been followed by nearly 50 years of terrorism, blowing up innocent Israeli women and children in schools, buses and restaurants. Twice, under Barak and Olmert, Arafat and then Abu Mazen were offered reasonable terms including a tradeoff of land that would have involved 5% of West Bank territory, but refused. The root of the Arab-Israel conflict has been the inability of the Arab world to reconcile itself to the existence of a sovereign non-Muslim state in the Middle East. That is the whole story.

    Regarding the BDS movement, which you seem to advocate, please explain how you rationalize the hypocrisy of boycotting Israel while continuing to enjoy the benefits of products, technologies, medications and medical procedures using Israeli components and know-how. These will include your computer, your mobile phone, voice mail, email, ebooks, Facebook, antiviruses, the Internet and vital medications and treatments for almost every major disease. I will be glad to supply you with a list. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is.


    1. Fred,
      The BDS movement is focused on companies and products located and produced on illegally stolen Palestinian lands. Your comment could describe South Africa before the international community applied sufficient pressure and ended apartheid in that country. There is no moral rationalizing when it comes to denying fellow brothers and sisters in the human family their God-given rights, and the ability to live their lives with peace, dignity and mutual respect. BDS exists because there is tragic injustice occurring in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, people are increasingly coming to understand it’s the source of war in the region while unresolved, and are expressing their wish for justice and peace. If the same situation were occurring in Finland or Japan or Argentina, the same people supporting the BDS movement would act against apartheid in Finland, Japan or Argentina. To borrow your term “simpler than it seems”, the heart of the matter is moral principles – right and wrong. Thanks.


  3. Fred Skolnik

    Sorry, Jerry, the BDS movement is trying to boycott Israel’s educational institutions where the research that produces the Israeli technologies and medical procedures that you enjoy is being carried out. So, again, put your money where your mouth is.

    I have the feeling that you don’t know what the word apartheid means, and you certainly haven’t addressed the origins and development of the conflict as I’ve outlined them, nor the Arab terrorism that led to Israel’s security measures. You’re copping out.

    A military occupation entails separation by definition. That is not the condition or situation for which the term apartheid was coined. If it were, all military occupations would be defined as forms of apartheid, including the Allied occupation of Germany after World War II. Try to imagine how the Allies would have responded if the Germans had engaged in acts of terror against Allied civilians inside and outside Germany and had refused to disavow their Nazi leaders or even recognize the legitimacy and right to exist of the Allied nations. This would not have made the Allies the villains of the piece and Israel’s security measures in the face of terrorist attacks does not make Israel the villain of the piece. Apartheid is just one of the dirtiest word you know so you are using it to vilify Israel.


    1. Fred,
      You may agree with me on one thing: we seem to have contrasting worldviews, in particular as relates to spirituality and equality among all people. Could we agree that it’s important for humanity to understand Creator/God (or another term of one’s choosing) made all men brothers and all females sisters in the family of man, and that such a profound spiritual understanding would eliminate virtually all wars and violence? Rehashing facts about military this, terror that, attempting to reduce one’s “opponent” in discussions through use of non-constructive, immature putdowns absent mutual honor and respect toward a fellow child of God living on this Earth, I’m sorry to say, is both disappointing and unfortunate. You’re coming from a status-quo worldview, Fred, and I’m not certain if there’s any chance of us collaborating on or discovering solutions which make the world more peaceful. Sorry for the delay in response, was busy with other things. You asked if I were afraid to engage in dialogue. The answer is no, but one must discern if the discussion is leading to anywhere positive. Thanks.


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  5. Fred Skolnik

    “Military this, terror that” is a very cavalier attitude toward other people’s lives. You can be a hero with your own children. Don’t dare tell me how to protecr mine. And if you wish to be one of God’s sainted children, don’t go around vilifying other peoples and countries.


    1. The reason for “military this, terror that” was awkward, but the point was to illustrate the seemingly endless repetition of facts already known, and that moving forward toward solutions has to occur at some point – suggesting now. “And if you wish to be one of God’s sainted children…” Fred, your statement totally misses the spiritual concepts I raised, so let’s either wrap this up or continue. That will become decided depending on how you answer a question: “How would you best describe your spiritual or life philosophy?” Fred, I’m simply beyond the point of desiring to get involved in discussions which lead to any trace of negativity. Thank you for understanding.


  6. Fred Skolnik

    Accusing Israel of criminality, racism and apartheid is as negative as you can get, so you are again being a bit of a hypocrite. And if the facts that I am “repeating” are “known,” that is, the Arab terror and attacks, why are you making these accusations?


    1. Fred,
      You didn’t answer the question, or even come close to acknowledging my concern. Until that occurs – until you describe to me your spiritual beliefs – with your initiative, consider this your last comment here.


  7. Fred Skolnik

    What business is it of yours what my spiritual beliefs are in relation to a blog entry whose purpose it is to vilify Israel. You’re just copping out. (The rest of Fred’s comment was deleted)


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