The Sanders Tsunami Of 2016: Wisconsin.

By Jerry Alatalo









Alphabet On the heels of landslide, momentum-building political victories in Alaska (82%-18), Hawaii (71%-29), Idaho (79%-21), Utah (78%-22) and Washington State (73%-27), the Sanders campaign is striving for similar lopsided, consistent outcomes the rest of the way – starting in a matter of hours on Tuesday April 5th in Wisconsin.

The results of Tuesday’s voting in Wisconsin will illustrate how upset the people of the state were when Ms. Clinton left and traveled to New York, where the stakes related to all-important delegate counts are much higher. Retired NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and Green Bay Packer hero Brett Favre was literally loved by every man, woman and child of Wisconsin, but his decision to sign with the New York Jets is far different from 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s early exit from the state to New York.

Perhaps Tuesday’s vote in Wisconsin will show just how different in the eyes of the state’s residents are a beloved quarterback and hero, the NFL, the Super Bowl… and candidates competing for the greatest “political championship” in the United States – the office of President. Nobody knows the number of voters in Wisconsin – in particular Clinton supporters – who resent that she bolted early to New York, and vote for Bernie Sanders instead to send her a strong message.

Sanders’ recent massive, blowout wins in five states could be described as a rising political “tsunami” (#SandersTsunami), despite the controversial Democratic party role of the so-called “Super” delegates. Assuming those political professionals or “Super” men and women remain firm in their support for Ms. Clinton, despite polls showing Bernie Sanders beats Donald Trump by a much wider margin than does Hillary Clinton, the Sanders campaign needs to win the remaining states by a 75%-25 margin. Will the people of Wisconsin give Sanders 75%?… Or even 80%, as occurred in Alaska?

One wonders if Wisconsinites, after attending his rallies across the state – seeing and hearing Bernie Sanders up close on the political “football field” – have developed the same love and respect for him as they had for Brett Favre while he was helping the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl. If so, Tuesday evening voting results for the “Dairy State” will show Sanders winning by 95%-5… the 5% Clinton voters being those in Wisconsin who just hate football.

One also wonders who the man considered the greatest football coach at any level of all time, the late Packers legend Vince Lombardi, would be supporting in election 2016. Like Packer quarterbacks Brett Favre, Bart Starr and Aaron Rodgers, “Coach” Lombardi has a special place in the hearts and memories of people across Wisconsin. Too bad Bernie Sanders’ sport was track and long-distance running instead of football; he would’ve gained a good deal more support with a grand finale rally at the home of the Packers, Lambeau Field.

If mentioning Green Bay Packers legends in trying to motivate readers from Wisconsin to vote for Bernie Sanders isn’t enough, perhaps the link between Hillary Clinton and the Packers’ hated rivals the Chicago Bears will accomplish the task. Ms. Clinton was born in a suburb of Chicago and, though questions about who she roots for – the Bears or Packers – haven’t been raised, just imagine her wearing a Bears jersey when entering the voting booth.  … Result?: “Touchdown, Sanders.”

People in Wisconsin and across America are now fully informed after having studied the candidates and issues, the contrasting views of Sanders and Clinton, and become aware of Bernie Sanders as the campaign moved forward in the 11 months since announcing his candidacy in his home state Vermont. As the true picture has become recognized and understood by the American people Sanders’ support has grown in parallel, his recent wins illustrate the unprecedented shift of support, and the people are writing political history.

When that next moment of political history takes place on Tuesday in Wisconsin, the nationwide #SandersTsunami grows, rises in power…

(Thank you to Bernie 2016 at YouTube)


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