Nader On Clinton. (Post #900)

By Jerry Alatalo









Alphabet Ralph Nader’s best, most memorable line during a recent short commentary on Hillary Clinton’s statements may have been: “Hillary the hypocrite should open up on Broadway…” If polls were conducted on who Americans trust, Ralph Nader would be at or near the top of the list in all of them. Therefore his opinion is always sought on important issues, and in this instance it’s his perspective on the contrast in transparency between Sanders and Clinton.

Mr. Nader, in his well-known frank and direct style, doesn’t pull any punches when he describes his views on some of the things Ms. Clinton has said during the presidential campaign. For example, after she answered a question about releasing her Wall Street transcripts with “Everyone gives speeches to private groups, including Senator Sanders”, Nader pointed out “Sanders doesn’t give paid speeches to Wall Street firms or big commercial trade conventions. That’s a matter of public record. …So, Hillary is making a false statement when she says other candidates, including Bernie Sanders, have the same kind of transcripts and the same kind of huge speech fees”.

Nader added: “Well, Hillary basically is the favorite candidate of Wall Street. They’re pouring money into her campaign – and she reciprocates. In those closed-door sessions, according to some people who were there and spoke to the press, she was reported to have gushed to the bankers, saying she didn’t like all this beating up on the big bankers, because, she said, we’re all in it together”.

“Yeh?… The foreclosed homeowners are in it together? The people who lost their jobs because of Wall Street crooks crashing the economy?… They’re in it with the banks? Hillary Clinton reciprocates to those who pay for her campaign. When Hillary Clinton says she’ll release all her transcripts when all the other candidates release theirs that’s not leadership, which she claims she possesses – that’s follower-ship. That’s disrespecting the voters, and that’s not telling the voters that her principal opponent Bernie Sanders doesn’t have those transcripts, because he doesn’t give paid speeches to Wall Street”.

Among Mr. Nader’s other comments is one where he suggests actress-comedienne Lily Tomlin for the big screen role of Hillary Clinton, because she (Tomlin) is good at playing people with “forked tongues”.

Comparing the two candidates battling for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, Ralph Nader shared his perspective: “The contrast couldn’t be greater between Hillary the Hawk and Hillary the Wall Street promoter – and the populist Senator Bernie Sanders”.

After the big shift of momentum in favor of Sanders transformed the Democratic nomination race and made it a new contest, millions of people in Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, California and the states yet to vote have a reinvigorated sense of political excitement. That is especially true for supporters of Sanders, who realize his chance for success remains feasible.

Whoever those millions of Americans are supporting, or if they are still undecided, all of them would certainly be interested in hearing from straight shooter Ralph Nader – one of America’s long-admired, most trusted leaders.

(Thank you to Verda Brigid at YouTube)