Rumsfeld: The One Human Being “Unaware” Of Building 7?

By Jerry Alatalo

RethinkAlphabet Some people have, as most journalists experience, various levels of negative opinions of Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change. But try to name one other journalist who’s gotten directly into the faces of Rothschild, Kissinger, Silverstein etc., and now – Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Rudkowski recently ran into the former Secretary of Defense during the time of 9/11 in 2001, and asked him about World Trade Center Building 7, the 3rd skyscraper to collapse on September 11, and about which virtually every man, woman and child on Earth knows about.

Consider this:

In response to the “smoking gun” controversy surrounding Building 7, Rumsfeld told Luke Rudkowski: “I don’t know anything about that.”

There are people who’ll see this short three-minute video and react with laughter, or get some kind of “kick” out of hearing Rumsfeld, frankly, lie through his teeth. Unfortunately, what Rudkowski captured on film and audio is far, far from a laughing matter. It’s impossible to describe this encounter, this historical record, in any other manner but as deadly serious business… Because those responsible for 9/11, including Donald Rumsfeld, have yet to face prosecution for the profoundly negative-consequence war crimes they’ve committed.

Metaphorically speaking, and to illustrate how preposterous and disturbing Rumsfeld’s statement is – it’s as if he is saying he’s unaware that the sky is blue, or that the grass is green. Rumsfeld’s words were beyond the point of – far beyond the point of – ridiculous, and in a world with the slightest sense of morality and justice would produce loud and unanimous, across-the-board and directly clear, demands for a necessary, new, real investigation of 9/11.

In what might seem to some as an insignificant though gutsy effort at revealing the truth, Luke Rudkowski’s confrontation with Donald Rumsfeld was a truly courageous journalistic act, and…


(Thank you to We Are Change at YouTube)