Sanders-Clinton: America’s Moment Of Truth.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-38Alphabet The British politician and member of the Labor Party for 47 years, Tony Benn (1925-2014), once observed that corporate media owners used their powerful communication assets to produce apathy, hopelessness and resignation in the minds of those fighting for positive social change – such as the millions now supporting Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

If Tony Benn were alive today he would certainly have given a strong endorsement of Sanders for President of the United States, known full well the corporate media owners’ plans, and called them out beginning with Sanders’ announcement to run some 11 months ago in his home state of Vermont. Sadly, Tony Benn is no longer available to help the Sanders campaign as he passed away two years ago at the age of 88.

Perhaps the most astonishing and frustrating development in the 2016 election has been how efficiently media owners’ efforts have succeeded – producing the precise apathetic perceptions in citizens’ minds they sought when determining their course of action after Sanders’ announcement and subsequent growing popularity. Doubly astonishing and frustrating has been how men and women self-described progressives have also fallen for media manipulation of their perceptions into varying states of apathy.

When college student Bernie Sanders was arrested in Chicago protesting segregation during the 1960’s, Hillary Clinton was working for the presidential campaign of Republican Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater was a leading opponent of landmark civil rights legislation. Thus far in the 2016 election, for whatever reasons, Clinton gained substantially more delegates in deep southern states, with those delegates accounting for her lead today.

Fortunately for the Sanders campaign and its supporters, voting in southern states for the 2016 election determining the Democratic nominee is history and over, and the second half of the Sanders-Clinton battle in all polls promises strong gains, renewed momentum for Sanders. Now the major question becomes whether or not progressive men and women across America will allow themselves to continue being manipulated by the media – succumbing to apathy, “inevitability” and defeat – or wake from their slumber, unite, and fight the good fight. This has been throughout history, and will remain for all time, the stuff – the reality – of accomplishing any peaceful, genuine, positive political revolution.

With all due respect for fellow progressives who support Green Party candidate Jill Stein (this writer supports both Mr. Sanders and Ms. Stein) and/or have criticized Sanders during election 2016, think deeply about what it means for America and the world if Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States. Is it not of paramount and foremost importance to act forcefully using all options available and necessary, accelerate the greatest united effort in American political history, and finally put an end to that potentiality?

Whether Sanders or Clinton wins the Democratic nomination, Jill Stein will still be there. Do progressives want to see debates between Sanders, Trump and Stein or Clinton, Trump and Stein? Think deeply about the different consequences for humanity which will manifest on Earth from those choices – the most likely (2) remaining outcomes for the 2016 presidential race.

A realistic current assessment of the 2016 presidential election leaves one with no other conclusion: the American people – in particular, those in the progressive movement – are now facing an unprecedented, historic, profoundly vital moment of truth.

(Thank you to Bernie 2016 at YouTube)


11 thoughts on “Sanders-Clinton: America’s Moment Of Truth.

    1. Cesar,
      Every man or woman who appreciates progressive ideas must understand fully how important this historical moment truly is. This is no time to sit on the sidelines, but the time to walk onto the field of battle and fight. It might be impossible to convey the great disappointment felt on observing the failure to recognize and embrace such a rare historic opportunity to literally, positively transform the world. Thank you.


      1. Cesar Lardies

        It is truly a historical moment. No one in the history of this country had ever dared to call himself a socialist and run a major campaign like Bernie’s at the same time. He has the skills to pull this off, unfortunately there are a lot of Democrats who want to support him but feel he could be vulnerable in a presidential campaign.


        1. Cesar,
          The thought occurred that remaining Sanders rallies would get press coverage if each were followed, or preceded, by an organized “March for Bernie”, in the streets of every town and city where he appears. Besides stoking momentum, people would get some healthy exercise…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Cesar Lardies

            That’s a great idea! 😀 We definitely need to do something different to draw the attention of those who’ve lost interest in Sander’s campaign


            1. Cesar, JoAnn and every man or woman reading this comment,

              Everything Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton has said about the reasons, circumstances and actions surrounding the 2011 NATO destruction of Libya, the death of Moammar Gaddafi, are lies. Listen to the following 57-minute radio interview conducted by Gary Null of James and Joanne Moriarty on the truth about Libya in 2011 and the actual reasons for that illegal war. After hearing the explosive truth, you will fully understand that it’s crucial you share the link with everyone – and I mean everyone – on your contact lists, spread the interview as widely as humanly possible, and ensure to the best of your ability the information presented goes viral as soon as possible. I beg you to do so, not only because it will guarantee Sanders achieving the Democratic nomination, but because your actions can literally make the difference between future wars and peace.



  1. Great article, Jerry! When you consider the Sanders media blackout and the preference the DNC has given Hillary, the Sanders campaign reveals amazing competence, vigor and keen judgement (marvelous qualities in a President!) In addition, Bernie has demonstrated a new way to campaign, showing other Progressives that they can run for office free of wealthy elite funding. This is the yuuuge story of our day. It may not be reported in the mainstream media now, but I bet it will be featured in American history books… in about 30 years. 🙂


    1. JoAnn,
      How are you. Been thinking about ways to create a national, giant-sized “buzz” for the Sanders campaign, to promote a participatory effort which could flood the internet. How about something like an “I Endorse Bernie Sanders”, “We Endorse Sanders”, “Sanders Now!” or similarly creative project directed toward all men and women who run websites and/or blogs across America, with instructions to post articles with the selected phrase or slogan in the title? I’m noticing post titles with even Sanders’ name in the title are getting hard to find, and that Sanders supporters are excluding his name and writing about Trump for goodness sake. What I’m suggesting is that Sanders, because we know the media offers zero, needs help from people on the internet to start a blazing fire reinvigorating the population, that “Berns” across the country, and creates – as rapidly as possible – the conditions conducive to results with high enough percentage of victory to win the nomination.

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