Hillary Clinton’s “March 15 Surprise”?

By Jerry Alatalo

After coming across this 40-second damning video showing Hillary Clinton lying about Bernie Sanders, it seemed important and completely appropriate that voters in FL, IL, MO, NC and OH, and across the United States, would benefit greatly by becoming fully aware of the situation – before making their final decision tomorrow – Tuesday, March 15.

(Thank you to The Humanist Report at YouTube)


20 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s “March 15 Surprise”?

  1. lynn

    Well, if they are just getting the idea she’s a liar; they are all most to late to do anything helpful. Vote for Trump. At first I didn’t think so but I’m leaning his way now…
    Soros is backing the protests. What an exciting election year.


    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for the comment. I found it interesting when seeing a photo from 2005 at Donald Trump’s wedding of Trump, the bride, Hillary and Bill having the time of their lives, big sh@t-eating grins, etc. Then we see Hillary last night, once more, “evolving” her views and attacking Trump. While in agreement with your “exciting election year” conveyance, one thinks there’s much more going on behind the scenes. You still can “lean” toward Bernie. Check out some of the recent posts. 🙂


      1. lynn

        Simply put, no way in heII would I ever vote for a DEM let alone a communist sympathizer wanna be socialist like Sanders. Bernie should have stayed in Russia when he went for his honeymoon.
        Trump is speaking truth to assumed power. The elite political single party and leftie hands out gimme serfs are afraid of Trump and Carson because they will advocate cutting the free loaders, cutting budgets and cutting bloated government.
        He’s right on target with islam too. Islam does hate us as an infidel kafar nation. Period. They will act/are acting upon that idea too. If you don’t think so you have a lot to learn. Trump nor Carson will stay silent about islam.
        aloha snackbar…


      1. Not everybody, Lynn, but the .01 (top 1/10th of 1% – approx. 300,000 people) of American society which owns more wealth than 90% (approx. 270 million people). The 62 individuals on Earth who possess as much wealth as 3.5 billion human beings.

        Perhaps my guess is off, but odds are you’re not part of the groups (1/10th of 1% America – 62 wealthiest on Earth) mentioned.

        The U.S. is the only industrialized nation without national health care. Instead of paying private insurance company owners who shuffle paper, deposit premiums in their banks, joining the super-rich groups mentioned etc. but do nothing for the sick, a national plan saves thousands per year for average Americans.


        1. lynn

          well folks like Bill Gates don’t want you healthy. They want you non-breathing. They are pro-depopulation. They are all about Agenda 2030. Also Soros is funding the militant migrant political islamists in their hijrah to/thru Europe heading to the USA, not to mention MoveOn and BLM protests to name just a few of his fingers in the greater pie. Gates thinks vaccines are the way to control populations; ask yourself how that works? Best understand we are all being geoengineered and our collective health is being affected. I’d rather take down the rich by getting after the truth. But you aren’t talking about the left’s rich are you….
          I’m more focused on the interests of islamists desiring to destroy America. Not to mention many other countries.
          I take care of my own health. You are what you eat and do. Catastrophic health care is another item. But general health care should be YOUR own responsibility. You want to eat junk food, fine; deal with the health issues that come with the junk food you choose to consume. You are what you eat. Are people so stupid to think anything in a box is food, anything on a grocery shelf is food? The human race will be stronger as the weak and ill die off as in natural selection processes. It’s the depopulation the left so desires. That IS life for human or animal. When we are getting over sprayed with heavy metals on a daily basis, everybody including the billie gates and killary clintons are going to be dealing with the ‘fallout’, pun intended. You and me too. Look up…

          Where does Bernie stand on HRC shame and peer pressure speech?

          What is Bernie’s work history? There’s a quick study. He has none. He never had a real job like everyday Americans. He of course wants everything free! What a joke. When was the last time you reviewed the 45 communist goals list…or perused Agenda 2030.
          Thankfully, with Donald Trump and Ben Carson we are going to expose these leftist agendas.


          1. Lynn,
            I greatly appreciate your taking the time to contribute to the political discussion. It would take some extended talks and significant intellectual effort for us to establish common ground, any positive foundation of shared worldview, regarding the state of modern society in America and around the Earth. Please feel free and peruse the some 880 posts here. The documentaries (see Categories | Topics) here would best convey or describe or frame my personal worldview, and “cuts to the chase”, so to speak.


            1. lynn

              Jerry, have you every read the poem The Ambulance Down In The Valley, Joseph Malins 1895…It’s been a favorite of mine since finding it 40 years ago. It’s a great share.

              When Rules for Radicals hit the college book stores; I handled it, skimmed it, read the forward and wondered why it was being pushed at the college. I went upstairs and bought Piet Hein’s Grooks instead which have provided me guidance of a higher standard that Rules ever would have, and greatly increased in value too, I might add. Piet Hein wrote for the Danish Resistance underground during Hitler’s years. His writings continue to hold their own. A really good one is Majority Rule for the political season.

              It is a joyous day today indeed, as I’m starting seeds including my mmj. Just waiting for daylight.

              Keep you head down and your footprint small.


      2. Providing adequate social safety nets saves money. Utah decided to provide free homes and social services to homeless people – not only because it is the humane thing to do, but because it saves money. Medicine Hat, Canada has done the same thing, also successfully. Profits and savings are the two sides of the same coin: financial solvency.


        1. Wendell Potter went from being a public relations executive for a major private insurance corporation to one of America’s leading advocates for a single payer plan like Sanders, clearly, advocates. Mr. Potter is perhaps the go-to source, person to research, for learning the full truth about universal healthcare.

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