Bernie Sanders And The Last Indian War.

By Jerry Alatalo

superior2222Alphabet In 2009, Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State in the Barack Obama administration. In 2009, the democratically elected leader Manuel Zelaya of Honduras was overthrown in a military coup, met with near silence from the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. From 2010-2014, over 100 human rights activists in Honduras were murdered. Honduran environmental activist Berta Caceres, winner of the prestigious and world-recognized Goldman Environmental Prize for the year 2015, was murdered in her home on March 4, 2016.

Her family believes she was the victim of political assassination. The debate in Miami between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, during which immigration was one of the issues given a higher level of focus, included no mention of either Honduras or Berta Caceres. That is unfortunate, disappointing, and frustrating – because the story of Berta Caceres represents the epicenter of the entire immigration and U.S. foreign policy debate. With respect to Latin America, immigration and foreign policy are issues tied at the hip.

Any presidential debate which fails to acknowledge foreign policy as an essential factor in discussions about immigration does not fully address either issue, thus such insufficient analyses fail to travel the full intellectual distance to that place where the most moral, beneficial resolutions for problems can become identified, discovered, and/or revealed.

(Thank you to Democracy Now at YouTube)

Less-than-maximum efforts to discover and articulate root causes when discussing or debating current potential options – whether the issue is immigration or foreign policy and their problematic aspects – suffer heavily, simply because failing to get to any problem’s root causes means failing to create the firmest foundation upon which to base moral and ethical actions going forward – a foundation of situational truth. What is both essential and too-often lacking in political or fundamentally human conversations is full recognition of the paramount importance of first arriving at true root causes.

Just as in the field of health and medicine too often efforts to “heal” patients result in nothing more than treating symptom and not the actual disease, so it is for political and presidential debates which, in the case of immigration, lead to focus on whose wall at the U.S. border with Mexico is the right height, or which immigrants will become allowed to stay, which deported. In a real sense, the immigration issue is a symptom made visible by the deeper root causes of a disease which manifests as societal conditions negative enough to cause, to force, people to leave the land and country of their birth.

The immigration issue discussed in the current American presidential campaign during debates, the highest intensity immigration issue on Earth – men, women and children fleeing war-torn, economically unstable nations in the Middle East, North Africa and elsewhere, are directly related in that they are the current iteration of a process, a continuum, begun with the European conquest, in perhaps history’s most horrific genocide, of indigenous people in what became the United States of America.

When enough people grasp and understand, can visualize in their minds the historical arc of violence and wars initiated in the “normal, everyday operations of business”, then the opportunity to move toward root causes and establish truth-based foundations amenable for peacefully solving humanity’s most pressing problems will open. At that point, humanity’s greatest error – the self-inflicted pain and suffering of innocents through wars and violence – becomes correctable.

The American people – especially those in the states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio until Tuesday March 15 – have enough time to think deeply about which candidate for president of the United States represents the greatest opportunity to identify and name, then tackle, the historical, clear, root causes of war on this Earth.

(Thank you to Romero Institute at YouTube)

May Americans remember the heroic soul Berta Caceres when making their decision. World peace is possible.