Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio

By Jerry Alatalo

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

– HERACLITUS (540-470 B.C.) Greek philosopher

cropped-world-map1.jpgAlphabet After the historic upset win by the Sanders campaign in Michigan on March 8, the attention now turns to Tuesday March 15 – when voters in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina head to the polls. Supporters of Sanders are confident of repeating the success in Michigan, even more so if the five states experience the trend that’s developing and becoming established: record turnouts of voters.

By now, informed observers – and a rapidly increasing number of American voters – are aware of the sustained, intentional and deceptive effort on the part of corporate media owners to “spin” reports in favor of Hillary Clinton, in particular the “inevitability” of her campaign’s success, while imposing/implementing a from-the-start misinformation narrative or blackout agenda against Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Included in the media’s active participation in this effort, to derail what has become known as the “Political Revolution”, is the continuous inclusion of so-called “super-delegates” to Clinton in the totals seen by TV viewers, giving the false impression, deliberately manipulating the perceptions of voters, that the “thing is over”. The Michigan win broke the record for largest turnaround from pre-primary polls (Clinton by 20%) to final voting results (Sanders by 2%) – a 22% rise.

The Miami, Florida debate became a generator of optimism in Sanders supporters for his more aggressive stance and forceful responses to Clinton deceptions, and was widely seen as his strongest performance to date – perhaps rejuvenated after Michigan. In what could be perceived as an act of certain concern and desperation by Hillary Clinton following Michigan, she tried to link the reviled-by-the-left Koch brothers to Sanders – asserting Koch-paid public signs/ads supporting Sanders.

In Ms. Clinton’s making this bizarre and absurd claim, an imagined equivalent from Bernie Sanders could go something like: “Secretary Clinton has received millions in contributions from Bashar al-Assad of Syria”. Clinton’s assertion, although certainly remarkable and newsworthy, most likely will not become mentioned by corporate media.

He responded, pointing out that “nobody” in the U.S. Congress has fought against the Koch brothers more than Bernie Sanders. He responded to Clinton’s claim she dealt firmly with Wall Street during the 2007-8 economic crisis: “Secretary Clinton must’ve really intimidated the bankers; that’s why Wall Street contributed $15 million to her super-pac”. The Young Turks are one of the few media, corporate or independent, who are trying to cover the Sanders-Clinton battle honestly.

(Thank you to The Young Turks)

It’s amazing to consider with all the roadblocks placed by wealth and power, the Sanders campaign to many is gaining momentum, and has a good shot at winning. As word of Clinton dirty debate lies/deeds spreads across the nation and world, it has become clear she is, by taking such actions, destroying her own credibility. At the same time people are learning more of Sanders, that he’s the straight shooter in this race, and… the snowballing, momentum-building, force-multiplying effects for the Sanders campaign begins.

What are the factors generating this growing movement? Could Sanders’ running have inspired/resurrected the 60’s generation, today’s generation of young people, and the generation between? All across America people are wondering what is happening.

A political revolution is happening.

(Thank you to Matt Orfalea at YouTube)