2016 Gamechanger: Michigan Votes Peace And Prosperity.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-28Alphabet It’s impossible to know how many voters in Michigan based their choice of Hillary Clinton on her outright and historic debate lie, the night before the vote, about Senator Bernie Sanders: “He voted against the auto bailout!” One can only speculate how many in Michigan were successfully deceived by Ms. Clinton’s intentional, truly abhorrent, slanderous crime against her political opponent, then voted with the falsely held perception that Bernie Sanders “voted against Michigan workers”, against “our family and friends”.

Unfortunately, once a lie goes out over the airwaves or media, into the minds of people innocently striving to gather as much information as possible upon which to base their decisions – in this case, voters in Michigan on whether to vote Sanders or Clinton – the effect produced by the lie is very difficult to reverse or correct. The most damning indictment of Hillary Clinton for her deliberate slander of Bernie Sanders – not illegal, but profoundly unethical and far beneath the dignity of any person seeking the office of president of the United States – is that she knew the lie would gain her more votes, help her win Michigan’s primary election, and, that she consciously chose to deceive the people.

Despite that disgusting political attack in line with the psychopathic tactics of Machiavelli, Michigan voters went to the polls and gave the Sanders campaign a 50% to 48% win. One can imagine, if Ms. Clinton hadn’t made the conscious decision to run on the “dark side” of politics, that the final totals would have been more in line with results in Kansas and Maine, where Sanders won with much greater percentages.

Despite the roadblocks established to prevent success for the Sanders campaign since it began some 10 months ago, including the media’s virtual censorship through providing little airtime for him or supporters, along with highly biased narratives in reporting constructed/designed to convince the American people Sanders’ campaign had no chance, that Hillary was the inevitable Democratic nominee, the Michigan result shows that Americans have clearly had enough of status quo, “same old, same old” politics as usual.

Fundamentally, the American people are increasingly become aware that, with what some describe as one’s “gut feeling” or intuition, there is a real difference between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton when it comes to their respective human characteristics, most keenly felt when observing and contrasting each candidate’s personal integrity and forthrightness. Sanders comes across as professorial, while Clinton, especially evident in the Michigan debate, comes across as harsh, combative, overly aggressive…, in the mold of unpleasant negative-attack advertisements which most people have come to reject.

Political campaigns are famous for their “horse race” aspects where media analysts, politicians, business and religious leaders, and everyday people offer their opinions and predictions. After the historic vote in Michigan which all the polls showed couldn’t happen, with next Tuesday’s (March 15) primary elections in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and Missouri, and the momentum generated for Sanders, it’s not unreasonable to predict Sanders will become the next president of the United States.

Hawaii’s representative in the U.S. Congress and Iraq War veteran Tulsi Gabbard supports Bernie Sanders and believes he has the wisdom and judgment required of America’s commander-in-chief of the military. She explains why during her introduction of Bernie Sanders at a rally in Michigan, while advocating to the audience and all Americans for a “new era of peace and prosperity”.

Imagine a new era of peace and prosperity… The American people are now able to manifest such a world into reality – with their votes.

(Thank you to Tulsi Gabbard at YouTube)