Sanders, Clinton Trade Records: Wall Street Or Middle Class?

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-40Alphabet While in Michigan, Bernie Sanders gave the following press conference where he talked and answered questions about his and Hillary Clinton’s sharp, diametrically opposed contrast in voting on United States’ major trade agreements in recent decades, including the currently in-process TransPacific Partnership (TPP).

Sanders noted that he has opposed virtually all trade deals, describing U.S. trade policy as a “disaster”, that Ms. Clinton has voted for them all, that 60,000 factories and millions of well-paying jobs with strong benefits were lost to China, Mexico, Vietnam and other low-wage nations, and, because of those philosophical economic differences between himself and Ms. Clinton, that Americans need to understand the very high importance of the 2016 election.

Sanders pointed out that, before the phenomenon of large trade deals leading to major U.S. manufacturers moving operations and jobs overseas, Detroit, Michigan was the richest city in America, with General Motors the largest part of that successful situation. Clearly implying the trade deals passed in the U.S. Congress as the direct cause for the negative socioeconomic transforming of Detroit, he told reporters that the city is now ranked the nation’s poorest.

Because Hillary Clinton has yet to release the transcripts of her $225,000 speeches to Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banking mega-companies, it is unknown whether the TransPacific Partnership was part of her presentations. From the beginning, Bernie Sanders has been absolutely opposed to the TPP, while Hillary Clinton has supported that largest trade deal in U.S. history. She has only recently “changed” her view on the massive agreement; perhaps an honest break from Barack Obama’s support of the deal – perhaps a deceptive move to manipulate voters, and announced she’s now opposed to it.

It’s possible that learning Goldman Sachs CEO Loyd Blankfein’s stance on the TransPacific Partnership could help one understand whether Hillary Clinton is honest when she says she opposes the trade deal, or if her “change of heart” was all about taking votes away from Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential race. Perhaps Ms. Clinton will have a similar “change of heart” and release the transcripts of her closed-door meetings with Goldman Sachs – the giant Wall Street investment firm which, through financing of factories in low wage nations, just might stand to profit.

Please share the video of Bernie Sanders’ trade policy press conference as far and wide as possible, especially reaching out to supporters of Hillary Clinton. Taking strong and focused action now during this extremely important 2016 election cycle, deciding the next President of the United States, determines the course of human history and creates the kind of world future generations will inherit.

(Thank you to Bernie 2016 at YouTube)

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