March 1, 2016 Headlines.

By Jerry Alatalo

Thought experiment…

HighwayAlphabet Sometimes isolated, re-combined article headlines convey more than their stand-alone singular varieties of content – similar to a photograph in time, in this case March 2016. In illustration, a list of post titles from some followed sites on WordPress over the past five days:

  • 20 Countries Supply Bombs to ISIS
  • How Bulgaria Supplied Drugs and Weapons to Al-Qaeda and Daesh
  • Prof. James Tracy’s Termination in Light of Orwell’s 1984
  • William Engdahl, Kevin Zeese on It’s Our Money
  • Saudi Arabia’s Dictator Demands Regime Change in Syria, Otherwise WW III
  • Demand UN Restore Inner City Press’ Access as Resident Correspondent
  • A Novel About Jim Crow
  • U.S. Presidential Elections 2016: The Revolt of the Masses
  • The Need to Expand Limited Range of Normal Human Awareness
  • New Wikileaks Saudi Cable: Overthrow Syrian Regime, But Play Nice With Russia
  • Anti-Communist Fairy Tales About Cuba, Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights
  • Syrian Front: The Ceasefire Begins
  • Russia, Damascus Reserve Right to Respond to Ceasefire Violations in Syria
  • Vast Areas of Syria Controlled by Groups Preventing Implementation of Ceasefire Agreement
  • Security Council Unanimous on Resolution 2268 – Cessation of Hostilities in Syria
  • Washington’s Plan B for Syria
  • The Betrayal of the Kurdish People
  • U.K. Terrorist Murders of Elderly Muslim Men: Big Questions for Police, Press on Hate Crime
  • Reply to Open Letter by Federation of Young European Greens to DiEM25
  • Syria in the Crosshairs: “The Syrian People are Against Plans to Partition Syria”
  • What Does the Ceasefire in Syria Mean?
  • Reuters: How the West Misread Putin Over Syria
  • Global Justice Weekly – Protection of Human Rights in Jeopardy
  • “Not About Closing Guantanamo, But Ensuring Accountability”, UN Rights Experts Say
  • Russian Analyst: Why the Syrian Ceasefire Makes Sense
  • The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
  • The Mental World – Its Relation to the Vital and Physical Worlds
  • America’s “In God We Trust” is a Deadbeat Dad
  • China and Europe: Reconnecting Across a New Silk Road
  • Russia Defense Ministry Briefing on ceasefire Process
  • Syrian Front: Terrorist Attacks in Damascus, Hama, Deir Ezzor, Aleppo
  • The Grand Inquisitor and his Guardians: Mass Media and the Fog in our Brains
  • An Unparalleled Act of Police Terror
  • How Neoliberalism Really Works: A Small Anecdote
  • Bellingcat: The Dead Cat Factory
  • Afghanistan: The Central Asia Grand Chessboard
  • Justice for Rasmea? It Matters to Vets and Millions of Others
  • Voices From Syria: Inside Syria by Rev. Andrew Ashdown
  • Interview: Mideast Alliances Shift as Regional Balance Alters
  • Irish Have Rejected ‘Dead End’, Troika-Inspired Policies
  • 21 Questions for Donald Trump, 2 for Mainstream Media
  • Supramental Worlds and Their Relation to Mind-Life-Body
  • The Clintons and Wall Street: 24 Years of Enriching Each Other
  • Syrian Front: Nine Ceasefire Violations In Past 24 Hours
  • Europe Stops Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
  • Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy
  • Yemen: The Endlessly Forgotten War
  • Alfred de Vigny: When Armies and War Exist No More
  • Ukraine, the Price of Survival: From Civilian Aircraft to Attack Drones
  • Britain’s Struggle to Abolish the Slave Trade
  • The Human Soul’s Preoccupation with the Material Life
  • Homeland: The Making of an Empire
  • Is Greece a Compelling Reason to Vote Brexit June 23?
  • Right of Reply: Amazon Watch Responds to Stansfield Smith
  • Alfred de Vigny: The Army is a Machine Wound Up to Kill
  • Statements of Saudi FM Violate UNSC Resolution 2268
  • Hillary: “I Was A Goldwater Girl”
  • War on Terror or War on Democracy? Physical Intimidation of Legislatures
  • Before We Leap
  • Interview on UN’s Assange Ruling
  • Al Jazeera Pushing Westerners to Despise China
  • ICC Timbuktu Destruction Case – All You Need to Know
  • The Scandal of Voter Suppression, 16 States Face New Voting Restrictions
  • Please Don’t Attack Al-Qaeda
  • Oliver v. Trump
  • Public Banking in Europe: Possibilities for Iceland
  • How a Hillary or Bernie Government Would Relate to the World
  • “The Marvelous Women” – Poem by Syrian-American
  • The Guardian: Assange Supporters Condemn UK and Sweden in Open Letter
  • Leaked Telephone Transcripts Show Turkey Helping ISIS in Syria

And, in perhaps ideal philosophical summation…

“Fulfilling the Human Aspiration for Deeper Meaning to Existence”


Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Vermont’s Bernie Sanders.

By Jerry Alatalo

RockwellAlphabet VETERAN of the Iraq War and member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard has resigned her Vice-Chairman position on the Democratic National Committee, allowing her to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont as the party’s nominee for President of the United States.

Drawing from personal experience as a 23-year old medic in Iraq where she saw the human cost of war – which she has described as a powerful and life-changing event that in essence shattered all her preconceptions about war and peace – Representative Gabbard has concluded that Sanders, as potential commander-in-chief, possesses better judgment than Hillary Clinton.

Ms. Gabbard, the youngest member of the U.S. Congress and its sole adherent of the Hindu spiritual tradition, has become widely seen as one of the Democratic party’s “rising stars”, in particular because of her outspoken criticism of U.S./Obama administration policies in Syria and the Middle East.

Pointing to then Senator Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War (“she hasn’t apologized to my brothers and sisters”…), her central role as Secretary of State in the NATO/military attack of 2011 on Libya resulting in that nation’s descent into political and socioeconomic chaos, Clinton’s statements about establishing a no-fly zone in war-ravaged Syria risking confrontation with Russia – possibly world war, Gabbard believes if Clinton were to become elected president she (Clinton) would continue, in the view of Ms. Gabbard, a clearly unproductive “interventionist, regime-changing” model of U.S. foreign policy.

Tulsi Gabbard’s endorsement represents a major positive development for the Sanders campaign going into “Super Tuesday”, strengthening in the minds of voters what some have perceived as a weakness of Sanders: foreign policy. What difference Hawaiian Tulsi Gabbard’s endorsement of Bernie Sanders makes will become clear after all the votes are cast, and all the votes are counted.

World peace is possible.

(Thank you to Tulsi Gabbard at YouTube)

Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?

What are the odds that the “awkward matters” articulated in this hard-hitting article by Mr. Paul Craig Roberts become included in reports forthcoming from the corporate media? An even more, perhaps the most important, question the article raises: “Will any of the candidates running for President of the United States 2016, or any elected representative in the United States Congress, comment in any manner whatsoever – either affirming or denying the serious allegations put forth – on these extremely disturbing points of contention?”