Syria: Destroyed Over Gas Pipelines To Europe.

By Jerry Alatalo

“In truth lying is an accursed vice. We are men, and held together, only by our word. If we recognize the horror and the gravity of lying, we would persecute it with fire more justly than other crimes.”

– MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE (1533-1592) French philosopher


Alphabet ROBERT Kennedy Jr.’s father became the victim of assassination in 1968 after winning the California Democratic primary while seeking the presidency of the United States. In the cross-country train transport of the body from California to the eastern United States, many thousands of men, women and children lined the tracks in respect to a loved American leader. If he weren’t murdered, he would probably have gone on to win the election and become one of the most powerful people on Earth. His uncle was John F. Kennedy, who, while serving as the President of the United States, suffered the same fate in Dallas, Texas five years earlier in 1963.

Most people are aware of these facts about the Kennedy family, but pointing them out here is for the benefit of young people who may pass this way. This is so they are aware of the stature of Robert Kennedy Jr. when listening to the following interview where he describes the virtually unreported root causes of the war in Syria.

The war in Syria began in March 2011, and has all along been about who’s pipeline, Qatar’s or Iran’s, would become constructed and used to supply the European market. This information – while people should surely feel thankful to host Thom Hartmann and Robert Kennedy Jr. for exposing the truth, and perhaps forcing the facts into U.S. presidential debates where they most rightly belong – have been the subject of reports by analysts and serious observers for years.

The first question which comes to mind when considering absence of these facts about the true cause of the nearly 5-year devastatingly destructive war in (on) Syria relates to how and why nobody has pointed them out. That major media groups have owners and boards of directors who also either own or sit on corporate energy, banking and military contractor boards as well – “interlocking directorates” – of companies who stand to gain enormously if the “correct” pipeline gets built, explains media censorship of the truth.

As for how and why the Syrian government, nations in the Middle East region, the hundreds or thousands of men and women journalists who’ve written about or commented on television or radio, or any person concerned about the Syrian crisis since 2011 until today have excluded the truth is inexplicable. Perhaps there’s an unwritten “rules of war” conduct which explains the persistent silence surrounding the Qatar-Iran gas pipeline roots of the war, but it certainly seems only reasonable that to end the war in Syria the real and true cause/genesis of it has to become fully acknowledged and addressed.

Whatever the reasons for avoidance or omission/censoring of the real causes of the war in Syria, the financial and economic stakes couldn’t be higher. Entire nations with their people around the Earth have felt and are feeling the consequences of events in the Middle East over recent years and decades, most intensely and negatively the people living in the region.

Furthermore, failure in providing the human race the facts about Syria has further consequences due to people taking ill-informed actions or conveying false information to small and/or large numbers of others either intentionally misleading or based on completely erroneous perceptions of the situation, including certain presidential candidates and politicians in America, citizens of Europe with regard to refugees fleeing the war zones, plus various extremist anti-Islam groups in America, Europe and elsewhere.

The negative, tragic and heart-breaking consequences can begin to come to an end when discussions and debates focus on actual roots of the problems – in other words, speaking and revealing the total truth.

On matters of war and peace, humanity’s absolutely most serious unresolved still-existent and saddening reality, anything less is very disappointing, dangerous, immoral, and no longer acceptable.

(Thank you to The Big Picture RT at YouTube)

4 thoughts on “Syria: Destroyed Over Gas Pipelines To Europe.

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  2. The US and its European allies have been colonizing and exploiting the Middle East for their oil and gas resources for over 100 years now. These policies are responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians – about a third of them children. It needs to stop.


    1. Stuart,
      One would think with man’s great intelligence and reason that war would’ve become extinct by the year 2016, but it seems unity consciousness dependent on spiritual enlightenment bringing awareness of oneness has yet to develop to the point where people make world peace reality. Could be overly-optimistic but observing the rapid changes occurring on Earth, perhaps such a new world will become built sooner than people predict. After reading Sri Aurobindo’s astounding philosophy in “The Life Divine”, his view that spirituality or higher consciousness must be a factor for positive change individually or collectively reflects the truth. Such a path is profoundly paradoxical presenting both ultimate risk and ultimate reward, while at the same time quite possibly the one and only true path. Here endeth the proselytizing for today. 🙂


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