Last False Flag, First True Peace.

By Jerry Alatalo

398-2-1“As it has been promised previously to the American partners, this information will not be hidden anymore”.

Alphabet That is what Russian Ministry of Defense Major General Igor Konashenkov said during the following briefing on recent events in Syria. He was referring to and refuting statements made by U.S. Pentagon official Colonel Steve Warren which accused Russian pilots of carrying out airstrikes against hospitals and civilians in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Whether developments in the days ahead include a response from the Pentagon to Mr. Konashenkov’s allegation that it was two American A-10 fighter jets which carried out the actual bombings or not – a response which presents evidence to the world to back up the Pentagon’s assertion of Russian military responsibility for the attacks, it is perhaps inconceivable that the matter of two superpower conflicting perceptions and narratives about such very serious war crimes will stay unresolved.

If the Pentagon’s spokesperson was telling the truth, to straighten out the controversy by showing the evidence to substantiate the severe allegation should not prove difficult or any problem. In essence, if the Pentagon fails to offer the world evidence proving Russian jets carried out the bombardments one can come to no other logical conclusion but that American pilots were carrying out what has become increasingly recognized by people around the Earth as a “false flag” military operation.

Some might underestimate how much importance lies in this controversy and quickly forget about it, but the implications of a possibly planned American false flag deception in Aleppo – without a doubt in any international law/legal expert’s mind a war crime, are potentially enormous and paradigm-shifting. For observers of events in Syria learning about this highest-level controversy between American and Russian military officials on bombings in Aleppo produces intense anticipation over the forthcoming, if any, American response.

As it stands, the proverbial “ball is in the Pentagon’s court”. While it has yet to become determined whether Russian or American pilots actually carried out the atrocities, in particular destruction of Aleppo hospitals, if it turns out that the airstrikes were in fact part of an American false flag operation humanity might have witnessed “the last false flag”. Given that throughout history civilization’s major wars have often been initiated upon successful false flag events, humanity’s awareness of one being carried out in Syria – if such proves the case – will result in a historic perceptual shift highly amenable for creating conditions of global truth, justice and peace.

In other words, the immoral tactical military option of deception meant to manipulate citizens’ perceptions into acceptance of war, by any nation or group of nations, will become virtually impossible to implement. What that means is no war ever again will start because of successful deceiving of entire populations of people. Given the high percentage of wars through history sparked by deceptive events, is it conceivable that wars will never again start… period?

The answer to that profoundly thought-provoking question may well come as the world’s people maintain intense focus on the outcome to the controversy, an event which could go down in history as “The February 2016 Bombing of Aleppo”.

(Thank you to Marine1063 at YouTube)


7 thoughts on “Last False Flag, First True Peace.

    1. Thank you kindly for helping to disseminate this utterly important information. In a world of people worthy of being told the truth, such seemingly easy and simple efforts truly make all the difference between war and peace.


  1. The propaganda war is intended solely to grab headlines, particularly in the most popular outlets.

    The attention span of the average ‘consumer’ becoming evermore limited by modern technology, the desperate urge to be first with everything dominates from iphones to instant news. Once the claim ‘the Russians did it’ sticks in the collective consciouness it becomes impossible to remove, especially in the light of constant repetition. This is something Western propagandists have become extremely aware of. Counter accusations and denials, however well-intended, serve only give extra exposure to the crime, rather than the identity of the perpetrators.

    Even worse is the way virtually the entire corporate media colludes in spreading the lie. It is now almost beyond doubt that a terrorist group was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Damascus, yet most people still believe it was Bashar Assad. There isn’t the slightest doubt in their minds. The same with MH17.

    Though John Kerry assured us all U.S. intelligence possessed satellite photos showing what happened, within hours of the tragedy, those photos have never been produced. Still, most people firmly believe Ukrainian separatists downed the plane with Russian help. Even though plenty of evidence has been produced showing how highly unlikely that scenario was, and not one shred of firm evidence shows it was the case, for the vast majority, Kerry’s unsubstantiated claim has entered the collective consciouness. There it will remain to become an ‘historical truth’. I wish it were otherwise.


    1. Bryan,
      All spot on points. On a recent Democracy Now about the Congressional Black Caucus with Jeffrey Sachs and Congressman Meeks of New York, Sachs mentioned three times that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was involved with “secret” Saudi/CIA operation to destabilize Syria, which resulted in the current “blood bath”. Meeks’ response totally failed to address Sachs’ massive disclosure, instead talking with obfuscation about “working in cooperation with our allies/friends…” or such rubbish, failing to address an illegal covert operation, while Amy Goodman failed to push Meeks with a question like “Can you respond to Mr. Sachs’ point about Secretary Clinton’s role in Saudi/CIA plan to destabilize Syria?” It’s nothing less than unbelievable the worst war criminals on Earth get away with their heinous deeds, and what seems like all 535 members of the U.S. Congress remain silent, let major war crimes slide. The only explanation which fits is fear of assassination, or real death threats directed at family members. Both the American head of CIA and NSA (Brennan and Clapper) have made very recent statements about ISIS’ possession/ability to produce chemical weapons, so it’s possible a major chemical attack “false flag” is coming to justify U.S. troops in Syria, “to defeat ISIS”. Keep the faith.

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    1. Stuart,
      Best guess is that there is no evidence of Russian responsibility, the A-10 narrative is correct, so silence is the only option. The petrodollar situation seems to be much worse than one thought, seeing the desperate measures in trying to turn the Syria “loss” around. And that causes much worry over possible escalation that spins out of control. Sad that American leaders keep burning up the nation’s reputation around the world with such ill-advised actions, despite average Americans’ apologies found in comment threads. Thankfully the eyes of millions of good people are watching and taking right action.


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