Documentary: ‘Water Time’ By Allan Weisbecker.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-37Alphabet As a person who keeps up on Jim Fetzer’s program “The Real Deal”, his latest posted at MBC Official Backup Channel on YouTube with Allan Weisbecker rose to the qualitative level of sharing it here. After some preliminary discussion between Mr. Weisbecker and Mr. Fetzer, the 90-minute documentary film “Water Time” becomes presented, followed by further discussion between the two men.

A number of wide-ranging, intense thoughts may occur while watching the film, including asking the question “Why hasn’t this powerful film gained much wider viewership?” (Mr. Weisbecker posted on his YT channel, AE Weisbecker, around a year ago – some 7-8,000 views thus far), along with appreciation of the film as a model for how documentary film-making should become produced in the future.

For men and women who’ve spent time going down the “rabbit hole” and researching historic events covered in the film – such as the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, September 11, 2001 etc., Mr. Weisbecker’s over-arching message should not come as any big surprise.

However, for those who’ve either ignored subsequent alternative or new findings of researchers on these events or accepted the so-called “official story”, watching “Water Time” will produce possible severely uncomfortable sensations related to their transformation of perceptions about power and how the world really operates, as illustrated by some of the people Allan Weisbecker talked with during the filming of the documentary.

Mr. Weisbecker made the film as an educational effort, without profit as the motive. His intention is perhaps best summed up in the opening minutes of the film where he says, “I’ve got to find out if there’s something really wrong… I mean with me – or with the rest of the world”.

People hold varying views about what qualifies as a “mediocre”, “good”, “above average”, “excellent”, “masterpiece” etc. documentary film. This writer sees “Water Time: Part I” as an – unfortunately – extraordinarily rare, profoundly revealing artistic triumph which makes a colossal contribution to the shared vision of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King expressed in the film – peace on Earth.

Thank you Allan Weisbecker. In the year 2016, the world urgently needs more true artists like him.

(Thank you to MBC Official Backup Channel at YouTube)


4 thoughts on “Documentary: ‘Water Time’ By Allan Weisbecker.

  1. Living in what many would describe as one of Europe’s surfer’s paradises I can recognize the cast in this exceptional documentary.

    The way Allan Weisbecker is initially greeted in beach bars habituated by the overprivileged rings so true, as does the way most gradually tire of him to the point where some become openly aggressive. Once they have decided he is of no practical use to them he becomes uninteresting, annoying and eventually dispensable. I have experienced exactly the same. The majority of those appearing seem to believe the sole point of entering a conversation is to win it, and therefore choose to discount any evidence that challenges their comfort zone. That changing one’s mind in the light of new evidence can be an indication of greater intellect, seems beyond their understanding, as does agreeing to disagree once things start to become overheated. They don’t want to hear anything that challenges their perfect world, however imperfect that world might be for others.

    An impressive freethinker, Weisbecker’s point about doublethink – which he mentions in the discussion with Jim Fetzer following the film – is particularly interesting. It is a theme I keep returning too in my own work.

    Thanks for pointing me in this direction.


    1. Bryan,
      How are you. Perhaps the greatest service Mr. Weisbecker gives with his film is effectively pointing out how starved of truth-descriptive real information people are. Thankfully, with the internet, such a negative historic societal situation is changing, and people around the world are obtaining and sharing the truth by researching on their computers. Because of the transformation in ways people seek and gain understanding and knowledge of world events, one can experience more optimism as time moves on. The only question remaining concerns the length of time until films wrestling with the great deceptions like “Water Time” (Part II is highly anticipated) and other truth-focused efforts become unnecessary.
      Thanks for your considered comment.


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