German MP’s Address Delivers Truth About Syria.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-37Alphabet MEMBER of Parliament from the left party Die Linke in Germany, Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht, passionately criticized Western and Angela Merkel’s policies on Syria recently; this while the German leader sat only yards away. Ms. Wagenknecht’s pointed criticism included terms such as “irrational” and “morally bankrupt”.

She also spoke to the increasingly known direct participation of Saudi Arabia and Turkey in helping the terrorist organization ISIS, raising serious questions about the seeming absence of outrage internationally against those nations for clear state-sponsored terrorism, in complete contradiction to unanimously agreed-upon anti-terror resolutions at the United Nations.

In addition, Dr. Wagenknacht noted the high percentage of some 90-100 separate terrorist mercenary groups, operating in Syria for nearly five years, having become discovered to possess German-made weaponry – a state of affairs for which she used the term “an embarrassment”.

Perhaps, if enough Americans were to become aware of the truth about Syria, and if those Americans took actions which forced all presidential candidates and elected representatives to fully and truthfully respond to perceptions like those conveyed by Dr. Sahra Wagenknecht on the floor of Germany’s Parliament, the international community would join as one humanity – one human family, defeat terrorism in Syria and the entire Middle East region, and – finally – start down the ever-longed-for path to true peace on Earth.

World peace is possible.

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Syria: Destroyed Over Gas Pipelines To Europe.

By Jerry Alatalo

“In truth lying is an accursed vice. We are men, and held together, only by our word. If we recognize the horror and the gravity of lying, we would persecute it with fire more justly than other crimes.”

– MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE (1533-1592) French philosopher


Alphabet ROBERT Kennedy Jr.’s father became the victim of assassination in 1968 after winning the California Democratic primary while seeking the presidency of the United States. In the cross-country train transport of the body from California to the eastern United States, many thousands of men, women and children lined the tracks in respect to a loved American leader. If he weren’t murdered, he would probably have gone on to win the election and become one of the most powerful people on Earth. His uncle was John F. Kennedy, who, while serving as the President of the United States, suffered the same fate in Dallas, Texas five years earlier in 1963.

Most people are aware of these facts about the Kennedy family, but pointing them out here is for the benefit of young people who may pass this way. This is so they are aware of the stature of Robert Kennedy Jr. when listening to the following interview where he describes the virtually unreported root causes of the war in Syria.

The war in Syria began in March 2011, and has all along been about who’s pipeline, Qatar’s or Iran’s, would become constructed and used to supply the European market. This information – while people should surely feel thankful to host Thom Hartmann and Robert Kennedy Jr. for exposing the truth, and perhaps forcing the facts into U.S. presidential debates where they most rightly belong – have been the subject of reports by analysts and serious observers for years.

The first question which comes to mind when considering absence of these facts about the true cause of the nearly 5-year devastatingly destructive war in (on) Syria relates to how and why nobody has pointed them out. That major media groups have owners and boards of directors who also either own or sit on corporate energy, banking and military contractor boards as well – “interlocking directorates” – of companies who stand to gain enormously if the “correct” pipeline gets built, explains media censorship of the truth.

As for how and why the Syrian government, nations in the Middle East region, the hundreds or thousands of men and women journalists who’ve written about or commented on television or radio, or any person concerned about the Syrian crisis since 2011 until today have excluded the truth is inexplicable. Perhaps there’s an unwritten “rules of war” conduct which explains the persistent silence surrounding the Qatar-Iran gas pipeline roots of the war, but it certainly seems only reasonable that to end the war in Syria the real and true cause/genesis of it has to become fully acknowledged and addressed.

Whatever the reasons for avoidance or omission/censoring of the real causes of the war in Syria, the financial and economic stakes couldn’t be higher. Entire nations with their people around the Earth have felt and are feeling the consequences of events in the Middle East over recent years and decades, most intensely and negatively the people living in the region.

Furthermore, failure in providing the human race the facts about Syria has further consequences due to people taking ill-informed actions or conveying false information to small and/or large numbers of others either intentionally misleading or based on completely erroneous perceptions of the situation, including certain presidential candidates and politicians in America, citizens of Europe with regard to refugees fleeing the war zones, plus various extremist anti-Islam groups in America, Europe and elsewhere.

The negative, tragic and heart-breaking consequences can begin to come to an end when discussions and debates focus on actual roots of the problems – in other words, speaking and revealing the total truth.

On matters of war and peace, humanity’s absolutely most serious unresolved still-existent and saddening reality, anything less is very disappointing, dangerous, immoral, and no longer acceptable.

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2016: Spiritual Evolution.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-41Alphabet Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) wrote the remarkable book “The Life Divine” decades ago, yet the spiritual classic remains relevant today in 2016. In the most basic description of the massive over-1,000 page work, Sri Aurobindo makes a thorough, exhaustive effort to articulate how spiritual/consciousness aspects of existence being underestimated or avoided has resulted in ignorance regarding true knowledge – widespread ignorance and its corresponding widespread negative consequences for humanity – and that only the full awareness and appreciation of consciousness or spiritual aspects of existence can end ignorance, thereby allowing for positive world evolutionary movements based on total, not partial, knowledge.

The meeting, after 1,000 years where the large religious denominations had been separated, between head of the Roman Catholic church Pope Francis and the Russian Orthodox church Patriarch Kirill could be perceived as a good and welcomed  sign that the spiritual/consciousness natures of reality are gaining long-awaited, long-needed prominence in 2016, that perhaps human ignorance will be overcome, especially, when people around the Earth are talking openly about a possible 3rd world war.

In Sri Aurobindo’s book, he asserts that humanity hasn’t embraced true total knowledge, at one point using the term “true truth”, and that if mankind became aware of its full-knowledge potentialities life on Earth would undergo profound, great and positive transformation.

After reading some paragraphs from “The Life Divine”, there is a link where one can obtain a free download of the entire book in PDF, EPUB and Kindle formats. Please record the link URL so that it’s available for sharing with friends, family and others who would be interested in such an in-depth, ever-relevant, always-timely philosophical classic.

An interview focusing on Sri Aurobindo’s life and work follows a selected section of the book, providing further insights into one of the world’s most important and serious philosophers, one its most profound writers on spiritual evolution, in recent history.

The following excerpt gives one an idea of Sri Aurobindo’s writing style and the kind of content found throughout “The Life Divine”, and comes from Book 2, Chapter XV: Reality and the Integral Knowledge:

An integral knowledge then must be a knowledge of the truth of all sides of existence both separately and in the relation of each to all and the relation of all to the truth of the Spirit. Our present state is an Ignorance and a many-sided seeking; it seeks for the truth of all things but,—as is evident from the insistence and the variety of the human mind’s speculations as to the fundamental Truth which explains all others, the Reality at the basis of all things,—the fundamental truth of things, their basic reality must be found in some at once fundamental and universal Real; it is that which, once discovered, must embrace and explain all,—for “That being known all will be known”: the fundamental Real must necessarily be and contain the truth of all existence, the truth of the individual, the truth of the universe, the truth of all that is beyond the universe.

The Mind, in seeking for such a Reality and testing each thing from Matter upwards to see if that might not be It, has not proceeded on a wrong intuition. All that is necessary is to carry the inquiry to its end and test the highest and ultimate levels of experience.

But since it is from the Ignorance that we proceed to the Knowledge, we have had first to discover the secret nature and full extent of the Ignorance. If we look at this Ignorance in which ordinarily we live by the very circumstance of our separative existence in a material, in a spatial and temporal universe, we see that on its obscurer side it reduces itself, from whatever direction we look at or approach it, into the fact of a many-sided self-ignorance.

We are ignorant of the Absolute which is the source of all being and becoming; we take partial facts of being, temporal relations of the becoming for the whole truth of existence,—that is the first, the original ignorance.

We are ignorant of the spaceless, timeless, immobile and immutable Self; we take the constant mobility and mutation of the cosmic becoming in Time and Space for the whole truth of existence, —that is the second, the cosmic ignorance.

We are ignorant of our universal self, the cosmic existence, the cosmic consciousness, our infinite unity with all being and becoming; we take our limited egoistic mentality, vitality, corporeality for our true self and regard everything other than that as not-self,—that is the third, the egoistic ignorance.

We are ignorant of our eternal becoming in Time; we take this little life in a small span of Time, in a petty field of Space, for our beginning, our middle and our end,—that is the fourth, the temporal ignorance.

Even within this brief temporal becoming we are ignorant of our large and complex being, of that in us which is superconscient, subconscient, intraconscient, circumconscient to our surface becoming; we take that surface becoming with its small selection of overtly mentalised experiences for our whole existence,—that is the fifth, the psychological ignorance.

We are ignorant of the true constitution of our becoming; we take the mind or life or body or any two of these or all three for our true principle or the whole account of what we are, losing sight of that which constitutes them and determines by its occult presence and is meant to determine sovereignly by its emergence their operations,—that is the sixth, the constitutional ignorance.

As a result of all these ignorances, we miss the true knowledge, government and enjoyment of our life in the world; we are ignorant in our thought, will, sensations, actions, return wrong or imperfect responses at every point to the questionings of the world, wander in a maze of errors and desires, strivings and failures, pain and pleasure, sin and stumbling, follow a crooked road, grope blindly for a changing goal,—that is the seventh, the practical ignorance.

Our conception of the Ignorance will necessarily determine our conception of the Knowledge and determine, therefore, since our life is the Ignorance at once denying and seeking after the Knowledge, the goal of human effort and the aim of the cosmic endeavour.

Integral knowledge will then mean the cancelling of the sevenfold Ignorance by the discovery of what it misses and ignores, a sevenfold self-revelation within our consciousness:— it will mean the knowledge of the Absolute as the origin of all things; the knowledge of the Self, the Spirit, the Being and of the cosmos as the Self’s becoming, the becoming of the Being, a manifestation of the Spirit; the knowledge of the world as one with us in the consciousness of our true self, thus cancelling our division from it by the separative idea and life of ego; the knowledge of our psychic entity and its immortal persistence in Time beyond death and earth-existence; the knowledge of our greater and inner existence behind the surface; the knowledge of our mind, life and body in its true relation to the self within and the superconscient spiritual and supramental being above them; the knowledge, finally, of the true harmony and true use of our thought, will and action and a change of all our nature into a conscious expression of the truth of the Spirit, the Self, the Divinity, the integral spiritual Reality.

But this is not an intellectual knowledge which can be learned and completed in our present mould of consciousness; it must be an experience, a becoming, a change of consciousness, a change of being. This brings in the evolutionary character of the Becoming and the fact that our mental ignorance is only a stage in our evolution.

The integral knowledge, then, can only come by an evolution of our being and our nature, and that would seem to signify a slow process in Time such as has accompanied the other evolutionary transformations. But as against that inference there is the fact that the evolution has now become conscious and its method and steps need not be altogether of the same character as when it was subconscious in its process. The integral knowledge, since it must result from a change of consciousness, can be gained by a process in which our will and endeavour have a part, in which they can discover and apply their own steps and method: its growth in us can proceed by a conscious self-transformation.

It is necessary then to see what is likely to be the principle of this new process of evolution and what are the movements of the integral knowledge that must necessarily emerge in it,—or, in other words, what is the nature of the consciousness that must be the base of the life divine and how that life may be expected to be formed or to form itself, to materialise or, as one might say, to “realise”.

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Jeffrey Sachs: Clinton Backed “Secret” Saudi/CIA Plans To Destabilize Syria.

By Jerry Alatalo

“The intention makes the crime.”

– ARISTOTLE (384-322 B.C.) Greek philosopher

aaa-13Alphabet During a recent Democracy Now (DN) episode hosted by Amy Goodman featuring Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs and New York Congressman Gregory Meeks, Mr. Sachs said the following about the Clinton-Sanders debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

“…It did clarify many different things. It also confused a few things when Hillary Clinton, for example, said that she negotiated the 2012 (Syria) ceasefire. There was no ceasefire in Syria; she was the reason why the ceasefire never took place then. Because she has backed a CIA-led attempt at regime change that has led to a bloodbath there. That’s what I wrote about a few days ago”.

Further into the segment, Mr. Sachs added: “When we talk about foreign policy, we have a spreading war, and she has been a leading agent of that war, from Iraq to Libya to Syria. This is CIA-led regime change that has led to chaos and we need a different foreign policy. And that’s why it’s extremely important that people understand what the underlying root of the problem is. It is the military-industrial complex, and she has supported it all along. She has supported Wall Street all along”.

After Congressman Meeks praised the Obama Administration and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for “sitting down” with allies in cooperative efforts, Jeffrey Sachs responded:

“I’ll tell you who she sat down with. Go back to the New York Times a couple weeks ago when they unveiled what many of us know, which was the secret deal of Saudi Arabia and the CIA to fund the destabilization of Syria. That’s who Hillary Clinton sat down with… with the CIA and with Saudi Arabia, and the bloodbath that we have underway right now is irresponsible… This (Syria) is a repeated military-industrial complex/CIA-led coup change, and it’s bipartisan”.

Thus far, this Democracy Now segment has received over 8,000 views and elicited over 100 comments at DN’s YouTube channel. Looking at the comments, many were critical of Congressman Meeks, but what was most astounding was the fact that only one contributing comment referred to Professor Sachs’ revelations of the Syrian coup attempt, perhaps still ongoing to this day, involving the U.S. through Hillary Clinton, Saudi Arabia, and implemented by the CIA.

What was similarly worrisome and striking about the DN segment was the complete avoidance and failure by Congressman Meeks to respond, directly and specifically, to Professor Sachs’ – in three separate statements during the course of the segment – clear allegation of a Saudi/CIA covert military operation against the Syrian government while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

Not being an expert on international law, and perhaps someone reading these words who is can clarify the issue, but isn’t it illegal under international law for nations to overthrow the democratically elected governments of other nations? Is this what the world has come to, that nations can attack other nations illegally, creating, according to respected scholar Jeffrey Sachs – a “bloodbath”, and the response from the United States Congress and many world leaders is silence?

Not being an expert on U.S. law related to covert military actions, and perhaps someone reading these words who is can clarify the issue, but isn’t it illegal under U.S. law to overthrow democratically elected governments of other nations? Has the status/condition of important legal systems in America at a national level and at global institutions, whose mandates include prevention of state against state violations of sovereignty, devolved to the point where what Jeffrey Sachs alleges becomes ignored and nobody finds his allegations reason enough to demand initiation of an investigation?

Unfortunately, examples of noble and moral speaking out against criminal actions leading to horrific consequences experienced by the people of the Middle East and North Africa such as Mr. Sachs are too few. While in full agreement with all Mr. Sachs said during this particular interview, his use of the term “irresponsible” to describe the coup attempt against Syria didn’t convey the full measure of the situation. Any reasonable man or woman on Earth will equate premeditated “bloodbath”, to Mr. Sachs’ appreciable, great credit the precise term – with the most offensive, immoral crimes against humanity ever committed in world history.

(Thank you to Democracy Now at YouTube)