The Fall Of Hillary Clinton.

By Jerry Alatalo

aaa-27Alphabet Hillary Clinton’s attempt to stop Bernie Sanders’ momentum in Iowa and New Hampshire through absolute distortion of Sanders’ long-held health care stance – a single-payer, medicare-for-all national plan, may have destroyed her campaign for President of the United States.

Any man or woman voter in America who possesses a shred of awareness about the health care debate can only be shocked at the truly Orwellian nature of the Clinton campaign’s pathetic, and utterly disturbing, effort to alter voters’ perceptions of Bernie Sanders by way of deception.

This ill-conceived decision on political tactics by the Clinton team is one which will become written about in future history books, describing the 2016 United States Presidential campaign, as a major turning point. The degree to which Hillary Clinton’s decision to go in this astonishing direction has harmed her run for President is truly historic.

Through this political miscalculation of epic proportions, the Hillary Clinton campaign has effectively eliminated any chance whatsoever that Ms. Clinton will become sworn in as the next President of the United States. There is no escaping the fact that voters in America – after learning how unethical this tactical decision by Ms. Clinton really is – will sever ties of support for her and join the Sanders campaign.

It has now become possible to predict that, in the days ahead leading to the vote in Iowa, polls will show Bernie Sanders’ lead increasing and Hillary Clinton’s support dropping like a rock. For political scientists, commentators, journalists and anyone else who’ll try to explain the sharp downward turn in Ms. Clinton’s campaign, the reason is absolutely obvious.

Americans will never again choose a liar for President.

Hillary Clinton is most likely aware of how extremely self-destructive to her campaign has been this colossal error in judgment. It becomes close to impossible to come to any other conclusion than that her most honorable action at this point is extending an apology to Bernie Sanders, advising her supporters to help elect Sanders the next President of the United States, and withdrawing her candidacy.

Although her dream of becoming the first woman President of the United States would come to an end, Ms. Clinton in leaving the race has an opportunity to profoundly raise the level of morality and ethics in the arena of politics – both in the U.S. and around the Earth – now in 2016, and for decades and centuries to come.

Whether she continues campaigning or exits the race now, the fact of the matter is the fall of Hillary Clinton has occurred and there is no possibility of restoring her chances of becoming elected. Ironically, by leaving the race and relinquishing her dream of becoming the nation’s chief executive and commander-in-chief, Ms. Clinton would gain the respect, admiration, honor and trust only reserved for great American leaders.

(Thank you to Ed Schultz at YouTube)


6 thoughts on “The Fall Of Hillary Clinton.

    1. Hi Rosaliene,
      Yes… Apparently $250,000 an hour for speaking engagements deep. The difference between Sanders and Clinton on Wall Street greed and corruption is massive. After Sanders/Warren win in 2016, one can see Bernie serving one term and then President Warren in 2020. Extraordinary times… Thanks.

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    1. Lo,
      Thanks for the link. Yes, Hillary made a major strategic mistake on this issue, clearly misrepresenting (lying about) Sanders healthcare philosophy. Sanders, Stein and Johnson all have their good common sense proposals, and in an ideal world all three of them plus the GOP candidate will participate in many extensive and thorough debates. As a neutral observer of the 2016 race, it’s understandable to see the various analyses of those running include positive and negative reactions to strategy and tactics. Just guessing, but Bernie may have adopted a strategy of sticking to socioeconomic issues (Wall Street, inequality, etc.) which resonate, and keeping issues like foreign policy, military spending, etc. which could alienate the many people working for the MIC (every Congressional district) off the radar until necessary. With 9 months to go, the next President could be Sanders, Stein, Johnson, Trump… or a man or woman yet to enter the race. My wish is for all-inclusive, numerous debates that thoroughly and seriously examine the issues, thereby allowing the best odds for the candidate with the most positive ideas and proposals becoming elected. We can agree that Sanders is preferable to Clinton, and that this election is extraordinary.. 🙂

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      1. There is no way that the Democratic Party and Republican Party will allow any third party candidates into the debates. One of the many reasons I cannot vote for a Democratic candidate for president.

        While Sanders is preferable to Clinton, he still does not get my support or vote because of his foreign policy or lack of.


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