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The Wall Will Fall

26th January 2016

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UK Column News Special: A Conversation with Mother Agnes Mariam.

Mike Robinson speaks to Mother Agnes Mariam about the situation in Syria, the media coverage of it and both the political peace process and her own Reconciliation Initiative.

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Daesh: The Imported Malicious.

By Jerry Alatalo

earthblog2Alphabet Talks have been scheduled to begin in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday January 29 with focus on bringing about a negotiated settlement and ending close to five years of war in Syria. The Syrian people have been forced in a barbaric manner to endure unimaginable violence and destruction from terrorist groups whose composition is becoming more and more understood as paid mercenaries from some 80 outside countries, facilitated – armed, trained and paid – by regional nations Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and others, with support from Western nations including the United States and Israel.

As a result of the five-year criminal invasion of Syria, 250,000 or more people have perished, and millions of innocent Syrian men, women and children caught in the crossfire have become refugees fleeing to neighboring countries or Europe. Opinions among observers of the Syrian crisis are varied with respect to the chances for success leading to peace during imminent talks in Geneva.

Whether the talks are successful or not in bringing about a nationwide ceasefire, building a new constitution and holding elections, or if the international community comes to a solid agreement on defeating ISIS and al-Nusra, the major recognized terrorist groups in Syria – banned from the Geneva talks, those responsible for the brutal mercenary war of aggression against the Syrian people must become held accountable for their horrific and massive crimes against humanity.

In the 21st century, the level of aggregate war crimes committed against the people of Syria come in second to only the crimes of those responsible for the atrocities carried out during the Iraq War begun in 2003. Of the possible positive outcomes, the best result of upcoming talks in Geneva would be a criminal trial in the Hague identical to that held after World War II which prosecutes those responsible for the war of aggression against the people of Syria. Such an outcome offers the people of the Earth the greatest chance for realizing the practice of international law, and in the process creating the strongest deterrence possible for any powerful persons or groups considering the next war of aggression – the next humanitarian catastrophe.

World leaders must find the greatest potential moral strength, profound wisdom, spiritual courage and absolute integrity to end war in Syria and the Middle East region as rapidly as humanly possible. What has happened in Syria and to its people since the beginning of violence in early 2011 until today must become prevented from ever happening, to any nation on Earth – ever again.

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