Free Zakzaky: 2015’s Top Censored News Story.

By Jerry Alatalo

blogger7-1Alphabet The massacre of hundreds – perhaps over one thousand – of unarmed men, women and children Nigerians by the Nigerian military on December 12, and the unjust detention of, silencing of, and total denial of fundamental human rights for Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky since, might well be 2015’s most under-reported international story.

Sheikh Zakzaky is the leader of the growing Islamic Movement in Nigeria, and has not been granted any contact with family, close associates, legal counsel nor outside-the-government medical attention since being taken into custody over two weeks ago. This truly astonishing and disturbing state of affairs persists, despite near-daily mass protests in cities around Nigeria by his followers demanding just treatment and the immediate release of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Nigeria massacre world’s top censored story of 2015

Men and women around the Earth who have followed events in Nigeria surrounding the horrific events of December 12, Sheikh Zakzaky’s detention and silencing, along with the Nigerian government’s complete stonewalling in response to hundreds of thousands of its citizens demands for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky have come to the point of utter frustration, bewilderment and righteous indignation with the clearly unjust manner in which the situation has developed.

Mr. Zakzaky has been detained without charges, has not yet been granted visitation by family or legal counsel, and has not received the right to defend himself through public interviews or issuance of statements. Quite clearly a horrific crime has occurred and continues to unfold in Nigeria which has massive implications for the African continent – all this while world leaders, both political and religious, and the international media have chosen to turn away in silence.

The most urgent concern of Sheikh Zakzaky’s family, friends and many followers is his health and well-being, and their worst fear is that the Nigerian government will take intentional covert measures leading to his death.  No matter if one is Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or atheist, it is unquestionably true Nigerians have experienced a profoundly consequential, major act of crime and injustice – and continue to experience their government’s unacceptable actions defying all universally accepted fundamental legal and human rights pillars.

All people aware of events in Nigeria working for increased peace, human rights and justice around the Earth cannot help but understand the enormous significance of what has taken place – a truly historic injustice – in the most highly populated, energy-rich nation on the African continent.

The one and only morally just action for President Buhari and the Nigerian government to take at this point is immediately release Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky.

Free Zakzaky.

(Thank you to Khalid Idris Doya at YouTube)