World Leaders, Media Silent On Nigeria Massacre.

By Jerry Alatalo

Header5Alphabet After over 100 people perished in Paris recently in an alleged terrorist attack, the entire world became aware of what happened through virtually every media outlet, along with addresses by every nation’s leaders, while the French flag became visible around the Earth. All details of the Paris event became massively reported, subject to extensive analysis on international media outlets, and the topic of far-ranging political discussions.

After the event in San Bernardino, California where 14 people allegedly perished, a similar phenomenon occurred in the American and world media, culminating in a nation-wide Sunday night address by United States President Barack Obama.

At the time of the Paris and California events, it was impossible for people anywhere to turn on their televisions and not find reports on the tragedies. So, how does one explain the absolute silence from world leaders and international media outlets about the Nigerian Army’s massacre of 1,000 unarmed Nigerian citizens one week ago?

The particular aspect of the Nigerian atrocity which people are pointing to is the reason the Nigerian Army gave for the killings. Military officials claim Shia Muslim followers of popular Islamic Movement of Nigeria cleric Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky attempted to assassinate a Nigerian Army General, after blocking a highway near the cleric’s home and spiritual center in Zaria in northern Nigeria.

Since the Nigerian Army killed 1,000 unarmed followers of Sheikh Zakzaky over a 24-27 hour period last weekend, reports have people questioning how the Army’s account squares up with the fact that no members of the military were either injured or killed.

Reports have come to light that mass graves have been used by the military to bury the dead, Sheikh Zakzaky’s home and compound were destroyed, and that family members and close associates cannot make personal contact with Mr. Zakzaky and his wife, demanding to see them accompanied by doctors to ensure their health.

For Americans involved with the Black Lives Matter movement, the Nigerian massacre certainly resonates on a deep level. Hundreds of thousands of Nigerians have demanded Mr. Zakzaky’s release while walking in peaceful protests around the nation every day since the mass murder occurred. Sheikh Zakzaky’s daughter has asked her father’s followers to remain peaceful but firm during protests demanding his safety, availability and release.

Americans might be reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King when becoming aware of Nigeria’s Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. That nobody has seen the spiritual leader for a week brings concerns the Sheikh may have suffered the same end as America’s beloved moral leader. If such is the case, riots in American cities after Martin Luther King’s assassination may seem small compared to what might take place in cities around highly populated Nigeria.

Recently elected Nigerian President Buhari should act wisely, allow family and associates in to see and tend to Mr. Zakzaky and his wife as soon as possible, because the potential for national outrage building then spiraling out of control only intensifies each day his government fails to deal with this self-generated crisis.

Given that Nigeria holds the African continent’s largest oil reserves, is its most populated nation, and that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky has millions of devoted followers in Nigeria and surrounding countries, no amount of international media silence/omission or government stonewalling will be able to keep such a massive atrocity out of public awareness. God help the people of Nigeria.

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2 thoughts on “World Leaders, Media Silent On Nigeria Massacre.

    1. Rosaliene,
      The massacre of 1,000 Nigerians and kidnapping of Sheikh Zakzaky might have been a desperate attempt to prevent a revolution similar to the one in Iran in 1979, which would likely transform Africa. Four of the Sheikh’s sons have been murdered by the military, three last summer and the fourth in this massacre. This atrocity will have massive consequences for Africa and the world, the size of which depends on whether the Sheikh survives or not, and it’s shocking how the world’s media chooses to remain silent on such an historic event. One may not be exaggerating to suggest what happened in Nigeria represents World War III. Madness describes the situation very well. Thanks.


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