U.S. imperialism and the wanton destruction of cultures: an open letter to Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei

What if you believe men and women who claim certain terrorist attacks were in reality “false flags” are so-called “conspiracy theorists”? What if, after never investing any time to look into the topic of false flags, you decided to watch a four-hour video titled “False Flag Islamophobia Conference”? What if, after listening to the presenters in the video, you became convinced “false flag” proponents weren’t “conspiracy theorists” after all? What if you shared your newly found, absolutely disturbing concerns about the profoundly negative consequences of false flag terrorism with family, friends, and people with the ability to get your concerns addressed? What if, because of your and others’ highly focused purposeful actions, World War III and nuclear holocaust were prevented? What if you save the human race?

Truth and Shadows

“The real aim of the invaders in the 9/11 wars is not to fight Islamic terror. It is rather to continue the process of toppling governments and whole societies slated for destruction by those vying for monopolistic domination. Those pushing forward the new incarnations of the Global War on Terror often project onto those they say they are fighting the very qualities that they themselves epitomize.”—Anthony James Hall

Above is an online conference on false flags and Islamaphobia held yesterday, Dec. 13, in Paris. It featured a number of guests and was hosted by the author of the letter below, Anthony James Hall, and Arabist/Islamologist and radio host Kevin Barrett. Below is an open letter to Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei from Hall that was written originally for an Iranian audience. The letter, which is reproduced here in agreement with the author, is a response to the second letter written by Iran’s Supreme Leader to the youth of the…

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