Historic Moment Of Truth At United Nations.

By Jerry Alatalo

393Alphabet Peacemakers around the Earth can feel some increased level of hope an end to the nearly five years of devastatingly destructive war in Syria is finally within reach. The recent military intervention of Russia at the request of Syria’s government has, although unfortunately necessary for ending terrorist mercenary violence, greatly accelerated the peace process – in particular with regard to revelations of the truth surrounding financial facilitation of ISIS’ continued war operations and existence.

Former U.S. Army terrorism financing expert Scott Bennett believes failure of the United States, Turkey and other nations’ highest diplomatic, government and military officials to comply with United Nations resolutions mandating the sharing of information/intelligence between member states about terrorist group financing could represent one of the most significant transforming developments in the 70-year history of the international organization.

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin has recently stated that U.N. Security Council Resolution 2199, which bans financing of terrorist organizations, has become violated by Turkey, the U.S. and other nations through their silence on/omission of, what has become described as, “industrial-scale” oil-smuggling operations by ISIS of stolen Iraq/Syria energy resources. In addition to Resolution 2199, Mr. Bennett believes violations of 1267, 1373 and 1526 have occurred, and suggests those need similar serious attention from the Security Council.

Furthermore, Mr. Bennett believes the U.S. Congress has a constitutional duty to investigate into whether terrorism-related Presidential Executive Orders 13224 and 13382 were similarly violated. While in his position as a terrorist financing expert, Scott Bennett discovered Swiss bank accounts which have been used by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states to funnel money to ISIS/Daesh and other terrorist groups, and as early as October 2012 sent reports on those disclosures to hundreds of U.S. lawmakers, high military officials and the Obama administration’s Departments of Justice, State and Defense.

According to Bennett, his attempts to disclose the information resulted in stonewalling by those hundreds of recipients ever since he first transferred the findings in late 2012. In other words, besides the historic moment of truth about to occur in the United Nations on the international level, a simultaneous and transformation-generative truth event in the United States Congress may be predicted to come about in the very near future.

That the world’s most important matters of war and peace will now possibly become resolved through discussion, reason and ideas conveyed across the table instead of on battlefields will come as no small civilization-wide evolutionary step for those men and women around the Earth who work and wish for peaceful settlement of international disputes.

For the millions of harmfully affected, internally displaced and refugee Syrian men, women and children whose only wish since war began in their homeland in March 2011 has been a return to “how it was”, perhaps they’ll find some much-needed comfort in knowing rapidly unfolding positive events bring closer that day when their wish comes true.

(Thank you to Press TV News Videos)